Daddy Dom looking for sub girl

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by Mycokizyrz, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Mycokizyrz

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    Daddy Dom seeking a female sub, You need not be local to me other than be

    in the US or Canada. I might consider someone in UK also if the chemistry is

    right. I enjoy ageplay and schoolgirl/corporal punishment play primarily. I

    have written a story that really portrays how I like to Dom. I am strict but

    can be very tender also. The story can be found here:

    Don't let the story scare you if you're not into everything depicted, it's all my

    interests kind of rolled together.

    I want someone that is for real and doesn't play games. I would prefer

    someone much younger than me who can fill the role of the sub I want to

    love, guide, and discipline when needed. I'll consider ages 18-40 but ideally

    I'd like someone 18-25. I enjoy cuddling up with my special one to watch a

    movie as well as giving a good spanking followed by corner time if need be. I

    have many different fantasies, but I'm a Daddy Dom first. I believe in

    getting to know someone and taking things slowly. Submission is a precious

    gift and I don't expect it to be given the first time we talk. I'm also up for

    online only play or just making friends. Feel free to message me on Yahoo if

    you'd like to get to know me. I was raised a gentleman and will show you

    respect as long as you do the same. :)

    Things I will NOT do:

    1. Expect you to submit to me immediately just because you are a sub/slave
    and I am a Dom.

    Why: A Dom/Domme has no rights or authority other than
    what is given to them by the sub/slave.

    2. Ask for naked pictures of you or to see your cam when I don't even
    know you yet.

    Why: It's just rude, and demonstrates a lack of maturity.

    3. Ignore your limits.

    Why: A sub/slave still has freedom of choice. I'm a firm believer in
    safe, sane, and consensual.
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  2. Bailey

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    I kinda like the idea but I'm not sure...I don't really know alot about the whole daddy dom thing...other than what is self explanitory of course. I'd really like to learn a tad about it. :)

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