School for Torture

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    School for Torture is a BDSM novel by John Savage, published by Strict Publishing International
    The extract below is from the first chapter. I’ll post more, if anyone likes it – it’s NOT the usual Femdom stuff!

    All the characters are, of course, over the age of 18.

    Sunlight awoke Angel. She took a deep breath and went to stretch. It was then that she realized she could not move her arms. Her eyes popped open.

    She was not in the same room. This one was much smaller. Gone were the fine windows with the lace draperies, replaced by a single high window set into the bare stone of the wall. It was through that narrow slit a single beam of bright sun light had come to illuminate her face. All the walls were of stone, looking ancient and harsh. There was a door, of wood and open at that moment, although all she could see through it was a corridor made of the same stone as her walls. The only furniture was the bed she lay upon, and that was both a far cry from the comfortable bed she had gone to sleep upon the night before, and from most normal beds.

    With growing concern, she tugged at her arms only to discover that they were held solidly above her head. She looked up to see her bare arms disappear into holes cut in wood. Across the top of the bed were two lengths of solid wood with small half circles cut so as to form two holes just the size of her wrists. She tugged hard and was rewarded with pain as the edge of the wood cut into her wrists, and the slight rattle of a large padlock set into the hasp at one end of the two boards.

    “I don’t believe it!” she said out loud. “A stock! A god damned, mother-humping wooden stock.”

    Angel tried to turn to see it better, only to discover that her legs would not move either. Lifting her head and looking down, she saw that her ankles were similarly locked in a tight wooden embrace. But more importantly, she also saw that she was naked!

    Her lovely breasts rose and fell with each aggravated breath, and she knew that her pubic patch was also uncovered. The bottom stocks held her feet about a foot apart, which allowed her to almost close her thighs but not quite. She tugged at her feet but the wood was quite solid.

    It was then that she noted the bedding under her was not quite what one would expect. The frame of the bed was wood, thick boards and quite solid, but the part she lay on was wire mesh. The wire was thick gauge and the diamond pattern with each hole only an inch or so across so that she was supported by the wires with her flesh pushing into the diamonds.

    Angel’s mind was in turmoil. The only possible explanation that came was a prank, a joke or initiation played upon her by the other students. Somehow they had snuck into her room, carried her down to the basement and attached her to this strange bed. Maybe they were just around the corner, waiting to laugh themselves silly when she began screaming for help.

    But even as she tried to make that theory work, she knew it was wrong. Older girls at a school might play tricks on a new girl, but she had never seen or heard of one so elaborate. And how had they gotten her out of her bed and room with awakening her?

    Then she remembered the hazy dream of a man’s voice and a woman with a black cowl. That must have been real. And the terrible smell and taste in her mouth. But what did it mean?

    As she debated with herself calling out, a girl walked passed the door. “Hey,” called Angel automatically. The girl returned and entered the room.

    She was a little younger than Angel, perhaps a year. Angel tried to take in a series of strange features all at once. First, the girl was wearing a strange bathing suit, a bikini, or that was what it looked like. As she approached the bed, Angel could see that it was made of black leather. It showed most of the girl’s rather nice figure, but seemed to Angel to be a couple of sizes too small. The leather pressed very tightly into the girl’s flesh, and was so tight across the bottom of the bra part that it seemed to be trying to squash her breasts. They looked as if they were going to pop out of the top of the leather covering.

    Then there was the pair of handcuffs the girl wore on her wrists. The steel shone in the sunlight, and the cuffs had been tightened down until almost nothing showed between the metal bands and the tender flesh of the young woman.

    After that, she noticed that the girl had lovely, wavy blonde hair and a pleasant smile.

    “So you’re awake,” she said in perfectly good English, tinged by only the slightest French accent. “You needn’t try to get your hands out; you won’t be able to.”

    Angel only then realized that she was still tugging and trying to work her wrists out of the wood. The girl was right, the wood was far too snug against her skin and far stronger than she.

    “My name is Natalie. What’s yours?”

    “Angel. Angel Martin.” She was unable to keep her eyes off the handcuffs the other girl wore with seeming nonchalance, as if she were unaware of their restriction of her hands.

    “Glad to meet you,” said Natalie.

    “Glad to meet you,” replied Angel without thinking. “And what the hell is going on here?! Did you lock me in this bed thing?”

    Natalie laughed sweetly. “Of course not. We’re prisoners here, just like you.” She frowned at Angel’s puzzled look. And the fear that was coming over the girl’s face.

    Just then a third girl entered the door. “Hi,” she offered. “I see you’re awake now. I’m Colleen.”

    The newcomer looked like a Colleen. She was tall, filled out that leather bathing suit costume much better than Natalie, and had long, rich red hair to match her emerald green eyes. Her nose had a slight up turn and her eyes twinkled.

    She also had her wrists locked before her in shining steel handcuffs.

    “Would you two get me out of this thing?” asked Angel, trying to keep her voice calm.

    “Oh, we can’t do that,” said Natalie immediately with some alarm. “We would be punished terribly if we did that.”

    “Then can you at least tell me what is happening?”

    “Why don’t you, Colleen,” suggested Natalie, “you’ve been here longer than I have.”

    Colleen sat on the wooden edge of the bed as if settling down for a long story. “We’re all prisoners here at Saint Horrible’s.”


    “That’s what we call the place. Actually the name is Saint Hortense’s. A long, long time ago this place was a monastery. Then it was empty, and then a group of nuns took it over and named it Saint Hortense’s. We just call it Saint Horrible’s because that fits much better.”

    “Nuns?” Angel was confused.

    Colleen sighed. “This place is run by a strange order of nuns. You’ll meet the sisters soon enough. Just remember to be meek and don’t give them any trouble. They have ways of making you very sorry you even thought of sinning. That’s what they call any infraction of their rules: sinning. And we’re always getting punished for our sins. See?” She stood and turned her back. Upon the flesh now covered by the tiny hip-hugging leather were scores of fading dark marks.

    “What are those?” asked Angel, afraid of the answer.

    “Whipmarks,” said Colleen casually.

    “You can’t mean that! No way!”

    “I do mean it. You’ll find out soon enough.” Colleen sat back down. “Those are about a week old. I got them for being late to a class. About one minute late, actually.”

    Angel shook her head. This was becoming a nightmare and she wished she would wake up from it. “I’m supposed to be at the Monitarie Academy for Girls.”

    “We all were. Originally,” said Natalie. “But we were brought here. In the middle of the night and all tied up.”

    This was getting harder to believe. “I’ve heard that Catholic schools were tough,” Angel said, “but whippings?”

    Colleen leaned close after looking around to make sure that they were alone. “Listen,” she whispered. “I don’t think that these women are real nuns. They couldn’t be. But don’t let on that you know. They keep a very big pretence of holy righteousness, and you’ll find yourself in plenty of hot water if you challenge that.”

    Colleen turned to Natalie. “Would you watch the hall?” The younger girl immediately went to stand by the door where she could see both ways down the corridor. Colleen returned to the naked girl on the bed.

    “I’ll bet there is someone who would like to see you out of the way, right?”

    “Well...” Angel suddenly had sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. “Yes.”

    “Thought so. Every girl here had parents or guardians or someone who would benefit if she were to disappear and never show up again. So the girl is enrolled in the Monitarie Academy. Then she has an accident. A car accident, a boating accident, even a plane crash. Of course, the girl doesn’t really get killed. She becomes officially dead but really she’s brought here. Who was it that wanted you out of the way?”

    “My stepfather,” said Angel quietly. She knew that her mother was not part of this crime, but that made little difference. “He found out that I get all the money when I turn twenty. Three lousy months away.”

    “That’s it,” said Colleen brightly. “They pay the Academy enough money and you disappear. The courts will turn your money over to your grieving parents, or parent and stepparent here, and you’re officially dead. They’ve even got their own crooked doctor to sign the papers.”

    “But... But that means...” muttered Angel, not quite able to form words for the thought.

    “That’s right, Angel Martin, they will have to hold you a prisoner the rest of your life. Just like the rest of the girls here.”
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    For a while Angel did not know what to say. This was monstrous and impossible. But it also fitted. “Wouldn’t it have been easier for them to just have me killed?” she finally asked weakly.

    “Maybe. But some people don’t have the heart for it. And if there is a legal problem, they could always produce you later, a victim of mistaken identity in a car crash in a distant land or whatever. And, of course, some people prefer the thought of their little girl suffering for the rest of their lives as prisoner of a bunch of sadistic nuns.”

    Angel closed her eyes hard and remembered the smiling face of her stepfather the last time she had seen him. How unusually polite he had been. And in such good spirits as he told her she was going to a new school. She believed, really believed that he was capable of doing this to her.

    “Are they really that bad around here?” she asked.

    “Worse than you can imagine. Right now, Susan is hanging by her thumbs out in the exercise yard.”

    “You can’t mean that!”

    “If you could walk, I’d take you down and show you. They attached these leather bands around your thumbs and then hang you by them. And I mean really hang you. Feet completely off the ground. It hurts.”

    “No.” Angel’s denial was flat, lacking conviction.

    Colleen leaned closer. “And they do much worse than that to you. Sometimes for no reason. But usually they find a reason. Seems to make the game more fun for them if they have a reason to punish you.”

    “I’ve got to get out of here. I’ve got to get my inheritance.”

    “Good luck,” Colleen snorted. “They keep us prisoners, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every week of the year. There’s no time off for good behavior, believe me.”

    “Escape is impossible?”

    Colleen nodded. “Well, not totally. One girl did escape. I’ve been here for four years. Right after I first arrived, there was a big fuss about one of the girls managing to get out of her restraints and off into the forest. We never saw her again, and all the sisters were nervous as hell for weeks. We figured they never found Lucy and were afraid she would bring police back here. Wish she had. But nothing happened, and everything calmed down. Best guess is that she never made it beyond the forests. They stretch for miles in all directions. But, I guess you could say that escape was possible, if one of the sisters makes a mistake and you have plenty of luck on your side.”

    A hard look came into Angel’s eyes. “I am going to escape,” she said quietly.

    “Fine if you do, but don’t talk about it. Attempted escape is high up on the list of sins. You’d be punished something terrible. I know.”

    “Will you help me?” asked Angel, looking from one girl to the other.

    Colleen sighed. “Wish I could. But I don’t think it’s possible. They’re just too good. Since Lucy disappeared they tightened down their security. They never give you a chance. And the penalty is too high.”

    “What about you, Natalie? Will you help?”

    Natalie looked back at the naked girl stretched out on the bed and shook her head slowly once. The conflict on her face was evident. She looked as if she was about to change her mind and speak, but she said nothing.

    “Natalie’s been here only a few months. She tried to escape once but they caught her and she spent a week in the Cage. That’s something you don’t want to have happen to you. It’s a small cage and you’re really crammed in there. Then they suspend you in midair in one of the dungeons and feed you bread and water for a week. I was told there is another cage that’s bolted to the floor and you just can’t move at all when you’re in that one.”

    “You can’t mean that!” protested Angel. “That’s cruel.”

    “Ask Natalie,” said Colleen quietly. “And I’ve been in the Cage twice. I don’t want to ever go back there. The first time they just lock you in the cage and hand you food and water once a day through the bars. The second time they bind your hands behind you and your ankles, and don’t take the ropes off until your week is up. It’s almost impossible to feed yourself without hands.”

    Angel could find nothing to say.

    “You’re left alone in the dark except for one brief feeding each day. All you have to do is sit or lay there and listen to your stomach beg for food. It’s no fun.”

    “I would think,” said Angel quietly, “that would make you all the more anxious to get out of here.”

    Colleen sighed. “Wait until you’ve been here as long as I have and you’ll be less anxious to incur the wrath of the sisters. They have us completely in their control. And they like to hurt us. Don’t ever forget that.”

    “I can’t believe nuns can be like that,” Angel offered. “I just can’t believe it.”

    “You’ll find out soon enough,” said Colleen as she stood up. “But if you need a lesson right now... You’re in one of the many punishment rooms. That bed you’re lying on is designed to do more than hold you down.” She lowered joined hands below Angel’s vision. There was a humming noise. Then she felt a tug upon her ankles. A few seconds later she was sure of it, the wooden stocks holding her ankles was moving downward, away from her.

    Soon her body was taut as the gap between the top stocks and the bottom ones widened. When the wood was cutting into both her wrists and ankles, and her body was being pulled with such real force that she gasped. “Okay, you’ve proved your point. This is beginning to hurt,” she told Colleen. The redhead made no move for the switch. The motors continued to pull. Breathing was becoming a little hard for Angel. “I said, that’s enough!” she cried.

    “You’ll get in trouble,” hissed Natalie from the doorway. “You know we’re not supposed to do things like that.”

    Just when Angel expected to hear popping of joints, Colleen reached down and the motor silenced. But the strain continued. Colleen again sat on the edge of the bed that was now revealed to be a rack also.

    “You feel helpless?” she whispered. “You realize that you cannot move your arms or legs?” She reached over and took one rigid nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Her fingernails dug into the flesh until Angel grimaced. “I could make you hurt in more ways than you can imagine. And you can’t stop me. That’s the way it is with the sisters here. They can hurt us any time they want, and we can’t do a thing about it. And most of them do like to hurt us.”

    “Colleen, what are you doing?” hissed Natalie in alarm.

    “Just teaching the new girl a lesson.” Her hand lowered to the edge again. Suddenly the wooden vices felt as if they were going to tear Angel apart. Then, just as quickly, the motors reversed and she felt the strain fading away.

    “One touch of that button and this rack would have torn your joints apart. You ever had a dislocated shoulder? Or a hip? Hurts like hell. This thing can dislocate every major joint in your body. And probably go on to tear you apart.”

    The hard look left Colleen’s face. “And this is just one of the minor toys around Saint Horrible’s. I didn’t want to hurt you, but you have to see that talk of escape or any kind of rebellion against the sisters will get you hurt. And most of the punishments are a hell of a lot worse than this.”

    She leaned over and kissed Angel lightly on the lips, not a kiss of passion but more of friendship, perhaps even love.

    Suddenly she was on her feet. “We have to go. I fear we’re already late for class. Just remember to be meek and mild. Goodbye.”

    Suddenly Angel was alone in the stone room. The beam of sunlight had moved from her face and was creeping along the dusty stone floor. Angel felt sick inside and wanted to cry. But she did not. Inside, she promised herself that she would escape from Saint Horrible’s. Escape to wreak havoc upon the man who had sent her there.

    All John Savage’s books are available from Taboo Reading

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