The Chrome Stretch

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  1. Ms.Sweet

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    Ohhh,…… what to do when you want to enlarge a “special†member of the male anatomy !!! I tried to figure out a way to get a bit more STRETCH out of that thing so maybe it wouldn’t be so useless to me , I wrapped up the base of it with some chord I had laying around and started to tug on it to see just what its stretching limits were !!!!!

    I MIGHT have wrapped them a little too tight though , because they turned this lovely shade of purple !!! (What a coincidence …..PURPLE is one of my favorite colors ! Along with black and blue of course ! LOL )

    …..Then I got a Grand Idea !!!!!

    WHAT IF I WERE TO STRETCH IT FROM THE INSIDE-OUT !!!!! Oh boy , I bet that would work !!!! I want to make that thing bigger ,even if it hurts !!!!( not me , but HIM of course ! LOL)

    … I got out my magic stainless wand , and WENT TO WORK !!!!

    I could see the skin stretching over that shiny metal , as my mind started getting my devious little random thoughts ! LOL

    … You know , I was wishing I had a hammer laying around at that time ,but I didn’t , so I just BEAT IT IN WITH MY FIST !!!! LOL…

    …… I could tell he liked it by the way he was jerking around and twitching !!! ……Oh wait….That was me who liked it ….TEE HEEE !!!!

    What I really want to do is stretch that sucker out till I can fit my finger inside and lead him around by it like the pet he is !!!!! LOL

    a sample :

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  2. corrosivecontact

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    That is beautifully maniacal. I love the look on your face.
  3. Ms.Sweet

    Ms.Sweet New Member

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    hahahaha thank you!
  4. French fan3

    French fan3 New Member

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    Very nice. One of my dream. Thanks
  5. sportex

    sportex New Member

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    That is such an intense clip.... such a devious lady and ohhh so HOT!!!! My cock is just throbbing....
  6. peterw

    peterw New Member

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    would love you to do that to my cock

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