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    :):)I like bdsm very ,and i am an abc so someone can tell me about like the latex suit ,or the tools for the bdsm, i just like it very much,and i think i am a s,now i live in the us, i got so many friends they also like the bdsm very ,but i am a beginner for the bdsm, i don't know the when start the bdsm need buy a latex suit or hood and so many things,i am a little be shy ,so i never ask my friends so hope everyone can help me ,i just really want to know ,if you know alot ,please tell me asap,because you know the winter vacation will coming around the corner,i just want play with my girlfriend, i should know the skills of bdsm,come on guys just help me,like how to buy the latex suits and tools and skills.:):)

    you can contact me in e-mail my e-mail address is mikewen2068@hotmail.com
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