My First Experience With A Mistress

Discussion in 'Stories' started by johnde18, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. johnde18

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    Recently I had the honor of serving Mistress Anita in Dubai.
    Mistress operates from an elegant apartment in Dubai.
    It was my first time with a Dominatrix, and I was nervous, not knowing what to expect exactly.
    When Mistress Anita opened the door, I was stunned to see such a beautiful mistress, a real goddess in front of me. Mistress Anita has a very beautiful face, she is tall with long legs, has beautiful feet and gorgeous long hair.
    She ordered me to strip and kneel in front of her. Mistress left me under no illusion of my place, at her feet and obeying her every wish.
    I had shared my interests through email and Mistress had planned the session accordingly. She expertly challenged my limits and brought me to the point of knowing that my only purpose in life as of that moment was to please Her.
    Mistress Anita is a professional strict dominatrix who will make you feel like a real slave and if you didn’t leave your own expectations at the door, a few seconds spent naked at her feet are enough to remind you to focus on hers.
    She kept me on edge with a great sadistic smile and an in depth knowledge of what she was doing.
    I knew that during the session she was truly enjoying herself, as evident by her facial expressions and the manner in which she responded to every moan and cry that I made.
    The best thing about Mistress Anita is the combination of power and beauty. Whatever is your fetish or interest, you will find it on her list. The only thing that bothered a little me was that she does not allow a personal 24/7 slavery and offers only paid sessions. Hope I can change her mind about that in future sessions.
  2. Lexex85

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    Wow! Nice One! :)
  3. sickdude

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    I have piss fetish dream, but only with beautiful and young mistress
  4. Jaguar

    Jaguar New Member

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    Sounds like you had a really great time, although on a slightly more serious note, you're very lucky you were arrested, and if I were you, I'd save the fetish for when you're back in a more.... liberal country.

    At least that's what stopped me from seeing her!
  5. Cyberpunk

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    The exciting story.

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