Yes......They do enjoy it!

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    Some or I may say most people think of SM as an abuse but I actually it is quite the is simply about fulfilling your desire and your partner desire too. yes SM is fun and joyful , it may sound bizarre to those who are not living in the fantastic SM world, but for those in the SM nothing is better than fulfilling your Master wish.
    in the pictures below, although they look pretty extreme and the pain is beyond recognition but the Models "surprisingly" are enjoying it actually they do self-torture themselves to get pleasure.......some people consider this sick, but for others it is pleasure in its best form.....ENJOY!

    My blog -have a peek- :

    Rita From TG, pulling the rope up....

    Juggernaut, waxing herself with 4 candles.

    slutty Anita smiling in joy with bloody pussy

    Anita struggling to suspend herself despite the pain
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