Master seeks female slave for LTR

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    Tall well spoken educated English Master ,non scene, young 46,single,no ties, attractive and professional seeks:

    Attractive, perhaps inexperienced female to be trained to be my slave in a bond of true love.
    As a Master, yet have very broad ,detailed knowledge, and seeking a partner who may be inexperienced as a slut, or one who demands more.

    I am seeking a girl who is slim, feminine , quiet,and appears innocent, yet has strong desires and wishes to be in a submissive relationship as she has yearned this for some time, yet has not been able to find thus far.

    You desire to be gently and slowly made to wait for tasks - some can seem very easy, others very demanding.

    These could involve mind bondage, being spanked , gently or strictly used for hours as I see fit, either alone to my request, or as live in slut.

    You desire to be cum copiously until you scream, and carry out regular sometimes humiliating and meaningless tasks, or be punished as you have long desired such things for some time, yet have not found the right person to share this with until now.

    As a dirty little girl deep inside , you often ache to be used as a love toy, and have been seeking such a position with the right person, and secretly desire the most filthy things, something you feel embarrassed about and cannot
    even share with your closest friend, for fear of ridicule.

    With this position as slave and general love slut, you will serve a gentle. but firm and
    strict master, where the feelings will be mutual, you will seek to experiment and desire to serve .

    Equally and I will expect my little slut to be quietly obedient, discreet , and yearn to seek fulfillment, and the desire to satisfy these needs to be spanked, gently bound , and used until she satisfies her master, and in a loving ,strict, and intimate relationship.

    All genuine replies answered.

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