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    General Forum Guidelines
    1. You should be at least 18 years old.
    2. Underage porn (CP) are strictly forbidden on this forum. Immediate ban if you do!!!
    3. Everybody is encouraged to Post their own files and pictures here! You can use your preferred host if it is on the preferred host list! This board is for discussions related to sexuality. The boards supports the DMCA. NONE OF THE PICTURES AND/OR MOVIES ARE HOSTED ON OUR SERVERS. Content is typically uploaded to hosts like Mega, et al. Please contact the host(s) in question to permanently remove your content from the internet. We urge our members to respect the DMCA and any local copyright laws. Repeat infringers will be banned from the forums and get all their posts removed.
    4. Members must have at least 3 posts and 24 hours of membership before posting in the video forums.
    5. Other members of the forum are to be treated with respect. No flaming.
    6. By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, nationalistic, racist or otherwise in violation of any applicable laws.
    7. is not responsible for material posted by members of the forum. Becoming a member of the forum you take responsibility for the material you yourself post.
    8. Graphic art is forbidden in signatures.
    9. Please do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the name of the threads.
    10. Affiliate link spam is prohibited. Do not post malware, phishing or any stuff that can harm users.
    11. No linking to paid or cash sites, no linking to your own sites without Admins authorization. That includes placing files with links in files that you share, PMs, placing links on screenshots and previews or in the file's name and/or all similar to the above described methods. Hovewer you can post links to your own site in your signature, avatar or post, a reciprocal link back to the SMPlace is required. This link must be readily accessible to all visitors of the site. Only forum moderators are exceptions!. Violators will be banned.
    12. Please help with the smooth running of SMPlace by using the Report Button to raise bad posts with the Moderators.
    13. Moderators use Private Messages, Warnings, Infractions, Temporary Bans, Permanent Bans and even IP banned from the site to address rule violations.
    14. If you have a problem with a Moderator's actions, talk with them. We cannot help you if you don't present your case. If you still can't get your issue resolved, talk with a Admin.
    15. The owners of reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.
    Sections specific rules

    Section/Forums BDSM and Fetish movies, pictures and drawings founded in the net
    1. The following rules are expected to be followed at all times. Members who repeatedly violate rules will be banned from the forum and might get all their posts removed!
    2. Remain alert to our Allowed File Hosts list. It may change from time to time.!!!
    3. Don't try to dominate the board by posting like a maniac! Do not start a new thread for every post! Start a tread and put your posts in it. Not a new thread for every post!
    4. Your downloads must be available for free users, without the need of signing up for anything (including filling out surveys). If you are posting download links, you must provide a free user option. You cannot post premium only download links without a free user option. No streaming videos.
    5. NO passwords should be in .txt files link and have to be Downloaded!!! and NO Password is allowed to display a URL to a website,blog, and forum.
    6. Do not post Cash-links like [email protected], link bucks, ... etc. Absolutely no pay-per-click links!
    7. Every video must have a screenshot preview. Thumbnailed screenshots and multiple screenshots are optional. Do not use file hosts for previews. An image host must be used for your screens.
    8. No cross posting. (Do not post the same files subforum A and Subforum B)! Only post your content once and to the most relevant forum.
    9. Contributing material to other member's threads is acceptable and often encouraged but don't hi-jack someone else's thread. Unless the member running the thread has clearly said they invite other members to post new material on it then ask first. Don't post anything which is already on the thread. Treat other member's threads with the same respect you'd like them to show to yours.
    10. Dont use the Code Tag for downloadable links in your post. These links must be clickable.
    11. Do not post any mainstream porn(vanilla) in this forum except on AMATEUR PORN Subforum!!!. Examples for not allowed mainstream porn: Anal,Interracial, Asian, Ebony, Latin, Lesbian, Orgies.
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