Dog Training with Dubai Mistress Anita

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    I had requested a dog training session. As I entered the apartment Mistress Anita ordered me to take off my clothes and kneel in front of her. First she locked me in CB 6000 device and attached the key to the strap of her heels, then placed a collar around my neck and attached a leash to it, then placed wrist and ankle bracelet, then she asked me to put on knee pads and hand mitts, and finally she inserted a tail.
    Mistress then took the leash and started walking and I followed her on all fours. She asked me to maintain the right posture while walking; she used a cane on me if she was not satisfied with my posture.
    Mistress then taught me few command and their respective action like Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Up, Roll, Kiss, Bark, Howl, Shake, Play Dead, Beg; She punished me with her cane if I didn't do something properly.
    Mistress removed the leash and played throw and fetch. She would throw a ball and say “fetch†and I had to go and pick up the ball in my mouth and return back. When she says “drop†then only I had to drop the ball. Then I had to beg her by wagging my tail with my tongue out for her to again throw the ball. She then locked me in a dog cage and told me not to make any noise if I want to get out. After 10 min she let me out of the cage and feed me some dry biscuits in a dog bowl and her golden nectar to drink.
    Mistress then started some CBT with a rope and attached the other end of the rope to the table; and sat on the sofa just out of my reach. She started teasing me with the key on her heel and ordered me to worship her feet properly if I wanted to get out of the device. I felt it stretching to reach her feet. Mistress kept on laughing and teasing me more and more with the pain visible on my face as I worshiped her feet. It was just another wonderful session.
    Submission means different things to different people. Some prefer seeing different mistresses on a one off basis. The type of submission I enjoy is built up over a period of time where I can develop. This is why Mistress Anita’s style of dominance is so suited to me. Under Mistress Anita’s training I have developed a lot and have done things I would never have thought possible.
    Mistress Anita is truly regal; she is so tall and beautiful there no doubt who the superior creature is. To serve her is more than a privilege, more than a fantasy. Any man fortunate enough to be considered worthy of her attention will embark on an incredible journey of discovery from which there is simply no turning back. This is a journey that will take you to places you never knew existed and as every session ends you will want more and more.
    Mistress Anita is so much more beautiful in the flesh than her photos suggest. When mistress looks into your eyes you feel as if she is staring deep into your soul. She may be young (28 years of age) but she is very experienced and knows instinctively which buttons to press.
    When it comes to kinky, she is in a class of her own, and genuinely enjoys herself.
    For more details check out her website :
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    Dubai Mistress Anita's Official Facebook Fan Page.

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    I really really wanted to see her when I lived there.

    Too scared for the sake of my legal integrity though. Struck me as the kind of thing that would be crawling with undercover cops
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    have you left dubai?
    you missed on a great experience. you don't need to worry about your integrity, Mistress Anita keep in mind that your identity is kept safe.
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    Is it just dog training that she does, or are there other types of domination that she does? I looked around on her site, but didn't find a list of the different things she likes to do.

    I am not in Dubai and I live too far away, but if I ever end up there some day, I will definitely be thinking about Mistress Anita.
  5. johnde18

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    You didn't find a list because her sessions are without limits. However weird your fantasy is she is up for it and pretty damn good at it.

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