Fetish Rules???????

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Bluiezz, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Bluiezz

    Bluiezz New Member

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    I am new to this site but not to a very vivid imagination. For years I have thought about wired fetishes and the more I look online the more things I find to think about. So my question is: do you think your fetish rules you or do you rule your fetish.
    For me I think the fetish rules me because I think about them so much and want to try more and more things.
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  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Yes, my fetish rules my sex life. I wish it didn't. Vanilla people just can't understand the horrors of not being able to be turned-on unless some seemingly random criteria happens to be met just so.

    "Dude, that chick is so hot!"
    "What do you mean, you don't think she's hot?"
    "Well, I can't say she's hot until she takes her shoes off."
    "But she's naked! look at those titties!"
    "Meh... seen one pair of tits you've seen em all."

    On the other hand I'm glad I've got a normal, commonplace fetish. I can see bare feet & sandals everywhere April-October. Its these poor bastards with the abnormal, hard-to-meet fetish I really feel sorry for. Whats a man with a fetish for blondes in diapers or Roman showers supposed to do with himself?
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  3. Lord_Oban

    Lord_Oban New Member

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    The question of fetishes.

    Heh, kudos to both the question as well as ReallyGreen's reply. I agree with his answer, your'e fetish tends to own you. I am so very glad you posed the answer the way that you did. I beleive that our fetishes are a bit like a drug, after awhile we need more. There was a time that I was just satisfied to look at a womans feet. I explored more and after years I am overwhelmed by the lust I have for feet and toes. I tend to push for more and more. I love foot and toe bondage. It goes to an extreme and I love it more and more.
    I hope to have more dicussion on this. Thank you gentlemen.
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