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    Female 35, Bottom, considering new Top/Master. (Western Canada, meeting eventually IF you travel)

    Please Read All:

    -YOUR age is not important to me, though, I will ask. (Last two: 19 and 43 respectively)

    -SHORT answers and NO information I WILL NOT reply to.

    -I am NOT a 24/7 Submissive.

    Now that the formalities are over with...

    I know my limits quite well and I am not looking for a big psychological break down and rebuild - if that's you're thing, please move on. It's just not for me.

    Dirty Talk (receive/give)
    Insertion (Lack Toys, Not imagination)
    Randomness (Is not required to be complex, ie: keep my legs spread, wanting me lubed, never lubing vaginal)
    Training in Verbal (Certain questions have absolute replies, created By Master/Top)
    Training in Text Form (Forms of address text style)
    Potentially being shared (Master has a lonely friend?)
    Milld Pain, Mild - Med Vaginal Pain.
    Strong INTEREST but LACK of anal training.
    Double Stuffing..
    Considering "Daddy Roleplay", interested but not tried.

    Hard Limits:
    My Work (POSSIBLE discreet/mild)
    Public (POSSIBLE discreet/mild)

    ~You should be aware before replying that while I enjoying submitting sexually, other aspects of my life are not controllable.
    ~I can occassionally switch if Master requires it. I can be a harsher Domme then subservient bottom, but ULTIMATELY I preffer the submissive side.
    ~Although it's not very "sub" of me, I do not like sharing (I'd rather not know) and I also expect a fair bit of your time.
    ~It is an absolute that my future master, have the ability to be my friend, for myself PERSONALLY I can not imagine playing with someone who is a stranger to me or purely a sexual relation. - My Master's have ALWAYS started as friends and became Masters.
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    Hello, I'm very interested in talking to you about a possible bdsm relationship, if you are please email me at [email protected]. I'm 18 years old male and have been dominating via text and email for 2 years and I'm interested in finding a new sub. Are you straight or bisexual? A new female friend of mine is discovering her dominate side and I hope to share a sub with her. I have a lot more to ask and tell you so please message as soon as possible.

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