21F ready for a long ride! I can satisfy and dominate you!

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    I already started this topic in another section, but I don't wanna stay too long in silence without anyone in.

    First, take a look at my foots, and then read the rest:


    I live for a while in UK. Still experimenting with people and meeting some new sex buddies. Plan to stay for a very long time. Still fresh local.

    Nottingham area is place where I'm up to be seen. Age, sex, nationality = has no meaning. Anyone is welcome to get in touch. Also, no problem for me to turn on webcam - but first, read some rules:

    1. I start from some role-play on instagram. Best to pm me, start conversation, wait for me to act like innocent one - and then get more wild.

    2. I like you? Keep replying? Then we gotta talk live, more privately, and meet up at my place.

    3. Things that kicks me in are the fact... That I like to be bossy and use my toys - while you can watch or do much more... If I let ya of course :* More dominant than look.

    4. Don't expect any super-sexy lingerie. What is under, stays under - If you don't listen to me carefully and act like my puppy.

    5. I'm the boss. I'm bossing around. That's the main rule. Any other stuff is welcome after that.


    Still reading?

    Wanna see more things comming in? Okay, time for my personal details:
    Bra cup: 75C
    Year: 97'
    Name: Oliwia (but call me "Oli" just)
    Status: Single & Open up
    Job: Part-time thing, cause I study at local uni


    So, interested? Wanna do some nasty shit? Or just wanna sponsor me, while buying some kinky stuff under? Then come here on my Instagram: (@oliwia.ws) https://www.instagram.com/oliwia.ws/
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