forced orgasm gone bad (blooper clip)

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  1. Ms.Sweet

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    I was shooting on of my fine forced orgasm clips with a lot of my classic verbal humiliation and instruction ,when about halfway through the shot things got a bit “ wacky“ lets say !

    What the hell do I have to do to get good help nowadays !???? All I know is that someone is gonna have to take a beating for this one ! If you like a little behind the scenes action and out-takes , then this clip is for you ! I guess it’s a bit of “the lighter side of Femdom” ! LOL! Lots of verbal humiliation and stimulation.
    a preview:

    and a few stills for you!

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  2. bestbdsmbargains

    bestbdsmbargains New Member

    Those files were clips not a video...Im sorry i just didnt understand what happend there? Please inform ..Thank you
  3. Ms.Sweet

    Ms.Sweet New Member

    the pictures were taken from the video clip, and the link is a preview from the clip itself. Did the link not work for you to view the preview?

  4. I am the most confused person in the world right now
  5. speedy82

    speedy82 New Member

    Hi there, please how can I get the whole clip? I couldnt find it on clips4sale.
    Thank you
  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    i hate porn i just don't understand why people watch it when they have partner girlfriend e.t.c

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