35 m daddy/ sensory dom looking for sub/ pet

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    I am a daddy dom with 10 years experience looking for a female sub, online at first. After all trust needs to be built up first. We can do in person later if once trust is established, but I shall see.

    *note: If you don't know what I mean by daddy dom/ sensory dom (no you don't pretend to be my daughter), pm me I will explain it in detail.*

    My previous sub of 5 years, recently graduated college, and moved back home with her family, so you will have my full attention. I am willing to train, I have trained 2 subs for me, and 5 more for others (2 subs were trained for their husbands, and the other three for less experienced dom's).

    What it means to serve me:
    First off you should know that, how I react to you will be unique, I vary what I do, how I do it etc. based on each sub, their needs wants etc.

    I will have daily tasks, this may be daily exercise, a journal or daily rights (as in repeated sayings etc.). These I will give you once and expect them to be done faithfully, without further input on my part.

    I will also have tasks that are done once (or a few times only) and done over a period of time, these will vary, and I can't really give you an example, because it would be tailored to you. Like wise these will be done faithfully.

    There will be chat time:
    I believe this is important because a dom and a sub need to build up trust. after all if you don't trust your master, how can you follow him. So we should talk, get to know each others needs/ schedules / expectations etc.

    bdsm play time:
    This may be once a week, or more depending. I like to be inventive. I have standard games sure, but I get bored if I do things the same way too often, so I like to try new things, and things in a different way.

    Also since I am a daddy dom, and part of being a daddy dom is teaching. I will train you to do different things. or overcome different things. Some things I will train you to do because I want you to do them, as I said it varies.

    If you smoke and want to quit, I can use training time to help you. If you want to loose weight, study for college etc. I can use daily tasks to help you.

    I will also train you as I want you to be also, one example is that I train all my subs, to orgasm on command. It takes about a year, but it is rewarding for us both. To have such control over another that a single word or phrase cause an intense orgasm, without physical contact is a beautiful thing.

    All of this training I tend to make into games, there are several examples, but my favorite, the quarter game, teaches control:

    You would sit on the floor nude, places quarters on her head and masturbates to 5 orgasms. If a quarter drops they start over at 0.

    It may sound simple, but try it, for some it takes time to get such control.

    Other things:
    Training isn't all I do, I do alot of sensation play (part of being a sensory dom), humiliation, orgasm control/ denial, pain etc, but I will vary what I do to your needs/ wants.

    there is more, but it will take time to type/ say it all. So I will end with this, if you want to know more.... If you are looking for an experienced hand to control you, teach you, and show you what it is truly like to be my sub.... then pm me or reply to this thread and I will contact you.

    Sir Vicarious

    Live through me.
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  2. Sir Vicarious

    Sir Vicarious New Member

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    I've been thinking about being a sub for sometime now, unsure if it's what I am. However I would love to explore through training. I googled it and your post came up. I've joined the site so you know I am for real. Perhaps you would consider me?
    Feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]
    Thank you
  4. Sir Vicarious

    Sir Vicarious New Member

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