Alone...yet Not

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    It had been one week since I'd seen Mistress, and as I rang the doorbell, the frozen wind of mid January ran its chilled fingers through my hair. A tear slowly made its way from my eye. The door opened and I took a few steps in, far enough for the door to close behind me and knelt on the floor. Within seconds I felt my collar being tightly placed around my neck and heard the lock click shut. Just as fast I was shrouded in darkness as her favorite blindfold was pulled over my head and left snug over my eyes.

    "Slide off your shoes and your coat slave boy." I heard her almost whisper. I did and then I heard my leash being attached to the ring hanging from the leather around my neck. "Follow me carefully on your hands and knees. We're going to the basement and I DON'T want you to screw up my fun by tumbling down the stairs." I felt the leash tugging at me, and followed it as she pulled me to the basement door. I very slowly crawled down the stairs behind step at a time...making sure not to slip. Once at the bottom, she led me to the center of her lair. I could see nothing, but since I'd been there many times, I had a rough idea of where I was. I felt her pulling at my sweatshirt...up and over my head..."Stand up" she said almost inaudibly...and those were the last words I heard all night. The button on my jeans was undone...the zipper...and my pants fell to the ground. I stepped out of them.

    What happened next still is left to my imagination...but all at once it seemed like there were hands all over me...and before I could even begin to decipher what was going on, I had cuffs on wrists and legs were spread and held in place by a spreader bar...and my arms were raised up to the ceiling and fastened in a way that I was completely stretched out with no slack or wiggle room at all for any of my limbs.

    I felt something cold pressed against the back of my neck and then heard the unmistakable sound of tape being ripped and then being pressed over the cold object...followed by my ears being stuffed with something soft. I hung there, blind and deaf for at least 5 minutes. Fingers prying my mouth open and...her favorite gag (I knew it well) was pushed into my mouth and tightened around my head severely. Then decibel by decibel...I heard music...electro dance music...louder and louder until it was filling my brain. An ipod had obviously been taped to my back and was now being pumped into my ears.

    I hung there...naked except for my skimpy, silky red panties, the cuffs and the blindfold. My nipples being pulled...clamps on...weights added...more weights...subspace starts taking me over...things get foggy inside my head almost matching the blackness in front of my eyes. The music stops at the end of the song...and then starts up again...a song I've never heard...its not my ipod.

    Hands...on my ass and panties down. Pinching spreading...warm and slippery...penetration...ultra slowly...feeling impaled...pulsing and vibrating...stronger pulses...panties back up holding invader in place.

    Balls being squeezed...fingernails raking flesh...perfume...heavy sexy perfume...trying not to go limp...struggling to get away...gyrating hips to shake the invader from my ass...limp...lost it...nothing but pain and music.

    Haunted by images of past movie on fast forward...reeling...mumbling "MERCY MERCY PLEASE" through my gag. Hanging there...vibrator still humming...struggling to get away...cuffs digging into my wrists so I stop struggling. Music stops. Silence....Minutes drag...they drag...silence of death...breath on my face...weights swinging and pulling...nipples numb.

    Feel the blindfold being undone behind my head...the sun shining in my face...or is it a spotlight...or the's a lamp. Focus...focus...the world the basement the dungeon. Eyes on me...many eyes...Mistress and others sitting in front of me watching like zombies.

    I'm hanging from the ceiling as they turn their attention from each other and begin chatting about if I'm not there...but I am...with a vibrator in my ass...clamps hanging straight down from my nipples...quivering...trembling...unable to speak. An hour passes...vibrator now barely pulsing from dead batteries.

    Mistress glides over to me...unfastens my bonds...slowly slides the missile from my by one removes the clamps...unbuckles the gag...lets it all fall to the floor. She holds my leash and pulls me to the foot of her chair as she sits and rejoins the conversation with her friends. The only acknowledgement that I'm even there...her hand on my head, petting me like a puppy...I lay down hugging her feet and...melt away....

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