The Ticklish Travels of Rachel Cook - Part 3

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    Rachel’s next stop on her international travels was Shanghai, the enormous port city on the east coast of China, through which the vast majority of Chinese exports are shipped all over the world. Not only does the city have a tremendous manufacturing industry, but very sizeable research and development parks have been developed since China’s relaxation of relations with the west and the start of economic development in the country. Everything Rachel saw was modern and beautiful – the airport, the hotel, the shopping centers, the trains and subways, the factories and so on. Shanghai was, in fact, a beautiful major city and quite a change from the majority of Hong Kong. She shuddered at the thought of Hong Kong, vividly remembering her experience in the little Chinese restaurant there. Even her toes flexed and curled in her shoes as the memory came back to her.

    She had been in Shanghai for several days, visiting both little restaurants and the eateries in the hotels, including the palatial modern hotel in which she was staying. Expectedly, she drew a lot of attention everywhere she went, particularly away from the hotel, being pretty, young, blonde and Caucasian. It was fine, though, she felt quite safe with Ed by her side, not to mention a local Chinese translator. Her visit to the big city was almost over, with a flight to Bangkok booked for the following day. That was going to be a good stop, she thought, with Thai restaurants being as popular in America as they are. It had been a real good day, including a tour of one of the research parks, and Rachel went to bed nice and early, planning to get some real sleep.

    Rachel stirred in her sleep and found that she was unable to move. Her eyes flashed open as she realized her wrists were fastened above her head and she couldn’t even move onto her side. She found herself in a research laboratory with various computer consoles, instruments and the like. She was completely naked and seated in a special chair with thick leatherette padding. Her wrists were fastened in leather restraints above her head, her stomach and ass were held in place by a leather strap across her abdomen, her knees and thighs were held in place by leather straps above her knees and her ankles were fastened in leather restraints. The chair had been tilted back slightly so that she was not sitting straight up but she was a long way from lying down.

    “Well, well,†said the Chinese man with a white lab coat, “our guest is awake.â€

    “What the hell do you want with me,’ said Rachel, “let me go.â€

    “You’ll be back at your hotel in a few hours,†said the man, “but for now we want you to help us with an experiment.â€


    “Yes,†he went on, “my name is Dr. Chin, and I am conducting a special series of experiments on human sexuality, specifically the sexual responsiveness of the human female.â€


    “As it happens, we have only been able to obtain readings from various young Chinese women, although I must admit that the differences from province to province have proved very interesting.â€

    “Yea, so what about me?â€

    “When we saw you touring the research park earlier today, it came to me that there must be some fascinating variations in sexual responsiveness from country to country, and perhaps even continent to continent, as well. For this reason, we brought you back to our laboratory this evening to undergo the same testing that we have used on various Chinese girls.â€

    “So you’re going to rape me?â€

    “Heavens no, young lady,†he said, “China is a civilized country today and we are all very civilized people. No, we have a machine here, on which you are presently seated, which works in conjunction with a computer system. It will provide sexual stimulation by means of a series of dildos which are located in this loading rack to your right – these match the various animals of the Chinese zodiac – the dildo of the dog for the year of the dog, the dildo of the ox for the year of the ox, and so on. Where a particular animal does not have a suitable penis, like the fish and the cock, we have simply substituted the penis of another animal. In the case of the monkey, incidentally, we have substituted the dildo of the gorilla to make it a little more interesting for you.â€

    “No, please let me go!â€

    “Now, many young women would simply give themselves in to these dildos so that their experience would be over as soon as possible, but that would give us false data as it would not be the true sexual responsiveness that we seek. So, we want you to do all you can to resist. The machine will try to bring you to orgasm within the shortest possible time, but we want you to fight it and resist it with everything you have.â€

    “For this reason, the machine is equipped with a series of wheels, some of which will turn continuously, although they may reverse direction, and some of which will move back and forth in a semicircular motion. Each of these wheels is equipped with numerous brushes which have been selected for their capacity of tickling the skin. I will show you these wheels now, so that you will know what to expect.â€

    As he pushed a button on a remote control device, similar to a television remote, Rachel saw two round wheels with a dozen brushes on each moving into position beside her armpits. She shuddered as she felt the nearest brushes contact the very sensitive skin. Then, the wheels started to turn and she almost went wild.

    “Aaaaaah, stohohohop, pleaheahease!â€

    Next came two semicircular wheels which positioned themselves in front of her chest, one circling each breast at the exact midline, where her nipples were located. She tried desperately to force her back further into the cushion of the chair to get away from the little brushes.

    “Shit,†she screamed, her eyes opening wide as she felt the sensation hit her soft breasts, “Nohohohoho, ahahahahahahaha!â€

    After that, a similar semicircular wheel, albeit a larger one, stationed itself in front of her stomach, circling the midline through her belly button perfectly, and moving all the way around to her sides.

    “Aaaaah,†she cried, “not my stohohohomach! Aaahahahahahahaha.â€

    “Very good, young lady,†said Dr. Chin, “you are wonderfully sensitive.â€

    “Please let me go!â€
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    Rachel grit her teeth, clenched her fists and curled her toes, as she suddenly felt the next assault on her young body. She had not seen another semicircular device moving into place below her ass, in the open space between the two halves of her seat, and the brushes moved back and forth from her pubic mound, over her pussy, over her asshole and up her butt crack – front to back, back to front, over and over again.

    “Aaaaaaaaah, fuck you!†she cried, “aaaaaaaaah, shit, I can’t stand it.â€

    Lastly, her feet had their turn with a round wheel positioning itself below the sole of each foot and running its brushes over her soles and between her toes. The more she flexed her toes, the worse it got.

    “Hahahahahaha, not my feeheeheeheet, pleaheaheahease!â€

    “There, young lady, now you know what to expect,†said Dr. Chin, “and I can explain to you how this system works. The experiment will last seven hours exactly and will precisely follow the signs of the Chinese zodiac, starting with the dildo of the rat. Of course, a rat will not have a very big penis and would hardly be of interest to us here, so we substituted a dildo that perfectly replicates the penis of the kimodo dragon, big, leathery and cold.â€

    As he spoke, Rachel heard the machinery to her right move into action and she saw the big dildo loaded into its mount and disappear beneath her. She tried to move but it was to no avail. She was going to stay exactly where she was. Moments later, she felt the tip of the dildo touch the outer edges of her pussy.

    “Now, the machine is going to rape you with that kimodo dragon dildo until you orgasm,†he said, “and the more you resist, the more the machine will try to bring you to climax. I expect you to fight with all you’ve got, because the moment you climax all of these brushes will spring into action tickling you for half an hour. Then, you will have a five minute rest while the machine prepares the next dildo, the dildo of the ox. After that, the cycle will start again.â€

    “No, please, don’t do this!â€

    “Come now,†he said, “a sexy American woman like you afraid of a little sex and tickle play.â€

    “Fuck you,†she said, “let me go!â€

    Next, he forced a leather ball gag into her mouth and fastened the straps behind her head.

    “I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you alone here,†he said, “and I don’t want you to attract the attention of our security people. So, I have to gag you and put the lights out when I leave. Also, I am going to require some witnesses to see me this evening, since the authorities are not always on side with our experiments, I’ll set the machine to start in about an hour.â€

    Tears flowed down Rachel’s face as she saw Dr. Chin leave and a moment later the lights going out. There she was, naked, helplessly strapped to some diabolical sex machine, waiting in the dark for the torture to start. She felt the very tip of the leathery dildo, replicating the penis of the kimodo dragon, touching her pussy. Waiting for the hour to run out, helplessly waiting.

    She tried desperately to move, to struggle against her restraints in some way, but it was to no avail. All she managed to do was to wiggle the outer edges of her pussy over the cold, leathery dildo she was sitting on. In doing so, she started to excite herself.

    Finally, after a time that seemed much more than an hour, she heard the machinery around her come to life. She bit deeply into the leather of her gag as she felt the leathery dildo force itself deeply inside of her, slithering its way through her vulva into her cervix. Unable to move even a little, she squeezed her eyes and bit the gag, clenched her fists and flexed her toes, as she haplessly tried to resist the sensations of the dildo pumping into her. It wasn't long before she was in the throes of a serious orgasm.

    Almost immediately, the leathery dildo, now glistening with the moisture of her pussy, withdrew with a slurp. Then the brushes appeared and started to turn. It was going to be a very long night.
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    Ive liked all of them. I wish it would go on and on till the end. more details but it leaves it to the imagination and ive got plenty of that

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