Transgender looking for very hard verbal cam abuse

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    I am a hard, nasty trans-bitch,

    I am looking for a seriously hard verbal cam abuser(s) to REALLY give it to me, MUST BE HIGHLY SKILLED AT MIND-FUCKING.

    Things I get off on include:

    Violating my transgender rights: taunting me as a man in a wig/ dick in chicks clothing (that one really gets me hot :D).....

    Physical attacks: Ugly, fat, impotent....small tits the hormones did nothing u look like a monster....

    Nasty mental attacks....' have you got downs? OK I'll treat you like a mong then, lick the floor...e.t.c..

    Sexual attacks: Inept with women......Can't get a real woman so ....*add abuse here*

    I am also prepared to do scat and have diapers (I'd prefer to keep the bed clean and I won't eat it if that's ok, but i'll drink the wet stuff)

    Anything else you can throw at me.... you can be male or female - I will be fully dressed and available for a cam showing all day tomorrow (2nd October), I really want you to feed me with it - I'm very hard so don't pull back with it, if you don't think you're up to it then don't waste my time.

    (messenger: deena_gold) - catch me today so we can arrange a time tomorrow, I'm on Bangkok time.


    note: I'd prefer it all in text with yourself invisible with just my cam showing.
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    Your approach can be violent and aggressive but it could also be cool, assured humorous and belittling (females in particular) - If you're skilled you'll be able to do the latter style (anyone can be aggressive let's face it) - I'm preferably looking for real panache in the delivery of premeditated hurt....

    example, you might question my claim to being transgendered.....'so you THINK your transgendered do you, lols - have you looked in the mirror recently, you don't look like one and I've seen thousands....' - really claw away at the roots of my claimed indentity.....
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