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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by DominusKimmik, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. DominusKimmik

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    So I have sub who particularly enjoys being controlled and told what to do.

    I am looking for creative tasks for her to accomplish. Often times when we get together it is not at one of our perspective residences, so I want to eliminate house related tasks from the list. Bondage can be incorporated or not, she spends time both in and out.

    So far I have come up with requiring her to touch her self, making her hold certain positions (kneeling in particular), making her service my cock or other parts of my body. I am sure there are more creative tasks folks have come up with though and I would love to get a list going.

    Thanks in advance!
    Mr Kimmik
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    How about developing some protocols for when you're out in public or doing other non-sexual things? These can really add depth to a BDSM relationship.

    For example, she opens doors for you when you to go out together. If you go to a restaurant, she doesn't sit until you do. You order her food for her. She doesn't start eating until you have tasted your food, or until you give her permission to. These can be done very subtly, so that only the two of you know that something is going on. She carries your packages when you're out shopping.
  3. DominusKimmik

    DominusKimmik New Member

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    Thanks Sebastian, I like that idea. I ordered the book SlaveCraft by Guy Baldwin and I am currently reading SM101 and The New Topping Book.

    Any other suggested reading or ideas for slave skills is appreciated....

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    I was reading a slave contract once and it had a lot of things the slave had to learn about and practice and then perform. You could require her to learn exotic dancing and show you everything she learned. Poloshing your boots (and being punished if not done to your satisfaction) or being used as furniture (foot rest, toilet paper holder, serving tray, magazine holder, etc.), or I would think she might find being used as a foot rest as you jack off to porn might be enjoyable. I'm of course assuming she's physically able to do so.

    My boyfriend recently asked me to dom him and i've been thinking if a few softer ideas. One is having him give me foot massages for a small reward, as he normally hates giving me massages. We're going to a hotel, so I have to be particularly creative... I was also thinking of making him run across the street to grab food to cook and have him swrve it to me. You could do this and make her wear certain sexual clothing, a rope harness, butt plug, vibrator, collar, nipple clamps, etc.

    Kind of lame ideas but I hope they help. Tell ya if I think if anything better. Have fun!
  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    If you're into leather, a standard slave duty is caring for the leather. And you could teach her how to put your boots on you.

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    I like that idea. If you have a lot of leather and own conditioner, saddle soap, mink oil, etc, caring for leaher properly can be rather time-consuming. On that note, why not have her care for your silvers and other equipment as well? Polishing silver, wiping down and disinfecting toys and making sure everything is stored properly might be a good skill.

    If you were female (or didn't mind a manicure or facial), you could tell her to learn how to give manicures, pedicures, facials, etc. and to perform those skills on you or another woman (maybe another slave or a Domme friend).

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