Tied up my balls and play with my little pecker

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  1. crusader8463

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    This is just a little video i made of my self one day when i was bored. Nothing fancy really. It's what i like to do some times, when just normal jerking gets boring. What i do is tie a nooseat both ends of a semi-long shoe string. Then i slip one testicle into each hole at a time and tighten the noose around it. Then i ether wrap the middle of the shoe lace around some thing, then sit like 1-2 inches further away then the string can go, to stretch my balls out. But this time i got dumb and instead took the middle of the shoe string and put it over the back of my neck and sat up straight. OHHH MAN lol i thought my balls were gonna pop it was so tight lol. And it was a bitch to bend back down far enough to get it over my head. I really thought i was gonna de-nut m myself for a sec , the pressure my balls felt was so bad lol. Any way. Didn't mean to give my life story about it. Just thought i would let you folks know what was going through my crazy head when i did this lol. Hope you like it.

    Below is a high and low res version of the video. Download the small one and if you like it u can download the better version :)

    Low Res 5.0 MB

    High Res 20.0 MB
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  2. nix

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    nice job
    I should try that, looks good
  3. crusader8463

    crusader8463 New Member

    ya. was a little scary at one point. i put the loop behind my neck and stood up so i could keep the presser on it and jerk off. but it slipped behind my neck and got waaaay to tight lol. thought i was about to de-nut myself. but i still got em both :) part of the dangers of self cbt i guess lol

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