Unbounded Connection (MxM)

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    Chapter 1 – The meeting

    He saw him seated at the table from the other side of the cafeteria. Sitting with his leg crossed over the other he seemed quite engrossed with the book he was reading. His semi-long black hair was parted and some strands of hair hung lightly infront of his eyes. He felt drawned to him, like there was some invisible connection between them.

    Tyler rose from his seat, with his espresso still in hand, as he worked up the nerve to approach him.

    'Is this seat taken?' He asked, trying to sound casual.
    The dark brown eyes that gazed up at him swept him off his feet. He was even more beautiful up close.

    'No.' The dark haired guy softly worded as a faint smile found his lips. The tone of his voice amazed Tyler; it was much more fair than he'd imagined.
    Tyler found a seat across from him at the round table.
    'Such a nasty weather outside, eh?' He had a quick sip at his hot coffee.
    'Hmm.. I don't know,' The guy seemed to ponder, 'I love rain. The air's so fresh and humid. It kind of puts you in a melancholic mood.'
    Tyler stared at him. His big dark eyes eyed reflected the somber clouds outside the window. And he gently cleared his throat as he watched him have a swift lick at his lower lip.
    'Uh, yea. I guess.' Tyler uttered.
    'Mhm.' He gave him a quick glance before returning his focus towards the book.
    'So.' Tyler relaxed his back at the chair, 'You come here often?' He regretted his silly sentence instantly. 'You come here often'?, he felt like slapping himself in the face.
    'Uhm.. sometimes.' The stranger suddenly looked shy. 'What about you?'
    'It's my first time being here actually. I just moved into town, so.'
    'Oh.' He softly nodded.
    'It's a nice place though. Friendly atmosphere.' Tyler said as he let his eyes wander across the dim lit café.
    'Mhm.' The stranger nodded again as he gently tucked some of his dark hair behind his ear.
    'What's your name?'
    'Oh, I'm Preston.' He held out his hand towards him; exposing his long, slender fingers.
    'Tyler. Nice to meet you.'
    'Nice to meet you too.' Preston put off a shy smile as they shook hands.
    'So.. what do you do, when you're not, reading?' He chuckled sheepishly as he cursed himself for sounding so dorky.
    'I work, uhm, as a cashier. Just a few blocks from here.'
    'Ah, okay.' Tyler had another sip at his coffee.
    'And you? What do you work with?' Preston appeared to gain interest as he clasped the book together. Could have just been out of courtesy, though.
    'I'm unemployed at the moment.' He confessed.
    'Oh okay. I'm sorry.'
    'Nah. It's okay. I get by. I'll find something shortly.'
    'That's good..'
    Tyler scanned his face. He really liked his small, kind of upward nose and it actually seemed like he was wearing some type of mascara or eyeliner. Tyler didn't know the difference.
    'Uhm.. you feel like doing somethin', sometime? Like.. have another coffee or uhm, whatever. ' Tyler asked nonchalantly. Preston suddenly appeared to be blushing. Maybe he'd been coming on to him too hard or too quickly.
    'I don't drink coffee.' He softly replied but his eyes revealed a hint of playfulness.
    'How about tea then?'
    'Much better.' He gave a light giggle. It was the prettiest giggle Tyler'd ever heard.
    'Great. So. Uhm. I'll just.. give you my number and you can call me, like, whenever.'
    'Okay.' He gently nodded as he picked up his phone from the pocket at his trousers.
    'It's uhm, 555-6236.'
    'Great. Thank you.'
    'Cool.' Tyler rose from his seat. 'Call me.'
    'Mhm.' Preston gave him a tender smile as he turned and left the coffee shop.

    Preston had called him a few days later. He'd sounded happy to hear his voice and they'd quickly decided to catch a flick a teather that same evening.

    Tyler gazed at himself in the fullsize mirror as he anticipated the evening. He let his hand slide through his short, dark brown hair. His piercing light green eyes looked back at him as he softly smiled. He'd been told he had the resemblence of the actor Zac Efron with his straight nose and strong jaw line but Tyler didn't see it. Nor did he want to.


    They met outside the cinema and Preston seemed to hesitate, before he quickly gave him a warm hug.
    'Nice to see you again,' Tyler felt him whisper at his neck.
    'You too. '
    They softly let go of each other. Tyler noticed Preston's eyes seemed a bit glazed and his nose had a hue of light pink but he shrugged it off. It was spring after all and rather cold outside.
    'So, ready for the movie? I've heard it's gotten some great reviews.'
    'Really? I'm excited.' Preston smiled at him brightly.

    They both went inside and found their seats as the commercials started at the big screen.
    'Comfy?' Tyler glanced at him as he watched him crossing his legs smoothly.
    'Very.' He smiled back at him.
    There was a moment of silence as Preston suddenly brought his hand up to his face and he softly froze in position as he closed his eyes.
    'Heh-kng!' He gently stiffled a sneeze.
    'Bless you. Tyler glanced at him.
    'Thank you.' Preston gave his small nose a quick rub before returning his focus towards the big screen.
    'No. No thank you.' Preston lightly frowned as he glanced at the big paperbox of popcorn.
    'Nooh-' He rapidly brought his hands up to his face as he stifled yet another sneeze.
    'Bless you. Are you okay?' Tyler expressed a concerned look on his face.
    'I'm sorry. How embarrassing.' Preston said shyly as he sniffled several times.
    'It's fine. You need tissues?'
    'No, no..' Preston waved his long fingers infront of him, 'I'm fine, it's just allergies.'
    'You sure?'
    'I'm sure.' Preston gave another of his precious giggles. 'Very sweet of you though.'
    Tyler gave him another quick glance as the movie started.
    He noticed Preston giving his nose several rubs throughout the movie and he'd a stifled yet another sneeze in some mild action scene.

    'So.. what now?'
    Tyler asked as they stood outside the corridor. Preston looked a bit tired in the bright light.
    'Heh.. I don't know.' He gazed at him shyly.
    'You wanna go to a café?'


    They found a semi private spot at the cafe and they'd both ordered a cup of tea.
    'So, you do drink tea as well?' Preston smiled as he carefully touched at his nose.
    'Yea, in the evenings it can be kind of nice but in the morning's it's a big no no.'
    'Yea I can't wake up without a-'
    Preston interrupted him as he stifled into his hands. He shyly glanced up at him as he slowly frowned and closed his eyes again, 'Heh-etchsho!' He sneezed into his hands.
    'Bless you.'
    'This is horrible..' Preston seemed embarrassed beyond comprehension.
    'You feel that bad?'
    'No, I mean..' Preston said as he grasped some tissues out of a box at the table, 'I finally get to know a guy that seems nice and decent and of course my allergies has to act up,' He sniffled numerous of times as he dried off his hands with the tissues.
    'Oh, okay.' Tyler smiled back at him.
    'Hm? Oh God.. what did I just say now..' A soft pink hue found the upper part of face, matching his the colour of his nose.
    'It's okay,' Tyler chuckled. Finding his behavoir incredibly cute.
    'Ignore me. I don't know what I'm saying. I blame the hayfever.'
    Tyler chuckled lightly.
    'It's okay, believe me. It's no big deal. Sneeze freely, who cares.'
    'I could never do that.' He lightly shook his head as he lightly wiped the tissue under his nose.
    'Anyway.. what do you do for fun?'
    Preston didn't answer as he seemed to fight off yet another sneeze. Tyler watched his nostrils flare and with another huge intake of air he squinted his eyes and sneezed harshly into his hands, partly onto the used tissue. 'Eh-Eschhooo!'
    'Wow, bless you.'
    Several people at the cafe turned their attention towards their table.
    'I'm so sorry.' Preston blinked as a tear streamed down his cheek.
    'Maybe I should take you home?' Tyler gently removed the tear with the tip of his finger.
    Preston gazed at him, evidently touched by his gentle approach.
    'Okay.. maybe you're right. I'm sorry. I never wanted this to happen. I forgot my allergy meds at home.' He softly said as he reached for another tissue at the table that he gently dabbed at his nose.
    'Stop saying you're sorry. It's okay.' Tyler rose from his seat. 'Come on, I'll give you a ride home.'
    'Thank you.'

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