Male slave taking requests

Discussion in 'Your own pics and movies (Home-made BDSM)' started by bulletproof0220, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. bulletproof0220

    bulletproof0220 New Member

    Hello all. So, I'm a brand spanking new male slave. Interested in taking photo requests. If anyone's interested...I'll do just about anything...
  2. TToy

    TToy New Member

    Start by posting pictures of your cock and balls.
  3. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

    dress up like a school girl!
  4. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    yeah and do Merilyn Monroe pose :)
  5. On a public playing field. :cool:
  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    How bout Maracana stadium?

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