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Discussion in 'Your own pics and movies (Home-made BDSM)' started by closetwhore, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Bluedragon

    Bluedragon New Member

    That sounds very good. Fill the cup over few minutes and then spread yor lips much more. I´m glad to see more pictures like this. :)
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  2. krow1125

    krow1125 New Member

    Can we see some pictures or if you are feeling very adventurous and possibly can, maybe a video and you using those toys on your beautiful ass?
  3. LovingMaster

    LovingMaster New Member

    MMM how did I miss this delicious post and set of pics. Anyways Im keen to start and get in on the action by making requests and to use you sexy lil slutty whore as well! So I might as well make several requests, just to catch up!

    1) Use the pussy pump and pump your pussy as puffy as it can get and then ram that 6 inch vibe inside your pussy at full speed until you cum hard and show us your puffy soaked cum soaked pussy spread as wide as you can. Your pussy better be glistening with wet with your cum!

    2) Use the pussy pump on your nipples and pump your nipples so they are soo freaking puffy!

    3) Show us pics of you deepthroat your cum soaked 6 inch vibe (and yes you can turn it off)

    4) Show us pics of you licking your 9 inch anal dildo and getting it really wet on its whole length before showing us pics of you ramming it inside your ass hole and riding it as deep as you can with your tits bouncing up and down.

    btw, I and probably the rest of the guys here are loving your pics. You are one gorgeous sexy delicious submissive girl! Keep it cuming!!=)
  4. SlaveMaster357

    SlaveMaster357 New Member

    how about some whip mark on your back??
  5. mad2337

    mad2337 New Member

    those photos are awesome ,
    now take a photo of your anal dildo 9.5in out of your ass and take another with dildo fully in your ass.
  6. mistrsboytoy

    mistrsboytoy New Member

    more ideas...

    Nice Pics,

    Your body is very sensual, I'd like to see you bent over spreading and presenting your/asshole/pussy. Thanks for pics, putting them in the spank bank.
  7. Nutty

    Nutty New Member

    Damn. Very beautiful breast! I love breast torture. Dare to do some needle-work ?
  8. barsh46

    barsh46 Banned

    Tied tits

    :devil:I would like to see you use a wire to tie up your tits up and for you to clip binder clamps on your tits and especially on your nipples.
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  9. Carl Bennet

    Carl Bennet Guest

  10. Carl Bennet

    Carl Bennet Guest

    your pics are amazing! wrote you a pm, please do it!
  11. mageofpleasure

    mageofpleasure New Member


    what about some clit play, or pegs in major labia, and minor labia. I loved pussy pump too
  12. smfranky2011

    smfranky2011 New Member

    Very nice pics ! You're awesome . I would love to see you suck your toes or lick your sole .
  13. 10xSweetLUV

    10xSweetLUV Banned

    can you make a vid like this? my girl is so thin, would be much better with your luxurious jiggle from the curvy perfection of your sweet carriage
    its in recent video uploads
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