Laboratory experiment I

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    Once she had an ordinary name but we took it away from her when we took away her clothes and her freedom. Now she is simply known as "A": for experiment.
    "A" has small, shapely, pliant breasts and a deep, hot cunt slot. Both responded well to the pinches, probes, slaps and pricks to which we subjected them, helping to fill her eyes with tears. "A" became confused, disorientated. Perhaps she was dreaming of her former life when she had freedom, clothes and dignity. Not that it was of any importance to us. Now the fear returned to her eyes as she realised her utter helplessness once more. That meant we could start preparing the next experiment.
    Some weeks ago "A" replied to our advert asking for human research volunteers. She was a miserable creature and desperate for the money we offered. By the time she found out what the experiments really involved it was far too late. It is always too late. And so she became our laboratory animal. She was no better than a naked pink guinea pig and we treated her appropriately.
    When we are not running an experiment we keep her in a cage like any other animal. She would have no other life beyond that cage and our plastic-sheathed basement laboratory. The lab needs to be easy to clean as our subjects often loose control of their bodily fluids. It is also well soundproofed .We noted "A"'s displays of fear. This was in keeping with her responses to pain and sexual stimulation. It is always surprisingly easy to reduce subjects like her to such basic levels of expression. "A" was acutely aware we were examining her as she hung on her cross, naked and defenceless. She must have been wondering what we planed to do with her. Her concerns were, of course, utterly irrelevant. She was exposed and helpless and we could do anything we wanted to satisfy our curiosity about the female body and the limits of pain and pleasure it could endure.
    She watched us preparing the equipment for the next experiment but she didn't plead for us to stop as she did on the first occasion. She had learned the painful lesson that lab animals don't speak except when permitted. On this occasion, we considered pinning her tongue in some way so she would be unable to speak. That would have been an interesting experiment. Screams and moans are useful guides to the effectiveness of our procedures. However we had decided to subject "A" to pleasure before the pain. The powerful vibrator wand, mounted with its head pressed hard into "A"'s soft slot, sent its buzzing pulsations coursing through her body. Like the animal she was "A" responded by squirming and grinding her pussy down onto the wand head. A few weeks ago "A" would not have responded like this in front of strange men, but as a (semi-trained) guinea pig she was no longer permitted any inhibitions.
    Sexual pleasure was the only release left to her and she sought it hungrily. This, we noted, made her appear like an animal in heat. Even as she strove for its reward she unwittingly degraded herself further. We noted this fact too with interest. As her pussy-lips became moist and red "A" shook on the cross, moaning and grunting .Were we uncovering her true nature that was previously concealed by the superficial constraints of so-called normal society? With her nipples standing up hard "A" threw her head back and gave a choking howl. All her fear, frustration, lust and anger appeared to merge into that wild ululation.Perhaps she had forgotten she was being watched, her every reaction observed and noted as she sunk deeper into her own world of pleasure. Was she oblivious to the shameless spectacle she made? Animals have no shame.
    She was straining at her straps even as she used their resistance to work her hips about the wand. She was becoming one with the cross and her electric lover."A" was steadily nearing orgasm. However we were not to permit her to climax. The experiment was designed to test the depths of her need. The pegs were heavily sprung and distorted the smooth contours of her neat breasts as they bit into her soft flesh. The ones in her sides were intended to make twisting her midriff painful. How would she respond to these sources of pain? "A" felt the pain but did not stop her desperate squirming as she rode the vibrator head like a wild thing. This displayed an interesting adaptation and lifting of her pain threshold. We made a note to employ greater levels of pain stimulation in future. Even as she winced with the pinch of the pegs we noted her nipples had swollen still further, her aureole spreading and growing more livid with hot blood.
    Her grunts and moans were increasing in frequency. Our test animal was becoming increasingly aroused. Were the pegs acting as a stimulus to her pleasure? For a fleeting moment her eyes locked with ours. But they were misted with lust and desperate with need. She was nothing but a rutting animal oblivious to the world about her as she coupled with the only object she could find to give her release. We noted the scent of "A"'s arousal was filling the lab. It was a heady musk designed to attract mates. When we were done with the task in hand we would respond to its lure as nature intended.
    The head of the wand was growing shiny with "A"'s discharge. What a shameless slut-pig she was. We noted how her legs spread so naturally. She squirmed and thrashed about even though it made the pegs pinch her tits and sides harder. Was she now begging to be mounted like a true rutting animal: pleading for a stag to ream out her hind? She howled with frustration and strained to lift herself so she could ram down harder on the wand. It looked as though she would swallow it up inside her if she could. This could be arranged at some future date. Her whole body tensed and her knees seemed to be trying to turn inward to clasp the wand. Once again "A" had almost reached orgasm, but again we were not going to permit this. The experiment had one final phase remaining…
    We thrust the clear plastic bag over her head and buckled its containing collar about her neck. This caught "A" by surprise and the shock briefly dampened her lust. The plastic distorted her features as she struggled to breathe. "This is breathplay: autoerotic asphyxiation," we told her. "Just enough air can filter in to keep you conscious as long as you do not struggle… or use it up trying to cum.' "A" forced herself to remain still and breath slowly, but of course at the same time her cunt dripped over the still purring wand which reminded her how much she needed to orgasm.
    Her inner struggle was fascinating to watch as she peered out at us, hateful and fearful, through her flimsy but terrible new plastic prison. She was torment by need and fear. To cum or not to cum… to breathe or not to breathe..
    But "A" had so little willpower! Her slutty instinct took over and she began to grind down on the wand again. "A" struggled for breath as the heat and humidity built up inside the bag that clung, sticky and intimate, to her face. It was frightening and exciting for her at the same time.She was re-breathing her own exhaled carbon dioxide and it was beginning to make her dizzy. Her head started to reel and her struggles became more feeble. What would she risk for her pleasure? Her eyes were unfocussed, as though she was drunk. And ,in a way, she was, on growing hypoxia and the simmering of her unsatisfied lust. "A" slumped in a half-faint, sagging in her straps. She had driven herself too far, as we expected, as had those before her. The stupid slut.
    We pushed her head back to check her condition, letting a little more air through the bag to her nostrils. For a few seconds the wand buzzed urgently away in her soft hot cleft but she did not stir. Then her eyes flicked open and she thrashed feebly about in her confusion as she choked and strained to draw a full breath. "We'll take the bag off after you cum," we told her. She gasped and began to work her hips again, although less frantically. Her wriggles and squirms became more languid and dreamlike as she worked her hips. The high of her arousal mingled with oxygen starvation was acting as a drug. "A" struggled for air, trying to push her face through the clinging plastic, misted with her intimate condensation. Desperation was cutting in and she pleaded mutely for release. But we were unmoved. Her wishes meant nothing because she was nothing to us, simply an animal for experiment.
    She was slipping away again, and yet so close to cuming! Her mind swam through the warm uncharted waters of happy delirium. Every shuddering breath pulled the bag tighter about her like a plastic shroud promising a sweet release. And yet, her struggles grew more feeble as darkness closed about her mind. Would "A" faint again? If she did we would let her recover and try once more. Lab animals like her exist to be used and tested. We had pushed her to this moment not simply because her suffering pleased us, but because we chose to do so.
    She took in another shuddering, desperate gulp of air to fuel one last supreme effort. "A" came wildly, shaking the cross with her spasms as she rode a strange high of lust and near asphyxia. It was her trifling reward, like a sugar lump for a horse, and of no more consequence. But the exertion was too much. "A" fainted and hung limp on the cross. Her mind may have briefly escaped our control but her body was still ours.
    Her wrists and ankles were unbuckled from the cross and oxygen was given. Within a moment, "A"'s lungs burst into life. She was strapped to the floor, on all fours with a leather harness wrapped around her waist, suspended from the ceiling to keep her torso upright and her sex and anus available.The mechanical fucking machine was wheeled into the room. The experiment continued.

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