Master of Arcane Arts Seeks Eager Slave in Massachusetts

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    I want you for dark things; you want that too. Even with just a moment you'll know something is uniquely different -I like that. I'm seeking a serious slave/submissive for a lifestyle in dominance. You're a naughty girl but it's not your fault. You're looking for that firm hand to keep you straight and narrow.

    I have been active in the BDSM alt scene for over fifteen years; knowing even before puberty that I was born with dominant needs. BDSM is very emotional and deep -I will understand you in ways you've never allowed yourself to even dream of. I find contentment in providing guidance and control.

    I know secret and forgotten arts; and my mastery extends beyond simply "fleshcraft". The body always follows the mind.

    The joys of the art aside I would describe myself as caring and tender, and I understand the value of patience. I am firm; I will take however I know the delicate balance. You will be completely my one.

    I love to read and write, I am a published author and a respected scientist in my field of interest.

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