Carol Gets Wild at a Strip Club

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    Found this story on google groups.

    We had a great time with our first Hot Wife Experience and I thought it
    would be some time before it happened again. Now I see I am not in the
    drivers seat anymore. Carol has taken over the wheel and she has the
    pedal held to the floor. Her favorite saying is, "Buckle up and enjoy
    the ride baby".

    It's all about control and power for Carol, Power like she has never
    had before. Why it took her so long to figure out, I don't know. She is
    so fucking hot and she has a great little pussy so she has always has
    control over me. Now she realizes that her good looks and her sweet
    little pussy gives her power over other men too and she can get
    whatever she wants.

    When we talked after our first experience I asked her what she liked
    most about it. Her response was very simple. " I felt like the most
    wanted and most powerful woman in the world ". She got off hard being
    able to get whatever she wanted her way. She in turn asked me what I
    liked most about it. Even though she had a great time she wasn't quite
    sure about what I got out of it. Why was it so great that another man
    was fucking her and making her feel incredible. What made me feel good
    about it? I have to say that I had been asking myself the same
    question. The answer was in my pants. See everytime I thought of her
    bent over on that bed and backing up on his big dick so he would go
    deeper into her it made me hard. When I closed my eyes and pictured her
    telling us we were such good boys and to " fuck this pussy and make me
    cum " it made my heart beat a little faster. When I thought about how
    she would say "don't you fucking stop" in a voice that was a
    combination between crying, screaming, anxiety, and gasping for air it
    made me want more. When we both exploded all over her tits and she just
    smiled and laughed from the pleasure she got it was such a great
    moment. So what did I get out of it. I got to see her get what she
    wanted. It wasn't about love, it wasn't cheating, it wasn't being a bad
    mother or wife. It was losing herself in the moment and being free.

    Carol has used our HW night to fuel her sexual desires when it is just
    the two of us which has been awesome. We played a fun role playing game
    the other night where she called me and told me how horny she was and
    she needed to be fucked right away. Now I was in the living room on my
    cellphone but for the game I was stuck at work. I told her she would
    have to take care of herself and her toys would do the trick. She told
    me that her toys are great but she doesn't have a toy that eats pussy
    and she really wanted to have her clit sucked on. " Please come home
    baby " " I need it ". " Baby I can't come home right now, I'm sorry ".
    " Do you know anyone that would come take care you" I asked. " No not
    off the top of my head do you know anyone you can send over?" I told
    her to unlock the bedroom door and I would try. Then I came in the
    bedroom and pretended to be a hired gun. I told her that I was hired by
    her husband to come and take care of her needs and I am a professional
    and very expensive so make sure to get your moneys worth. She got her
    moneys worth all right. We did some things that I had only seen in
    movies. It was fun but it only fueled her desire to have the real thing

    We went out two nights in a row and I have to say it was kind of funny.
    I never thought I would be on the prowl looking for men with Carol. We
    found a couple of worthy candidates and she had some fun dancing with
    them but they were all local and we don't want anyone that we might see
    at the grocery store. We were striking out and neither one of us were
    happy abut it. Where would we find someone. I had an idea. Where do
    guys always go when they are only in town for a couple of days and are
    away from home. The answer hit me when I thought about what I do in
    that situation. The strip club. Everytime I am out of town I like to go
    see the local talent. Now this created a new problem. Carol hates strip
    clubs. The only problem with this is she has never been in one. At
    first she was against it but then I explained that we would probably
    find what she wanted and that she could get the benefits of what the
    dancers are starting and can't finish. That got her hot and she agreed
    to try it.

    We started getting ready and I told her I wanted to pick out her
    clothes. She wasn't surprised at what I picked out. She has this short
    school girl mini skirt that she has never worn out of the house. She
    bought it just to play at home. She can't bend over in it without
    showing everything. The shirt was white and in just the right light you
    can see through it. Since she got her new tits her nipples are always
    hard and I didn't lay out a bra or panties for her. She looked so good
    that we almost didn't make it out of the house. She did want to wear
    panties though but what she put on was a string and might as well not
    even been there.

    So we went to the nicest club around. In my single days it was my
    favorite. Its about an hour away from where we live and the odds of
    seeing someone we know would be very slim. As soon as we walked in
    heads turned. One drunk guy at the bar asked Carol when she was going
    on stage. She said she was just browsing and handled it very well. We
    hung out for awhile and Carol had a couple of much needed drinks to
    relax. As girls came over and asked if we would like a private dance
    Carol kept saying no in a nice way. She meanwhile was scanning the bar
    for someone she liked. After no luck for awhile she was starting to get
    the idea that I was the only one having fun watching the show. We were
    just about to give up and then......

    These two guys came in and sat behind us. They weren't there very long
    when Carol got up to go to the bathroom. On her way back one of them
    asked her for a private dance. She laughed and told them that she was
    sure that she would get in trouble for dancing for them. Then she came
    back and sat with me and told me what had happened. She said they were
    both hot and they were the best thing she had seen all night. " Do you
    want to play with them without even touching them " I asked. "Yeah" in
    her shy I am a good girl look. I told her if she picked the hottest
    girl in the club to dance for her in front of them it would get their
    attention. She picked out a blonde that was built for speed. Her name
    was Jasmine and she was petite and had a unbelievable ass. Now I have
    to admit that this was kind of selfish on my part. Having Carol pick
    out a girl that she liked out of 20 or so other girls made me so hot.

    Then when Jasmine told Carol that she had been wanting to dance for her
    all night it drove me more crazy. As she put her tits and ass in Carols
    face I leaned over and told her to look at the guys behind us. I
    whispered in her ear " Do you think there are a couple of hard cocks in
    those pants "? That really got her into the moment. She started letting
    Jasmine really dance for her. After the dance was over a beer and a
    glass of wine came to out table. The waitress pointed out that they
    were from the guys Carol liked. I told her to go over and thank them
    and she did. When she came back she said they thanked her for the show
    and said her husband was a lucky man. After that I invited them over to
    join us.
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  2. Andy

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    Well good news and bad news. They were local but I had a quick idea.
    Five years in sales has taught me to think on my feet. They didn't have
    to know that we were local. See even though we were an hour away we
    live in a big party and tourist town. So an hour is away is still
    local....but they didn't have to know that. I started telling them that
    we were in town for a few days and Carol picked right up on it. It was
    fun since we were part role playing but we were the only ones in on it.
    It wasn't long until one of them asked if they could buy her another
    lap dance. She accepted and asked them who they wanted to see. One of
    the guys had the perfect answer.." well since we can't see you I guess
    that girl will do " as he pointed to one of the dancers. Now I thought
    this was a little bold of him. As far as he knew we were just a couple
    having a good time. So Carol got another hot dance but this time she
    kept her eyes fixed on the two guys and made it obvious at what she was
    looking at.

    " I bet I could do a great lap dance " " It looks like fun " she said.
    " Honey can I try?" she asked. I said sure come over here. " You have
    to like my dance, I want an honest opinion " " Can I dance for them?".
    Their jaws dropped when she said that. " Sure I guess so but you can't
    dance for them in here ". " You guys want to go back to our room and
    let her dance for you? " Hell yeah was the answer. So we told them to
    follow us. The problem was we didn't have a room. I told them that I
    forgot the key to the room and I needed to go to the desk and get one.
    I was really getting a room.

    Once we got in the room I guess they forgot about the dance. They knew
    why we were there and wanted to get started right away. What they
    didn't know is they were not going to be in control of this night. When
    the first guy grabbed her by her waist and pulled her in she let him
    know that he was not allowed to touch...yet. She wanted to dance and
    that's what we were doing. The clock radio wasn't the best source of
    music but it did the trick. She danced and grinded all over them. When
    it was my turn I told her I was okay to sit this one out. " These guys
    look like they need some attention" " I will get my dance later " I
    said. Why don't you take care of them.

    And take care of them she did. She danced and stripped and looked so
    good coming out of her little skirt and eventually standing there in
    her tiny thong panties. " You know this dance is not free boys " she
    said. They started reaching into their pockets for money and she
    stopped them. " I don't need money " she told them " He takes care of
    that " pointing to me. Then she got on her knees in front of them. She
    had both hands working on unbuttoning their pants until she could
    finally reach in and pull out two hard cocks. " I guess they liked my
    dance honey " she said to me. The one guy was huge and the other was a
    little bigger then me but quite thick. Then she started to give them
    head. She would work on one for awhile then the other. It was really
    hot when she started trying to put both of them into her mouth. One of
    the guys was having too good of a time and shot his wad all over her
    face and tits. She kept sucking the other guy until her came all over
    her too. Up until this point I was enjoying the show and how much of a
    little slut Carol was being. She sucked off two guys in no time and had
    her evidence that she was a world class cock sucker all over her. But I
    wanted to play too. I got undressed and walked over to her and she took
    her third cock of the night into her mouth. She worked me for a couple
    of minutes then I stopped her. " You have given enough tonight baby "
    you want to do some taking now. " Yes I want to take it all " she said.
    I went over to her purse and got out a couple of condoms and handed
    them to the guys. " You get one chance to do it right " I told them. "
    She will tell you what she wants "

    I sat in the chair and watched as they went to town. The thick guy that
    came early from the blow job didn't last long fucking either. The big
    cocked guy fucked Carol really good though. She kept screaming and
    cumming as he unmercifully pounded her wet pussy with his big fucking
    cock. He started talking to her asking is she liked his big cock. Carol
    to my surprise screamed back, "Yes, Yes, Fuck Me With That Big Cock".
    My Wife was surprising me with her sluttiness. When he was ready to cum
    he asked her where she wanted it. Carol moaned out, "Shoot On My Face".
    He pulled out and she spun around and blew a huge load all over her
    face and tits. Man was my wife hot. She spurned these two studs like
    they were nothing.

    All in all it was a pretty good night. Carol made them both go down on
    her and had them fighting and taking turns eating her pussy. They
    looked like a couple of puppies fighting over the dog bowl for food.
    She managed to get every once of energy out of them. After they left I
    treated Carol to a slow 60 minute lick which drove her crazy. Her cunt
    was so stretched. She said her spine stayed twisted in a knot the whole
    time. " Give me what I want baby " she whispered. I gave her a great
    fuck but could barely feel my cock inside her well-fucked cunt. I gave
    her everything she asked until we passed out.

    It was a fun night. I got to see my wife get her first lap dance.
    Although she won't admit it I think she liked it. I got to watch her do
    her best to please two guys. I am so turned on, proud, and happy at the
    confidence she has in bed. She said the highlight of her night was
    sucking them both off and watching their eyes roll into the back of
    their heads. So I have a hotwife or something on my hands now. The next
    day we started talking about rules for our new game. She said she only
    wanted to play with me there which made me happy. She likes the safety
    of me being there. We don't want anyone steady. But what is really
    great is we agree that we will continue to try new things. Not just in
    bed but in life in general.

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