Pretty puppy in Pink

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    I have not proof read this story like I did with my last one. I really would like feedback. I hope you enjoy.

    I knocked on her door. She opened it rather quickly. Told me to come inside and greeted me with a big wet kiss. It didn't last long thought. She pulled me in enough to shut the door. Then I was pushed up in the corner with her sucking on my neck. Her hands were on my favorite spots. One on my ass and the other rubbing on my bulging package. My hand made my way to my zipper as I wanted her right here and right now. As I got it unzipped she grabbed my wrist and pushed it against the wall while massaging me with her other hand that was removed from my ass. She started working her way down with her kisses. She kept moving slower and slower as she went down. The anticipation was unbearable! She finally made it down there and took me all in right away, not stopping and pushing me against the wall. Moaning softly, She grabbed my ass with one hand and my wrist still held tight in the other. She knew the wrist is my weakness. After just 2 minutes of her switching her tongue techniques every 20 seconds to keep my guessing she could feel me about to explode. She closed around my cock and made her mouth tighten around me sending me over the top. She swallowed every last drop that pulsed out of me before grabbing my zipper with her teeth and carefully zipping me back up.

    "Wait right here." She said, got to her feet and wandered off while I caught my breath. I couldn't wait for what more she had in store. It was our 2 year anniversary. We had become so close in these two years I had thought of proposing, but the time just wasn't right yet.

    She said she got me something big for our anniversary. I had no idea what. I had felt a little bad because the necklace I special ordered wouldn't be ready for another week. It had the poem we both wrote engraved on it. A line on each loop.

    I took a step forward to see what was taken her so long when she appeared with a decently sized white box. She had a big pink bow on top of it. She knew I got embarrassed when it came to the color pink!

    She started to hand me the box, but took it back and smiled. I let out a big grin. I reached forwards and put my hands on the box. She just gave me the look. This look meant business, but in a playful sort of way.

    Last time she gave me the look was when I was fully naked and my arms were tied above me. She tightened my chain so I was standing only on my tippy toes. Struggling to keep the weight off the metal digging into my wrists I was teased until I started to beg and cry for release. It was against the rules for me to make a sound. She gave me that look and instead of release or played with I got the paddle 30 times and then left hanging there for an hour while she gave herself 4 intense orgasms at my feet. Our sex life was full of this kind of torturing fun.

    Sometimes I want to go ahead and play just to see how far she will go, but not this time. I gave her my child-like face and backed away. She smiled "I will give you this gift, but its going to cost you a shirt and some rules to follow"

    With that said I had my shirt off in no time. She smiled at me once again, but still didn't offer the box. I reached for it only to have my hand smacked. "Naughty!"

    She then told me I can choose. "If you open the box, you have to use the contents with no questions asked. If you choose to not open it, you can stay just the one night instead of the four you have off work." She then giggled, waiting for my reply.

    I smiled, then knowing what she wanted to hear I leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "I choose to open the box because I will do anything for more time with you, my little teddy bear."

    She grinned real wide, its what she wanted to hear. I loved giving her what she wanted. "Follow me!" She said very excitedly. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the living room.

    The coffee table has been removed and replaced by doggy absorbable training pads. We had used these for our food play before, so it made me a little excited. The couch and furniture had been moved closer to the wall. This is gonna be a fun night I thought!

    She put the box on the couch. I sat down next to the box. She sat close behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. I took the lid off the box, blushing from seeing the big pink bow. I set the lid down between the box and couch cushion. I reached in and through the paper I felt what I assumed to be a large handcuff. After I got it in view I was speechless. It was a pink locking collar. She just giggled.

    I knew the rules. I had to put it on, but I hesitated hoping she would say it was a joke. I looked back at her with a half smile on my face. She just grinned really big, took it from me and put it around my neck. She fitted it and strapped the buckle. "Comfy?" She asked. I couldn't say anything. I was still in shock. She let out another giggle before pulling out a lock and locking it on me.

    I loved her to death, but I didn't want to wear pink. It was too late though. I knew her. The keys to the lock would be very well hidden. No use looking for them.

    Her eyes grew wide while she waited for me to check the box further. I reached in and pulled out a long pink leash. Upon further inspection the leash was all metal, but covered in pink fabric. She quickly grabbed one of the ends and locked it on to my pink collar. She was enjoying this way too much! I had already realized I was going to be led around as her slave for awhile. That was hot, but the pink embarrassed me.

    "More, more!" She almost yelled at me. I reached in and found what felt like a fur whip with an odd shaped handle. Wait, I thought, That's not a whip. Its an animal tail butt plug. I pulled it out to reveal a long black and silver dog tail connected to a good size butt plug.

    I was truly afraid for what she had in store now. We had done a lot in the bedroom, but I had yet to try anal. We had talked about it and not agreed to anything. After seeing my expression to the butt plug she took the other end of my chain, rushed over to a metal anchor she had installed in the wall. It wasn't until then that I realized I had no escape.

    She rushed over to the box and started digging in. "This is going to be so much fun! You're going to be my cute little puppy!" She found the paws in her box. She explained "You put your hand in the paw here and I lock it around your wrist so the paw is locked on you. Hee hee"

    She put the paws on my hands and searched the box for the other two as I tried to escape the dog paws. She pulled the other two out, but put them aside. Next up was a dog snout face mask, which later I found out was a breathable gag as well. Then she held up another small box.

    She grinned real wide "this is the fun part." She removed another item that resembled an Ipod. This had a long belt on it though. She set that aside as well. That will come later. Right now I want to use my little collared slave. Stand up and take off your pants.

    This is what I was waiting for! I stood up and reached for my belt. I can't get undressed. I have those paws locked on my hands! "Hey, this isn't funny. Take these off. I can't do anything with them on"

    She just laughed as she came closer. She reached for my belt, unbuckled it and removed it from my pants, which slid to my knees with ease. She fumbled with them and got them off completely. I felt helpless. I couldn't do anything with my hands in these things.

    After she got my pants off I was standing there naked, feeling humiliated in my pink collar and chain. All I could do was smile. It felt humiliating, but having her look at me that way felt really good. She looked like she was going to attack me! She walked around me slowly, admiring her work. After she did a full circle she came over and wrapped her arms around me.
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    "I want some puppy kisses. Who's a good puppy?"

    I couldn't help but to dive into her neck and start kissing her. I wrapped my arms around her and held her as close as I could as I made my way towards her soft lips. I playfully licked her lips before going in for a kiss. Our mouths met with pure passion. Her arm was now around my neck holding me as tight as she could, reminding me of my pink collar. She pushed me back onto the couch, where she quickly guides my shaft into her soaking wet hole. After grinding and moaning for a few minutes her arm that was holding my neck now moves to hold the chain attached to my collar. She jerks it real fast, choking me and holding it there. She releases her grip just enough for me to get a good breath. When she jerks it again I chock again, this time she screams as an orgasm hits her very hard. Her grip on my chain never loosens as she rolls over to catch her breath.

    Between gasps for air she orders me down on all fours. I comply knowing it will release the tension on my collar. Down on all fours I crawl to lick up the juices from her orgasm. Seeing this she gathers up the breath to say "No! Sit, Stay"

    I obey. After all I'm her slave with a 10 foot cable. I'm trapped. Completely hers. She makes me wait there on my knees for 20minutes while she grabs a quick nap.

    When she wakes up she finds me cuddled up on the couch next to her. I am almost asleep when I feel a smack on my cheek followed by "Bad dog! Bad! Down!" as she pushes me onto the floor.

    I didn't want to make her mad, so I go on th floor on all fours. She found my belt, grabbed my chain and started giving my ass hard swats while keeping the chain tight. She got to 15 before stopping. My bottom was bright red and stinging.

    She went and grabbed the other set of locking paws and the Ipod looking machine. After she got the paws on me she strapped the Ipod shaped machine on me. It went around my waist with the machine on my lower back. She then reaches up to my collar and I can feel her fumbling with it.

    She gets on her hands and knees, face to face with me. She whispers "I am going to explain a few things. Don't interrupt me. Got it?".

    I nodded. I knew it was a trick. She continued "Good. The machine I have on your back reads sensors in all of your paws. If you don't walk on all fours the machine sends out an electric shock to your spine. The more you trigger it the higher the voltage. What do you think of that?"

    I remember the command to not speak. I remain silent, but I know she is expecting an answer. I look in her eyes for an answer. She wants me to speak. "I th" *zap!* my throat got an electric shock! What was that? It hurt really bad.

    After I stopped rubbing my throat as much as I could with my paw. I looked at her with a big sad frown. She is just giggling back at me. "Awww poor puppy! I'm sorry I didn't tell you its a shock collar. If you make any sound that isn't a dog bark, howl or whimper it will shock you. I'm sorry I had to teach you the hard way." She reached up and started to pet my hair. "I'm sorry puppy. I won't do it again." She kisses my cheek. "Are you ok, boy?"

    I answer "Ruff" to my amazement I don't receive a shock. I did receive a smile from her. She started to pet me again "Who's the cute widdle puppy? Huh? You are! You are!"

    I was embarrassed to be treated like this. I had been tied down tight, whipped, teased and denied, but this was a complete different feeling. To be treated like an actual dog was just overwhelming. Part of me liked the puppy type attention, but I can't speak or walk normal? The control she has definitely turns me on. I just hope this won't last... Uh oh. I gotta pee. No. I can't go on a wee pad. That's too embarrassing.

    I almost scream out, but remember I can't talk. I mutter a small bark. In return I get "Aww. What does the puppy want? Are you thirsty?"

    To this I shake my head no. *ZAP* it knocks me over. She rushes over beside me and starts to pet me from my head all the way down my back. "Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you dogs don't nod their heads. Oh, I feel horrible". She moves to lay down behind me, laying her head next to mine.

    After the pain had left I still didn't move. I was enjoying the cuddle time. After a few more minutes she said "oopsie! Puppy had a wee wee!"

    I knew what this meant. I got up immediately and crawled behind the couch. I let out a wimper. I didn't want to get punished. It wasn't my fault. She came walking around the corner as if she were looking for me. "Aw, come 'ere boy. You're not in trouble. That's what the wee wee pads are for. I'll train you to go in a litter box tomorrow."
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    She grabbed my leash and gave it a harmless tug. I didn't budge. She gave a little harder tug this time. I accepted it and came walking around the couch. "Come over here. I got something for ya! C'mon boy." I followed her to the corner where she had a blanket laid out and a set of pink bowls. She leaned down and gave the blanket a few pats. I moved onto the blanket and laid down while she hooked my chain on a large hook a few feet up the wall. I could barely move off my bed, but I was ready for a nap.

    2 hours later I was waken up by her, fully naked, pouring water into my bowl. I was very thirsty, so without thinking about how humiliating this is, I drank from my bowl it was very tricky and I made a big mess.

    She removed my chain from the hook. "Silly dog. You'll figure out the water sooner or later. Right now I got something for ya." She led me to the table. . She took a hold of my leash and wrapped it tightly around the table, limiting my movement. Then I saw the butt plug. She lubed it up and sat on me, wrapping her legs around my body, keeping me up. She emptied the tube of lube just above my anus. Rubbing it in with a finger. I squirmed, trying to get away even though I knew I couldn't. She kept at my anus, now with two fingers. It was a little painful and I was whimpering loudly.

    "Shhhh. It won't be long." She said as she added another finger. I bucked and almost knocked her off.

    "Bad dog! Bad! Hold still! If you're a good puppy I'll give you a treat." She continued pumping the three fingers in me, widening my aching hole.

    After a few minutes she had my hole wide and aching. The tail had lots of lube, but still hurt going in. I ran to my bed after it was in. She felt guilty about how much it hurt, I could see that. I was mad at master though. She hurt me so I was going to ignore her. I layed on my bed facing away from her for about half an hour. My ass had stopped aching. All that was left was a feeling of being full and a slight tickle in my buttocks.

    I heard a whistle come from behind me, but I had also felt it. She whistled again when I realized a whistle makes my collar send out a very low shock to get my attention. She whistled again and I got over fast to get rid of the annoyance. She was laying down with her legs wide open. Her hands above her head, just the biggest grin on her face. I slowly walk towards her. I see her bring her hand down to her vagina, covered in peanut butter, and rubs it all over her shaved hole. I make there in a flash, not only was I wanting to taste her juices, I'm very hungry as well. I eat the peanut better while massaging her clit with my tongue, pushing my tongue deep inside her and listening to her moan in pure pleasure. After I licked up all the peanut butter I kept attacking her click as much as I could. I bring up a hand to stick a few fingers inside her, but all that comes up is a paw.

    She giggles at me before turning over, allowing me full view of her two holes. I crawl over to her, she gets up on all fours. I then mount her a dog would mount its mate, it takes some doing to navigate my rock hard cock and find her wet, peanut butter smelling hole. She didn't help me at all. Once I was in I started going slowly at first, trying to keep my balance. She lowered herself a bit so my paws reached the ground. After I was stable I went in faster and steadier. I penetrate her so deep she screams out in pain. I can feel the pressure building in my cock, I want to grunt so bad, but I can't. In need of making a noise I let out a howl just as my orgasm reaches its breaking point. She starts rocking back and forth adding to the motion, our bodies hitting harder and harder. She let's out a howl similar to mine as she reaches climax just moments after.

    She drops to the floor, rolling over and pushing my head down, as if she wants me to leave. I turn to crawl away as I hear "Ah Ah!" I turn around to face her as she snaps her fingers and points to my cum dripping out of her hot sex. As I hesitate she snaps her fingers again. "Lick it up, boy" I crawl back over to her and start licking at the outside of her we cum filled pleasure tunnel. Leaning down closer I open my mouth wide to take in her hole and clitoris. I hear her moan as I suck my seed off her sweet spots.

    I take my head back to admire my work, which was a mistake. "AH! I didn't say you were done" She leans forward and grabbed my leash, pulling it tight an shoving my face down deep into her folds. I can barely breathe, so I realize I have to make her orgasm as soon as I could. Choking, I force my tongue out and flick her clitorus. Every flick she pulls tighter. I pull on the leash just enough to be ale to suck her clit and send her over the edge. She shudders uncontrollably as I force a whimper out. She let's go of my leash, so I move up to her face, licking wildly at her nose, cheeks and neck. She tries to move away, but her exhaustion has her weak.

    After a few minutes she looks at me, smiles and gives me my last command of the night. "Good boy! Time for bed." I turn to head to my corner of the house for the next few nights. As get to the corner I start drinking from my water bowl.

    I don't see her leave the room and come back with food that she pours in my bowl. I am hesitant at first, but upon inspection I find she fed me real beef chunks in a good thick gravy. She pets my head while I eat for a few minutes before shortening my leash and walking to her bedroom.

    When the day first started I never expected I would be in this position. I enjoyed my conversion into puppydom. If I was able to wag my tail, I would. :)

    Happy Puppy
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