Who answer on this Question HE IS KING!

Discussion in 'Stories' started by thalyan, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. thalyan

    thalyan New Member

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    Ok guys here is some good Questions for Smart MEMBERS!

    Question No #1

    American secret agents are tranning his own agent to become one of Russian, so from the start when he was young, they teach him Russian language, start from talking to wearing clotes EVERYTHING!, afther lifetime trenning he was more Russian then USA. Anyway, Americans send him to Russia, and he enters in one of the Bars and order Votka, start drinking with some Russians, make laugh, he do everything just like he is one of them. But....
    Afther 15 mints of making fun with Russians, KGB agents enter in Club Bar and ARREST American.

    WHY ?? WHY ??

    ( p.s.) I hope u Understand :p


    Atleast TRY to give some answer Dont be shy!
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