18 m looking for a female sub, not necessarily sexual

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    I'm going to admit I'm an odd one. Some have asked why I consider myself dominant at all. It's because while I'm very reserved about it, the urges to dominate are there and I've too much pride to give myself to someone submissively.

    The sexual part of this is no longer the big thing that attracts me to it. I just want someone I can trust to be loyal and honest with me, completely, because I've had problems with that alot from regular gf/bf relationships.

    I'm not asking for a location, because I doubt there's anyone in north GA for me. For the same reason the only thing I'm looking for in looks is a beautiful face, b/c if we talk on webcam I'm honestly gonna see that the most. I will ask that you be no more than 10 years older than me, closer to my age the better.

    As for the sexual questions, I said I'm reserved about it. I like tying up, though I've yet to become good at it; spanking; hot wax isn't bad; nor is humiliation. I'm just not into the deeper sections of BDSM sexuality, like causing major pain.

    Finally, I'm going to be dead-serious about honesty and loyalty here. I'm still going through some issues from the last girl to hurt me, so I'm going to stress this part.

    I'm not here all that often, so while you may PM me, it'd be better to reach my email: shadowmaster9105@yahoo.com
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