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    Hi I'm male aged 19 in the UK looking for someone ( I don't have an issue with age so can be any age as long as they are FEMALE) to dominate me and have me as their online cam slave. I prefer it if you too have a cam but you don't always have to use it!! I just like to know who's watching me!...... I do have some limits which I hope you are able to take consideration of, these are as follows;

    Definite No :-

    Family & Public
    Heavy CBT

    Doesn't like :-

    Anal (although have large butt plug thanks to my ex)
    Crossdressing (little experience)
    CBT - limited experience

    Does Like :-

    Pet Play (dog being my favourite animal)
    Corporal Punishment
    Being dominated in a very strict manner
    Feet - anything to do with, foot torture, worship, Tip toe torture etc
    Exercises - being given a proper workout,humiliated, strict and hard - forfits for not meeting standards, naked workouts, exercise with a pain twist etc
    Cum control
    Humiliation - as I said nothing to do with public, family or photos - I'm a shy person so even being ordered to strip off and put hands behind my head would make me feel highly humiliated
    Bondage - many aspects
    Spanking - never been really heavily spanked about time someone gets my ass nice and red!
    playing games that rewards = less pain

    And many more! As I say I'm from and live in the UK so preferably I'd like a mistress from the UK who wants a online cam relationship on a regular basis, I don't mind where you come from though as long as you do want a regular relationship and a bitch to play with! I would strongly prefer that you have a webcam too as I've had past experiences with doms who haven't which I've had issues with. I'm athletic build (football was my life until I got injured at 16 and couldn't play to the same level and now just play for a local side) 6ft2 white need somone who can handle a challenge and train me into a good sub!

    If you want to know more add me or skype macintosh101
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