could you guys help me with ideas?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by cfchloefrances96, Apr 12, 2010.


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    hi my names chloe im a submissive female. my master and me have kinda run into a problem, we are plum out of ideas. So master sent me to go find more. Does anybody have any stories or ideas that could help me out, im kinda stuck here. so help me please!!
  2. Precious

    Precious Member

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    what kind of ideas? ideas for punishment, for play, for torture/fun?
  3. BernieD

    BernieD Member

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    You might want to take a look at the General Fetish Forum. There are some interesting discussion and experience sharing going on there.

    The thread about puppy play, for example, was very interesting.
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Yeah, Precious is right. You need to be a little more specific. Are you looking for ideas for scenes? Ideas for how to go further with your submission? Ideas for toys?

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    we looking for ideas for scenes, and to further my submission. also i have kind of been a bad girl lately and he wants to punish me in a unique way but doesn't know what to do.
  6. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    oh man my master and I have that same problem all the time. sometimes.

    -sensation play. I'm talking about ice cubes and hot wax (-shudder-)
    Have your master tie you up, he rubs ice all over your body and inserts it into your vagina. He doesn't stop until your begging and pleading and apologizing satisfies him. In a different scene that I've just made up, he ties you up and drips hot wax on your back/thighs/whatever safe body part as you apologize for your behavior. He either drips a certain number of drips or a drip for every time your apology is lacking.

    -"training". Are you a undisciplined pet? Well that's okay so am I
    You must address your master as (surprise!) "master" or "sir" for a certain period of time that he picks. Litereally every single time you address him. Oh, did you forget? He throws you over his, or over a desk or whatever I dunno, and gives you 10 spankings. Are you saying "sir" with a bitterness in your voice because of your sore ass? That's another 10 spankings for cheekiness. He can switch up the spanking between his hand or a paddle or a belt!

    -Public humiliation (in secret)
    A personal favorite of mine, because I like to be humiliated. As punishment, you're not allowed to wear a bra with a sheer or slutty shirt. Now go to a crowded place, or work, or school. Is it warm outside? No panties with a short skirt. If your master is with you, he can drop things and demand you pick them up. Maybe you have to wear a small anal plug when you go out to do whatever it is you do. Maybe he sends you dirty texts all day long when you should be doing something normal, have him call you especially dirty names. You have to answer even when other people are around.

    -"objectification" goes against all feminists, but I guess I can let it slide this time
    I see you've been a bad girl. Your master is upset. He's decided to ignore you and instead use you as an object. You could be a table or a plate or a footrest or coat hanger or blow up doll, I don't really know. Everytime you break "character", you get 20 spanks with the belt. Then its back to your duties. Your master does not speak to you and you may not speak to him, but he is allowed to use your however he pleases.

    -A new take on that weird game they had in haunted houses back when you were like 10
    Your master blindfolds you. Then he proceeds to either touch or insert strange objects into you. You must guess what the object is. Did you guess wrong? ho ho your master gives your nipples a painful twist, or your clit a painful nip. Did you guess right? Wonderful! Your master eats you out a little bit (or some other pleasurable thing). You play the game until you cum. Or he cums. Or you run out of items to safely insert.

    Make a list of things you dont like or of soft limits. Your master exploits this list.
    Make a list of things you've always wanted to try but have been to nervous. Your master exploits this list.

    Do you make a mess when you play with your master? Do you squirt? Do you get really wet and it get everywhere? Do you spit instead of swallow? Does your master cum on you? What a dirty messy girl, he makes sure its your job to get everything cleaned up. With your mouth. Slut.

    anyways, feel free to use these ideas and twist them to your liking!
    And if you've already done them or you think they're boring or they're too tame, then please! teach me instead! I'm just a grasshopper!
    (sorry if I got carried away...)
  7. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Those are excellent ideas, Silly. Here a couple more for fans of role-playing:

    Interrogation: Your master needs to get a piece of information from you and gets to torture you until you give it. If you like costume play, you could do cop/criminal, heretic/inquisitor, Nazi/prisoner, Indian savage/settler, or whatever. The information can be something mundane like your SS # or bank account, or it could be where you hid his car keys. For a twist, he has only 30 minutes to get the information; if he can't get it out of you by then, he loses and has to forfeit something: you get to dom and torture him, he has to buy you a really nice meal or piece of clothing of your choice, he has to do your chores for a week or whatever.

    Humiliation games: You're someone wealthy, powerful, and arrogant (business woman, socialite, spoiled brat) and he's less powerful (an employee, the gardener, etc). You try to make him do something and he turns the tables on you and blackmails you (he's got nude photos of you or something), and forces you to obey him. Then he humiliates you with puppy play or something like that. I'm a college prof and really hope to play out a scene like this with someone as a student who desperately needs to pass my course to graduate.

    Predator/Prey: Your master is a predator and you're his prey. You have to avoid being captured. You could do this as hide n seek in your own home, with him as a rapist breaking in. Or he stalks you through a shopping mall and gets to take you home and use you if he can catch you. He's a creepy guy at a bar who just stares at you until he finally makes his move. He's a vampire looking for his next meal and you're some unsuspecting innocent. (If you play in public though, be very careful--if people around you realize something's going on, they may intervene to 'save' you and that might get very ugly for your master).

    The Professional: You're a sex worker of some sort: professional stripper or escort, and he's a client. You start out entertaining him, but he turns the deal ugly and takes your prisoner. Or maybe he actually agrees to pay you $200 (or the price of that nice dress you want) if you do a good enough job in your role.

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    sebastian thank you, We tried the interrogation thing you recommended, and i won whoooo :p (but just barely) i have a new scarf now. he still wants to punish me in a unique way so i guess i still need help from you guys.
  9. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Glad I could help. Of course, next time you play, he gets extra time to work on you now. When you win, lengthen the time the next time. When he wins, shorten the time. That will keep it interesting and challenging. Or you could randomize the amount of time, so neither of you knows how long he has until you start. Maybe he rolls dice or draws a card that determines how many minutes he gets (5 minutes per pips on the die or the number on the card). To make it even more wicked, he knows how much time he gets, but you don't. He just sets an egg timer that you can't see.

    Punishment is a tricky subject. Some masters use punishment to simply refer to rough treatment that the sub enjoys. Others feel that punishment ought to be something the sub does not enjoy and wants to avoid--otherwise it's not punishment. Assuming you want the latter rather than the former, you need to think about what sensations and experiences you don't like. If you really like to look pretty when you go out, he could punish you by making you wear dowdy clothing or something that makes you look heavy. He could forbid you to wear that new scarf or a favorite piece of jewelry or forbid you to get your hair done for a couple of weeks. He might forbid you to masturbate and deny you sex until he feels you've learned your lesson.

    There's a lot of humiliation that can be used as punishment. He could order you to clean the bathroom or kitchen with a toothbrush (some sites on the internet sell gags with toilet scrubbers or feather dusters attached, so you have get your face down in there). If he's not satisfied, you have to do it again. He might force you to wear a humiliating or revealing outfit, order pizza, and make you answer the door. He might punish you like a child, with a time out and having to sit in the corner. One classic punishment is making you hold a quarter against the wall with your nose or chin or tongue for a set period of time. He might require you to kneel naked with your ass in the air for a set period. He might ask you which punishment you least want, and then give you that one. He might force you to post on Smplace with a message explaining exactly what you did wrong and asking us to propose an appropriate penalty. He might post a humiliating photo of you here (but make sure you're face isn't visible unless you're ok with that pic circulating forever and you possibly being recognized as a result). And dig through the threads here. You really will find good ideas of all sorts. D/s play requires a good imagination to be really satisfying over time, so get used to being creative.

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    my master wants me to feel pain (yikes!!) but he doesnt want to humiliate me he wants to feel pleasure while giving me pain some how, He might make me do the post thing also.
  11. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    Punishments are pretty specific to certain people. For instance, humiliation totally turns me on, so its not much a punishment when I have to do things in public (its still fun though!)
    but painful I try to avoid at all costs, so its much scarier when I'm threatened with spankings D:

    like I said, work together to figure out more stuff! :D

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    well i love humiliation in the bedroom, being called a slut makes me wetter than a faucet. the public stuff on the other hand is terrible to me.
  13. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    Apparently its pretty niche, I've heard so many time that most women subs dont like humiliation (especially public) which is weird to me but whatever. I like attention and being noticed, or the thought of being noticed

    Your master could write "slut" or "whore" or "cunt" on you during playtime, just to really send the message home. In a hidden place, like your ass or thigh or breast or something

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    well i did have a temporary tatoo for one session it say's "fuck this " in pretty letters with a arrow pointed at my pussy.
  15. Precious

    Precious Member

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    I love public humiliation in a sense of the Adrenalin and trying not to get caught; but I'm an Adrenalin junkie.

    A good punishment my Mistress does is takes the things she knows i hate could be sexual like anal (*shudder*) or just an every day thing like eating Brussels Sprouts and while I'm doing it I have to thank her, if she doesn't think it's sincere enough I get bad spankings and it's repeated.

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