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  1. I have thought about it for years, but never acted on it or even told anyone until a few days ago. I told my Mistress about it. She was very supportive about everything. She really is the best! I have never worn an adult diaper before, but hopefully we will be picking some up soon for me to try out. If I end up not liking it then it will be used as a punishment.

    I want to be told by my Mistress that I am not allowed in the bathrooms anymore. I am to strip when I get home from work and straight into a diaper. (I also dream of wearing a locking butt plug harness later so she knows I didn't go anywhere else) I am made to wear the diaper until I have to go to work again. Sleeping in it may be tricky as I'm afraid of leaks.

    Eventually I want to feel comfortable enough to wear it in public, but only short trips. Out to eat, movie or quick trip to the store.

    Someone tell me I'm not alone in this. Anyone here have a diaper fetish? Been forced to wear? Forced someone to wear?
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  2. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    use plastic pants so it won't leak
    there are some locking rubber pants you may like and sleepers as well
    you can try degradation as well being fed with baby formulas and sleeping in the crib :)
  3. Ya. I have looked at a lot of stuff and want some locking stuff and maybe some plastic pants later. I'm not sure I'm into the whole age play thing, but its something I want to try later on. Having a 3month old is good for this since we already have formula and other items. Not sure about sleeping in the crib either. I would probably break it. Ha ha
  4. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    don't worry there are cribs for big boys :)
    or try the "asylum crib" it has locks :)
  5. I don't think I would be in to age play, but the asylum crib looks fun. I doubt we would ever get any bondage furniture though. Mistress cuffing me to the bed while I sleep sometimes is good enough for me. (We use ankle cuffs for this so I have some play. Sometimes use an extra 2ft chain for even more room.

    We bought me some Assurance underwear for men. Not diapers, but close enough. They are super comfy and I love going in them! Haven't went #2 in them yet though.

    Problem is that I want to wear them a lot, like all the time at home and sometimes when we go out. (Can't at work, not even a possibility) Mistress doesn't understand my fetish and wants me to only wear them sometimes :( We came to an agreement that I can wear them, but if she orders them off then I have to obey. I hope she doesn't order them off much. I love wearing them!

    Sorry if I am rambling. Don't have anyone besides my Mistress to talk to about this.
  6. wolf123

    wolf123 Member

    its fun, i just dont go in it though in public
  7. Ya. I would wear it in public, but wouldn't go in it in public.
  8. I was reading another forum about diapers. Seems online is the best place for actual diapers instead of protective underwear like I have tried. They are expensive, but I have some samples coming. Yay!

    The protective underwear leak. Not too bad, but even when standing and watching the flow into them. Oh well. Better than nothing for now. I am hoping to find something I can be tied laying down in and not worry about a leak.
  9. wolf123

    wolf123 Member

  10. I have a few samples coming from a couple of companies. I would love to get a Bambino sample, but I think you gotta pay for those. I am a little low on cash. I want to try some with tape instead of the pull up style.
  11. Just wore in public for the first time. Not as bad as I thought. I didn't go in them and wouldn't in public, but it was overall fun.
  12. wolf123

    wolf123 Member

    yay for you :)
  13. I was tied to the bed in a diaper and tickled until I couldn't take anymore. Then turned over and spanked until I said the safeword 3 times. Mistress told me to wet myself. I was afraid it was going to leak all over the bed so I didn't go. Later she told me if I had wet myself she would have left me there for 20min or longer. HOT! Mistress is coming up with awesome ideas!
  14. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    good for ya
  15. Thanks Wolf and Jey. Things are mostly going great. I've never been happier with my sex life/play time.

    Now I just need actual diapers with tape instead of pull ups. When I have those I am hoping to have Mistress change me once or twice. Its not as fun by myself. She says she won't because she changes enough of our 4month olds diapers, but if I'm a good slave I might be able to swing it :D

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