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Discussion in 'Guest forum' started by Smallest, Jan 27, 2012.

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    I have just overhauled this guest forum.

    Guests who have questions that need answering, welcome, and I hope you can post without your thread being buried now. Don't get scared off by the big angry mod post; it was necessary and in hopes that your posts will be seen. Good luck with your questions, I really hope we can help. Please check the rules before posting, but the main thing is to just be polite with everyone. Patience will also get you far.

    Now, to all of you:

    Guest means that one is not registered with the forum. Although everyone is welcome to post here, especially if helping out, I would appreciate if you registered members would post elsewhere on the forum and not just spam to get your 10 posts. The point of posting ten times is to prove you're not a bot, so please don't act like one.

    I have seen some members saying you (new members, not guests) are locked in the Guest section until those ten posts are gone- that's not at all true. You just cannot post in the videos sections yet, but everywhere else is fair game.

    Now that all the spam of 'hello' has been deleted, you can see what this forum is supposed to do- answer the questions of those who aren't members, whether they're about registration problems or BDSM play itself. I would prefer that it stayed that way. The spam was so bad that posts by people with actual questions were being buried.

    If all of a member's posts are disruptive 'hello's, there is a good chance they will be deleted and that member will be back at square one. So please make an effort to actually speak to other members. And again, seeing as you are a member, you may post anywhere that's not the Guest Forum as well.

    You may also notice a lot of threads were locked. That's because most were years old or resolved, and thus don't need to be open. Each of them had multiple posts spamming greetings or thanks, and it is cleaner just to lock them and, should those members come back, let them start new threads.

    So again, welcome to the new members, and please be considerate when posting.

    I'm leaving this thread open for those who have questions, although you may want to look under the Rules and Announcements section to see if they've been answered.
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