1. When I want to see the most recent messages in longer threads my computer doesn't always show them. It acts like it's going to but then it just loads the first post in the thread. I don't know what the problem is, I was just wondering if other people had it.

    Also, does anyone else think it is a little silly that we have to click on a link to see a post in a thread? Shouldn't all of the messages be shown at once or perhaps collapsed in a manner similar to the one already employed (ie, collapsed but when you click on it the full text of the post is there without having to reload any part of the page)? I'm not a computer person so I don't know how easy it is to do something like that but all the other forums I belong to have systems similar to the one I described.
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    Any forum you go to, P3, will require to click on the thread to see it all, however if you are already in a thread, on the browser window, depending on which browser you use, you should see two arrows creating a circle of sorts. That icon is called a refresh button. if you click on that, if any activity has been done since you entered the thread, it will appear once the refresh is complete.

  3. I figured this out before I remembered that I posted this. Thanks for the help though!
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    Prissy - Thank you!

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