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    Guide to Cross-Dressing Male Subs, and General Feminization

    As a trans-man who has coincidentally been exposed to the world of makeup and hair modelling, I have helped out a bunch of my trans-woman friends in achieving a more naturally female look. Think of me as a gay best friend, who used to live in a girls world, and consider my advice. I want to help you get the most satisfying results when cross-dressing. I really believe men can be gorgeous, and I personally love how feminized men look, and how transsexual women look, and consider their bodies to be just another variation of the female body shape. I love it all. I'd like to give some tips to those who want to go about feminizing their male sub, but might not know how to go about it. This may especially help male doms who aren't familiar with makeup and such. You'll learn how to look like a woman the way a true women goes about looking like one, and work-arounds to disguise naturally "male" characteristics, and look your most beautiful. Share your own tips and ideas, and how you go about feminization. I don't claim to know everything about makeup, or fashion and professional input, and female input would be really great here.

    Clean shaving is probably the most important thing I can think of. It's worth trying out different razors and electric razors, if your man keeps a bit of stubble on his chin after shaving. Some people just don't bother to look around for the cleanest result. I'd suggest looking long and hard for the perfect razor. Shave your face good, your legs, pubic hair, arms, back, wrists, hairy hands... everything. It's all important. Get the little hairs between your eyebrows, nose hairs, and ear hairs. You may even want to look into getting an eyebrow wax. Not necessarily to get thin eyebrows like a woman, as you may not want to show up at work with thin eyebrows or something... when a man asks for an eyebrow wax, they give you a "clean up". They take off the "excess hair", and trim your eyebrows to make them not appear as bushy. This can be very attractive and make you look more fresh and clean, even when not feminized.
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    A second thing that will help really make him look good would be foundation. This is a breed of makeup, for anyone not familiar. I know some girls who've never heard of it. Foundation comes in the form of powder, cream, and something in between, and is used to create a more "even skin tone". It's often also called concealer, and used to cover blemishes. You can get foundation that heals skin blemishes. I personally used to use a foundation in between the cream and the powder (so a more solid pasty foundation) by Neutrogena, that had UV protection, and blemish healing qualities. Occasionally I use a more liquid foundation by the same brand, because my skin is more dry, and I don't use a lot. I don't like using makeup these days.

    Foundation will help him have that softer looking, "airbrushed" complexion. It'll hide blemishes, and he'll look very clean and cared for, just like his beauty-conscious female counterpart who often tries to clear up her complexion. I'd suggest using a wetter type of foundation, and applying it with a makeup sponge. You may be able to find a pack of sponges with application instructions for foundation. The idea is to blend the foundation in with your natural skin tone, and to look natural with it. The more natural his makeup, the more he'll truly look like a woman. Using your sponge, blend the foundation outwards toward your hairline, when applying to your forehead, toward your ears, when on your cheeks, and toward your neck while applying to your chin. Just think of blending it "outwards", and following the contours of your/his facial features. Check your chin when you're done, to see if you should blend a bit under your chin. Some people make the mistake of applying foundation all over their face, and forgetting to blend under their chin, leaving a visible line where their skin changes color slightly.

    Using different color foundations and makeup techniques, you can lighten and darken parts of your face to achieve a more feminine look. Try using a color slightly darker than your skin-tone around your jawline, and see what the effect is when you create the illusion of a "shadow" on your jawline. Try putting darker colors on either side of your nose. Experiment and figure out what makes your face look most feminine. You can do a LOT with nude colored makeup to feminize your face.
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    As a side note to the foundation, picking a lighter color for foundation will help you have a more geisha/goth look.

    Now, for lips... instead of smearing on the shimmering red lipstick, I'd encourage a sub to try a more subtle look. Get some nude/natural colored lip gloss. The best kind IMO is this one made out of carrots. I can't remember the name, but I think it's a widely sold brand in the U.S. Get a kind that comes in a squeezable tube, with a slight shimmer. Something to make your lips look wet. A lot of times its the wet look on your lips that makes them look sexy, not the color of the lips. I personally don't like the texture of lipstick, and it's a pain to find lipstick that doesn't rub off, that also doesn't dry out your lips. I went through countless trial and error makeup experiments before coming to terms with my gender identity. Really, it's not easy for the ladies. Anyhow, I'd suggest the nude colored lip-gloss because even though it rubs off with kissing and sucking, it doesn't litter your Dom's skin with lip prints, it isn't extremely unnatractive when smeared outside of your lip-line, and often is less noticeable than smeared, or badly applied lipstick. I'm assuming that whoever is applying the makeup might not be experienced, and the creamy tube lip-gloss will show you a lot of mercy if you don't do a perfect job of it. It also keeps your lips moist, and is convenient to slather on a fresh coat quickly.

    Lip gloss gives you a more young, girlish look too. You want to avoid looking like a 'queen' or like an old woman trying too hard with her makeup.

    For black lips, there is black lip gloss out there. You might try a dark purple lipstick, or a deep red one. It takes a while to perfect black lips, or so I've heard, and from what I've seen, most biological women look like they ate a bunch of coal out of a grill instead of looking like she kissed the night sky with her lips. Black lipstick also just isn't for everyone. I guess the rule of thumb here is if it's satisfying to your dom, wear it. Just check your teeth when you're done putting it on.
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    Try searching around on Youtube for some makeup tutorials. The artists on there who give free professional advice will often tell you some specific brands and colors, and help you a lot more than I can. Definitely learn how to do GOOD eye makeup; a lost art recently revived by circus clowns.

    Hair... This is an important part of your female look. If you've got short hair, you can definitely do some things to make it look more girlish, but generally, you want to go for a longer hairstyle. Check out some wigs. Not Halloween , if your budget allows, either. Look at some nice synthetic hair wigs, and try to buy bargains. There is a wig store at my local mall, where wigs that don't get sold (often because of their flamboyant/edgy style, or for their color) get put in the back of the store, and you can buy them discounted. These edgy wigs are probably desirable though, for a hair fetish, or a gothic look. If you can't get discount, just aim cheap. Unless you have a preference for human hair, or a certain type of human hair or whatever, aim to get the best quality, most realistic wig that looks great on you for the cheapest price possible. It's aiming high while being cheap. People really into hair might have VERY specific preferences, like Indian hair. Odds are they already know what they want but that type of thing is a waste of money in my opinion, with wigs/extensions costing hundreds of dollars. I never bought a wig for more than $50, back when I had long hair that I wanted to tuck into a short wig.

    Because some men already have long hair to work into their female persona, such as my gorgeous sub... ;) I think hair care is a topic worth mentioning. Unfortunately, my lovely grew his hair out when he left his aunt's house, and did so in a rebellious, haphazard way. His hair is horribly damaged and frizzy. I may soon have him cut it off, and begin the growing process again. It's a shame, because it's already down to his butt. It's ratty though. When growing your hair out, you must trim it often enough. You shouldn't worry about every little inch so much as taking care of what you have. Your hair isn't going anywhere, granted you're not balding, so just relax, and let nature take it's course. You'll have the length you desire so much sooner than you think. As it grows, try and appreciate how it looks at every length, and how pretty you can make it. At ear length... shoulder length... elbow length... And don't use straighteners or blow-dryers on it. If you've got waves and curls, embrace them. It's not worth fighting with your hair. That goes for women too. The most annoying thing in the world for me as a female-to-male, has been being forced to use the women's bathroom... when I go in, and there are a ton of women blocking the way to the stalls, gawking in the mirror, and who insist on telling me "I hate my hair", "I hate my hair". "I look like crap today. My hair sucks. I wish it was straight". Wavy hair is beautiful. There are some gorgeous women with wavy hair... just look at some pictures of Beyonce. If you covet that long, pin straight hair as the most beautiful and feminine hair in the world, I'm telling you, you're gorgeous as you are. Forget about straight hair. Focus on keeping your beautiful, natural hair healthy, and bouncy, and start looking at wavy haired women for inspiration for your persona instead.

    Women's shampoo, and shampoo geared toward African women's hair can actually work wonders on dryer male hair. I realized my sub's long hair was so shiny because in his low-budget house, they just grabbed whatever shampoo was on sale. It just so happed to be that they had shampoo good for manipulating the texture of African hair, and making it shiny, and they had only women's conditioner. His hair also smelled incredible with these two. I've read before that it's no good to put a ton of conditioner in men's hair all the time, but leave-in conditioner seemed to make his hair look great too. One brand backfired on him though, and gave the hair an odd slimy, stuck together feeling that was a bit hard, like hairspray. I personally would recommended Herbal Essence for shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner, as well. It's an excellent brand, and does it's job the best I've seen.
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