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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by puddyeater, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. puddyeater

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    I want to see someone eating cum out of a wet pussy. This is somthing that I want to do so bad. [email protected]
    I want to eat it while guys cum all over it. Can someone help me make my dream come true.
  2. raven1083

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  3. DearElliot

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    Re eating cum

    My first real S&M Mistress was a woman from Iceland her Domme name was Heide, and Heide taught me all.

    She is a professionjal, and I believe a Domme should be a pro...another time for that thought.
    when I first visited her she made me expose the cock and inspected it caerefully and very roughly. She made me undress leave all in the living room includingmy wallet, as she demanded trust..She lead me up stairs and tied my hands over my head ankles strateched apartm, the sat in from of me with cock head high and uncovered a tray of steel implements...her cock abuse toys...for the next hour she made me beg to perform the most degrading acts and warned me if when released if I hesitated in anyway..I would be tied again and the toys would be used in a much more sadistic it was the needles used to stick thru the scrotum had me begging..She asked me if I was a cocksucker and then informed, I was wrong I am in fact a cocksucker and she would prove it.
    and she would leave it up to me to ask her to make me a cocksucker...well a few needles later I was begging her to allow me to suck a cock and she said..Well if you really want to...wait here as though I was able to go anywhere...she lead a blindfolded man into the room and fastened his hands to the rafter then untied me and held the cock in her hand with a n eedle in the other and said..Well made me go to a lot of trouble for this get down on your knees you little slut and show me you are a cocksucker! she used a riding crop on the cock to motivate me and I knelt and she made me do it slowely and make sounds ohh and ahhh how delicious and may I please suck Miss..she made me lick his balls all the while whipping his ass unmercifully, he was begging her to stop, but his cock was throbbing in my mouth and he soon ejaculated..and she reminded me a cocksucker always swallows, and If I spit, I would feel her wrath..She then allowed me to stand and made him kneel for me..she said men should understand turnabout is always fair..As you can imagine Heide was my mistress for at least 10 years..until one day she faeded away and I never heard from her again, I assume she married well..
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