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  1. kajmir

    kajmir Member

    Any futher replies out of manners will recieve a reply, however I have choosen. Anyone wishing "just to chat" or discuss experiences, etc is welcome to get in touch with me threw a forum pm for futher contact information. Please do not expect to "woo" me away, I am satified. Anyone wishing me to consider them in future may also leave a pm, I understand it is normal to eventualy move on - I do not take brief replies too seriously...

    Looking for a master online to play with me and be pleased. Preffer master of simular age.
    I am single so no ties or children, I work limited hours. Msn or Skpye Available.

    I am still somewhat new to this, so my training and etiquette is lacking, you can make me your ideal providing we mesh well.

    Like: Insertion, Mild Pain, Dirty talk, naming calling, precise instructions; the dirtier = the better.
    Dislikes: Anal. Other woman.
    Will NOT: Kids, Scat, Extreme Pain, Scaring, Urine "Play"

    Please note:
    I'm only sexually submissive, outside of "the bedroom" I have a mind of my own.
    Ultimately I CHOOSE to be My Master's toy.

    When replying please give any information & requirements you can, in return I always answer questions willingly and honestly. I'm looking for a long term master so choosing is important to me.
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  2. paisty13

    paisty13 New Member

    hi, I am 34 / m uk and would love to msn and tell u what to do etc, and we will hopefully both enjoy. i look forward to hearing form u
  3. kajmir

    kajmir Member

    I would ask that you send me a pm with some more information. What you like, requirements, things that are unacceptable, what you are looking for with some consideration towards detail. I am only choosing one master as I am familar with loyality. My future Master's qualities are of importance to me.
  4. Duncan

    Duncan New Member

    I will throw in a card as well. Though if you want me then you will have to come and find me.
  5. SwingsTwice

    SwingsTwice New Member

    I'm a 20 m. Would you like to service me?
  6. kajmir

    kajmir Member

    I will not accept anymore replies. I will however personally reply to those who took the time for me. Good manner's n all. :) I appeciate that so many Master's took the time for a sad unworthy case such as myself.

    Please understand that I offer my loyality, honesty and possibly a bit of friendship so I won't make a snap decision.
  7. ujang

    ujang New Member

    haii im new... but i want to learn more.... can you teach me
  8. masterJoey

    masterJoey New Member

    we both know you're far from sad and farther from unworthy
  9. yolane.dominik

    yolane.dominik New Member

    my skype yolanedominik

    i would investigate your sexuality, taste and train your submissiveness as far as it possible

    ... and im searching 4 friends to talk with anyway
  10. masterJoey

    masterJoey New Member

    submissively she's mine, but you're welcome as a friend if she wishes.
  11. drazen

    drazen New Member

    It's nice to see something work out here! Good luck guys.
  12. kajmir

    kajmir Member

    What Joey said...

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