Couchsurfing hell

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    this is my debut story. So every critics will be appriciated. Please comment and share your opinions. PM, email or thread respond will make me very happy!******

    Marta stepped out from the train. She finally came to her destination, first one on her trip. She made a brief look her cell phone, ten missed calls from her boyfriend.
    „What an idiot“– she thought. They supposed to go together on this trip, using couchsurfing and cheap interrail trains all around Europe, but he rather accepted a summer camp of technology then go with her. And this stupid prick thought she will not go without him? How naive he was. She was even thinking about leaving him, but on second thought, this was her first relationship, maybe it will be better if she decide when she comes back from trip, and this long, adventurous summer ends.
    She was a bit nervous; this is actually first time in her life she went alone on a trip. With her parents she travelled quite often, but going with them to luxury hotels is quite different than going alone with trains and sleeping on various couches of people around. Of course, Marta was clever, she picked up only girls a bit older than she is for her hosts, she didn’t want any attention or awkward situations with guys. Being 19 years old girl with nicely curved body, long, slight waved blonde hair, blue eyes and smooth beautiful white skin, and specially her cute face, she was desire of most of the guys in her high school, and lot of them were very sorry they graduated few weeks ago and will not have chance to lurk on her every day in class any more. It was nice to her to have so much attention from guys, but sometimes it really pissed her off when she noticed that eyes of the boys always went down around her chests, or followed her steps to see her ass. She had nice tits, not too big but nice and firm. Her boyfriend liked them very much; they were ivory white and were standing still like they are made by perfect artist. Her ass were even more attractive, perfectly rounded ivory white butt cheeks without even a trace of cellulite, not matter how much she tried to hide it under pants, still got attention of most of the guys.
    When she came out of the train station, it was already late afternoon, so she decided it is best to take a bus and find a place of her host. She took out papers with instructions how to find her host, and waited for a local bus. When bus finally arrived, it was quite crowded, so she barely enters it. But she didn’t notice that she did a terrible mistake, she entered bus that was going on opposite direction than she had to go! Marta was a bit worried seeing that bus went to some very poor neighbourhood, crowded mostly by immigrants, but she thought, maybe it is just passing by such place. She counted stations, and when she finally thought it is right one for going out, she stepped out of the bus. As the sun was almost down, she looked around, and found in disbelief that she is in totally wrong neighbourhood. She still hoped that just missed a station or two, so went around seeing if somewhere is some of the streets she had mentioned on her directions. As she were walking around, most of the people were looking her, wondering what a blonde teen girl with big backpack and expensive clothes is doing over here. Marta noticed various guys from the streets looking at her with lot of lust; obviously most of them looks like they have suspicious intentions. Those looks were not as the guys from her school, in those looks she saw an animalistic lust, she saw them looking at her as a prime piece of meat, as a trophy to be caught. Buildings around were quite old and without some maintenance, streets were dirty and traffic seems to be without any rules. She wondered is the police somewhere around, but she can’t see any.
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    One guy came to her, and ask her in surprisingly polite way does she need some help.
    “Thank you mister, I am looking for this street, there is my friend waiting for me†– she replied.
    “Let me see†- he said, and took a papers with her instructions to his hands.
    While he read the papers she looked at him. He was a guy in his early thirties, around 180 cm tall, with seems to be strong body and arms. His hands were work worn and traces of unwashed dirt, most probably from some kind of car oil was present. His face was a bit scary, with few scares and sharp jaws, while his black eyes gave him even meaner look.
    When he saw location she want to go, little evil smile moved his jaws, because he knew this blonde teen is totally lost in wrong part of the town. Looking at her delicious body, he knew it is a great chance to take a piece of teenage blonde ass for himself and his companions. It is almost a month he and his friends finally gathered again after they served ten years for armed robbery, and they just started to take again control of drug dealing around neighbourhood. He smiled thinking that he didn’t fucked such young cunt since his high school, when he and his friend took Samantha into their car and raped her, while she was unconscious from too much alcohol. He smiled thinking how he got away with that.
    “So can you help me sir?†– Question from Marta brought him back to reality
    “Hmm, I think I can my dear, looks like you need a warm bed for tonight, I can provide you nice and warm place in mine!†– He replied to her, while he put his hand around her hips and brought her closer to himself.
    “Whaa…†– she was so shocked to hear and see such behaviour, and tried to move him away, while felt a smell of unwashed sweat from his body and clothes.
    “Common honey, we will have a nice time together†– he said with smile and tried to kiss her.
    “No way you ugly, smelling thug!†– She replied while hit him with her hand, making little scratch on his face with her nails. “I would rather lick a toilet seat than kiss you fucking prick†– Marta jelled and started to run away. He went after her, enjoying the sight of a teenage girl on the run. It was often that he had to run after drug addicts who tried to take the supply and not pay for it, but chase a junkie to beat him badly was not even close good as chasing a young blonde teenage girl.
    She ran as fast as she can and at her luck, she noticed that she made a lot of advantage from him, enough to enter one old abandoned building and tries to hide. She sat on cold and dark floor and tried to be as silent as possible. After few minutes she heard his steps.
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    “Hej little princess… Where are you hiding? Come here my honey… Let me make your night unforgettable… Hej blondie… My cock is waiting for you…†– he was talking with evil smile, while walked around the building. Marta felt her heart bouncing like a machine, while his steps were closer and closer. She was shaking in fear as she can hear him breathing. Then suddenly he turned and went away.
    Marta was so happy; she managed to run away from her chaser. She sat few more minutes on the floor, being silent; until she was sure he really went away. It was dark outside already, and she decided that it is the best to call a taxi to take her to her host and end this nightmare. But then she noticed that all her papers and her purse are missing! While she was running, she didn’t notice that everything fell down and it is lost. She just sat back and started to cry in despair…

    After half an hour her phone started to ring. She answered and couldn’t believe her luck! Brother of her host called her, and asked where she went. She told him what happened to her, and he said that he will find her.
    In less than ten minutes Marta was driving in the car to her hosting place. She felt so relieved and happy. Marta noticed that actually apartment of her host was very close, just few minutes driving from the place where she was. She noticed that apartment is in old and dirty building, and felt a bit mad because her host had clearly written that she has high class apartment. But after all, it is still much better than sleeping in abandoned building lost in foreign town.
    When she entered apartment, noticed a big mess, smell of smoke of cigarettes and of some spoiled food. But worse surprise came when she stepped in. In the small apartment with just one room and miniature doorway, at one side which was not able to see from the doors, on one old and shattered couch three guys were sitting and smiling as they saw her. She immediately tried to run, but it was in vain, guy who drove her already locked them and waited to grabs her. Her eyes opened wide in shock when she realized that the guy who was chasing her was one of them there. Short look on the table made it all clear. There were all her papers, purse and information about trip. All information about her host, copy of her personal documents, phone numbers and all other stuff she prepared for the trip. After she hit the guy and started to run, he took her things from the floor, that is why she was able to run away from him, and that is why he gave up building search so fast. He just had a much better plan how to chase her down without too much noise.
    “You had right Mentor, she really is great piece of ass†– the biggest of them told to the guy who chased her.
    “Especially ass†– said Fatbard, the one who represented himself as her host brother, while he grabbed her ass.
    Marta immediately moved to a side, tears just started to fell from her eyes, while she was pushing him away. Other three stood up and came to her, biggest one grabbed her from behind so his hand was around her neck, leaving her without air, and his other hand started to rub her hips and ass cheeks trough the jeans. Marta screamed, kicked, tried to fanatically to fight back and get free of them.
    They were living together for more than a month in this apartment, after they all gathered again. Fatbard and Mentor had been in prison for ten years after armed robbery. They are both in his thirties and childhood friends, dealing with mafia since they ran away from Albania as teenagers. Fatbard is a bit smaller then Mentor, he is around 175 cm, but his more heavy body, rounded head and evil look in the eyes makes him look like a wild animal. Lufti is the biggest one of them. As a guy in his middle forties, he has a career as a soldier in Kosovo war, where he was participating in various war crimes. He continued his career of merciless killer while was solitary soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. After being accused for killing few civilians for money and one of his comrade to cover it up, he was fired, although they never proved it to him, so he didn’t go to prison. Warrior skills and total absence of any kind of mercy made him perfect for running drug business in this dangerous neighbourhood, so Albanian mafia set him up as a leader of this small gang.
    While Lufti held her from behind, she tried desperately to kick him away and get free. Other three came to her in front, touching her all around the body. She felt hands under her shirt, fingers going under the bra and started to squeeze and pinch her tits, some other pair was trying to undo her buttons on jeans and take away her pants, while Lufti licked her ear. She could hear his deep breathing and feel the smell of beer and cigarettes. She fought back furiously, until Mentor smacked her two times over face, once from each side, and then a hard blow into stomach. She lost her breath, and she would collapse if Lufti wasn’t holding her.
    “Listen bitch, you better do what we say or we will broke every bone on your body and still rape you in that condition†– Mentor said
    “Please… no… Don’t hurt me, I have money, my father can pay you… please just leave me alone… I will not tell anyone I promise†– she replied
    “But we don’t need a money honey, we want to fuck you as little whore you areâ€
    “Nooo… please… don’t… just leave me…â€- Marta replied again and tried to get free, while she screamed and cried terribly.
    “Listen honey, we want to have a little entertainment, we don’t get so nice little blonde whore over here so often, if you will be good, maybe we will leave you without some permanent damageâ€- Fatbard told and tried again to unbutton her jeans. Marta tried to fight back again, just to receive another hard blow from Mentor into the stomach.
    “Hej guys, have an idea, lets test this chick how stupid she isâ€- Lufti said to others in Albanian, so Marta couldn’t understand.
    “What do you have in mind?†– asked fourth guy, Samir, who was younger brother of Lufti and who was silent until then. He seemed to be a silent and peaceful guy, but behind his silence was almost same cruel character as his older brother. He ran away from Albania after he killed two guys that owed him money, in the way that he tied them up at gunpoint, and then slowly was breaking their bones one by one with the hammer, until they died from internal bleeding.
    “Just follow me, you’ll like it†– Lufti responded with evil smile.
    “Hey bitch, maybe we can make a deal. We all need some relaxation, and you are too beautiful not to use the opportunity to have some. We don’t want Police over here because of kidnap and rape, but you should do something for us†– Lufti said to Marta, while he softened his grip around her neck.
    “Yes… Anything… Just don’t rape me please†– Marta responded.
    “Well, we want to see your body naked, so if you do some very sexy striptease for us and give us blowjob after it, we will let you go†– he said.
    “No please… Not blowjob… It is disgusting… I never did it… I can jerk you off with my hands; I am good at that did it often with my boyfriend before I was ready for… you know…â€
    “Ha-ha… What do you think bitch you can negotiate here? You have an offerâ€
    “But please… I can really make you feel good… I can use my tits to make you come as wellâ€
    “You hear that little bitch? She is really experienced in such things. Well honey, if we have a deal on that way, you have to do it extremely good to satisfy us all, because if you don’t we’ll make ourselves satisfied by fucking your tight blonde pussy before we leave you!†– Lufti said and others approved.
    Marta felt a bit of relief, because it seemed that there is a tiny possibility to get away without much damage. It will be disgusting to take a cock of this ugly, dirty older guys to her hands, and even rub it with tits, and stripping as a dancer in strip bar in front of them will total humiliation, but it is still much better than being raped by them and then probably killed. She knew she has to do it in the best way, and now she felt so happy that her stunning young body looked so great and that she can make any guy horny just with shaking her tits and ass.
    Samir turned on the old radio, and loud sound of terrible mixture of national Albanian melodies and bad pop came out. Music was so bad that it sounded worse than if you give some instruments to a retarded child, but obviously they liked it. She adjusted to some basic rhythm and started to dance as seductive as possible. Her body curves moved together with the music, while guys around her were eating her with their lustful eyes. Lufti and Mentor took a beer, while two others just stared at her.
    She started to remove her pink t-shirt, doing it very slowly but as attractive as possible. While she turned her back to them and shaking her ass in her jeans like a cobra snake on melody of flute, she removed her t-shirt, showing smooth white back, nicely formed from hips upward in perfect curve. Only string of black bra was left, so then she turned her front to them, making seductive expressions with her lips and tongue, and playing with her tits. She saw all of them having their erected cocks inside their hands, fully enjoying the show. Marta felt total disgust of four ugly guys full of scars and tattoos masturbating on her show, but she knew she had to do it properly. She also noticed that all of them had lot bigger cocks than her boyfriend has. Especially Mentor cock was disgusting, it was most thick of all of them, and had some terrible curve before the little head, looking totally deformed. She is afraid that she will puke if will have to touch it.
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    “Come closer to us honey†– Lufti said as she started to unbutton her bra. She came slowly closer to them, giving special attention to Lufti, seeing that he is probably their leader and making him happy is best decision. Her bra fell down just few centimetres in front of his eyes, while her ivory white perfect tits were released. He immediately grabbed both of them and squeezed it hard, so barely stopped her scream from pain. While slowly dancing around the guys, she was unbuttoning her jeans and let them felling down, showing light pink panties hiding most intimate parts of her body.
    She knew that her ass is the best feature on her body, there was not a single boy in her school that didn’t look at her ass while she was passing by, so she knew that it will be most easy to make them very horny with shaking her ass close to them while she will remove the panties. Even while she was in her panties it was obvious that she has perfectly rounded ivory white ass, probably best ass all four of the guys ever saw. They just couldn’t wait her to remove panties and show them ass completely. Their cocks were dreaming about ramming such ass.
    Of course, removing her panties she did while she almost sat on the Lufti’s lap. When panties went down, he used her being so close to rub his hand against her pussy lips, what made her jump, but she still continued her dancing, while she was completely naked. She was moving her body in most sexy way, while playing with her hands all around the body, from the hair and tits to the blonde public hair.
    When she came again near the Lufti, he grabbed her between the legs again and she moved back fast, but only to feel Mentor’s body on her back, while he caught her with his hands. His erected deformed cock pressed her back and cold freeze of shock went through her body. Lufti stepped forward and grabbed again her pussy lips, while two others were trying to reach her tits. She screamed, and tried to fight them off but in vain.
    “You are really good baby, you made me horny as hell… So it is time to fuck your tight little ass†– Lufti said as his finger went inside her pussy.
    “No, we have a deal… Leave me alone!†– Marta responded through tears and despair.
    “You stupid bitch. You think you can tease us with your tight little body and not to be fucked? Oh baby you were wrong… We will fuck you… And fuck you good and for long, and we really don’t care will you like it or not†– Lufti responded to her while his finger was even deeper in her cunt.
    “Does your boyfriend often fuck you in the ass honey?†– said Mentor as his cock was rubbing on her ass cheeks.
    “Nooo… it is disgusting. I never did that… please…†– Marta responded
    “You never got in such a sexy ass? Well honey that is real crime. Your ass is just made for fucking†– Mentor told her and pressed his body even more close to her.
    “We will fix that injustice, guys bend her over the table, this ass is simply too good not to be fucked right now†– Lufti said, as others grabbed Marta and bend her over the table with her face lying down, her hips on the edges of the table and her ass exposed to Lufti.
    Then she realised despair of her situation. Not only she is trapped by four sex starved criminals, but she was naïve enough to strip her naked in most sexy way in front of them. Now she is bent over table and not able to move at all, while six hands are holding her.
    Lufti really enjoyed seeing her ass flying from the edge of the table. He always liked to fuck prostitutes while he was soldier in the ass, because not matter how experienced they was, there was always at least a bit of painful grimaces on their faces as he furiously pounded inside. Now he has in front of best looking asshole her has ever seen, of a naïve young teenage girl that never took it inside. Just the thought on the pain she will suffer filled him with excitement.

    Marta screamed and cried like a trapped animal, while she has been hold trapped on the table. She could hear the guys laughing in excitement, as Lufti spit on his finger and put it on her sphincter. It was so tight that he had to trust it hard even with one finger, while a loud scream from pain came from her.
    “This bitch has so tight asshole, it will be lovely to break it†– Lufti said as he started to rotate his thick finger in her ass, pushing it even more deep inside. He didn’t want to wait any more, so he took the finger out, spread her butt checks with his hands and pointed his cock the her anal opening. Feeling cock on her rectum, Marta desperately tried to move her ass to the side, tried to free her arms or to kick him away with her legs, but three others hold her too strong, so she couldn’t even move. All she can do was crying and screaming, obviously making the excitement of the guys even bigger. Without any warning, Lufti rammed his cock inside her ass; while the head of it passed her sphincter she felt worst pain ever in her life. He tried to go as deep as possible with his first strike, but she was so tight that barely head of his cock entered her. Feeling of her anal walls closing around his cock and making it even tighter extended Lufti pleasure. He grabbed her hips and rammed it inside even more. Agonising scream came from her, while a thick cock entered her deeper.
    “What is it honey, do you like it†– Lufti asked as he continue to thrust it inside deeper and deeper, with rhythmic moves.
    “Noooo… take it out… Pleasee…†– Marta screamed in pain and tears.
    “Don’t think so honey, it is too good to get it out… You are too good not to be fucked†– he responded while other laughed, watching the scene of his thick long cock going with each thrust deeper and deeper inside her ivory white ass, causing her even more pain and despair. He simply enjoyed the pain he is causing to her, almost the same as he enjoyed feeling of his cock inside tight teenage asshole. His moves become faster and faster, and each thrust even more deep.
    “Relax that craphole honey, because I want it all the way in, until my balls started to hit your pussy.†– Lufti said as he continued to thrust her in brutal way. It was less than a half of his cock inside her, and she felt like her lower body has been ripped apart. She was sure if he put it all the way, she will be cut in two and will die on that table. But compared from the pain she is suffering, death can be only release. Unfortunately, they didn’t plan to kill her so soon, they plan to use and abuse her teenage body in most brutal ways on and on, not matter how she feels about it.
    As the Lufti’s cock was entering her deeper and deeper, with faster and rougher thrusts, his hands were holding her hips so tight that on the edges of her butt cheeks were visible red marks from his fingers buried inside her ivory white butt meat. He just used her hips and edge of the table as a balance to keep her ass completely still, so she couldn’t move even a millimetre away from his cock. As hard as he trusted so badly she felt it in her abused rectum. When he finally smacked it inside so deep that his balls touched her pussy, he stopped for a little to take a look on her beautiful rounded ass totally impaled on his cock. He simply enjoyed in the sight of her smooth white skin sweating and shaking from pain, while she was crying fanatically. She didn’t even scream any more, she lost the strength for that, just moaned and cried in pain. This lack of enthusiasm from her made him angry, so he moved his cock out until only head of it stayed in her ass, and then with one, hard and brutal stroke showed it all the way back inside. Marta screamed again, and her whole body shrivelled like she was stabbed with a sword. He continued to fuck her with such long and deep blasts until he stopped deep inside, and a load of warm cum started to fill her guts. She stopped her fighting, just lied there on the table held by vicious and brutal guys while her ass was filled with warm jism. Lufti took his cock out, laughing when her ass made the sound and when he saw a traces of cum and blood on his cock. It felt so good, but there was no time to waste, he grabbed her arm while Samir already lowered his pants and stood behind her ass.
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    For Marta there was no rest, just a few moments after Lufti took out his cock; she felt cold hands of Fatbard on her ass cheeks and top of his cock on her rectum. With the help of sperm and blood that leaked out of Marta ass, he had easier job to go inside her, so he made one strong blow and his cock was deep into her ass, what was followed with agonized scream. He felt like he came to heaven, her warm and tight rectum made him wonderful feeling, so he started to move it slowly, going deeper and deeper. Whole his life his dream was to fuck a blonde girl, so he can’t believe his luck that he is fucking so beautiful blonde teenager into her just devirginized ass. She didn’t have strength to fight back, so her ass lied there while her hips were rubbing the edge of the table every time he went in. Held down by three strong men, she gave up all her fighting, just lied and cried trough pain. Fucking her deeper and deeper, Fatbard managed to burry all his cock inside her ass, and slowly took it almost all the way out, and then with not so fast but still very painful blow all the way back inside her rectum, until his balls hit her pussy. Every stroke he followed with his eyes, enjoying the picture of his cock fucking so perfect ass of a blonde teenager. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks, and buried his fingers into her butt meat, enjoying feeling of so nicely rounded young ass, with so white and smooth skin. He simply couldn’t believe that there can be so big but nicely rounded butt without even a trace of cellulite or fatness. And he couldn’t believe that such ass belongs to the girl who is there to be fucked and humiliated by them in every possible way they imagine. She would surely give them lot of pleasure, and seeing such classy blonde chick in total despair, humiliation and pain would make them ecstatic.
    Noticing how his fingers are leaving the red marks on the places where he buried them inside her but meat, he smashed her ass with his hand as strong as he could, while his cock is still going up and down her guts. Salves of laugh came from rest of the guys, seeing on Marta face how it caused her even more pain, both from the blow on her ass and from her hips rubbing on edge of the table. Encouraged with red marks and guys approval, Fatbard started to spank her ass with both hands while he fucked her faster and faster. In just few seconds, her whole body was shaking in pain and her butt was all red from spanking, while she felt inside her rectum as it is torn apart. Fatbard fucked her as fast and deep he can. Pain was so unbearable; that she was not even able to produce the sounds, just lied there with a painful grin on her face. In what seemed to be hours of total torture of her ass, but actually lasted only few minutes, Fatbard couldn’t hold it anymore, so he grabbed her hips, buried his cock deep inside and with a satisfying sound of relieve came inside her rectum. Feeling hot jism inside her ass once again, she finally felt relieve knowing he is over, but she knew that her torture is far from end, because two lusty monsters can’t wait their moment for exploiting her young and delicious body in most brutal manners.
    “Turn her around, I want to see her pretty face while I am fucking her…†– said Mentor, and it frozen her. She knew he will probably be especially violent towards her because she hit him on the street. When they turned her as a piece of meat and she saw his evil smile, in his eyes she could read that her fears will become true. He lowered himself on her, grabbed her fair and pulled it so hard that she thought that he will rip it out of her head, bite her lower lips so hard that is started to bleed and whispered to her ears: “You should accept my invitation and you would be just fucked like such whore deserve, now we trapped you like an animal, and we fuck you here on the table as an animal.â€
    “No… please… let me go…†– Marta silently cried as tears went down her cheeks.
    “Did you ever saw trapped animal being just left to freedom? Oh no you little whore. They are killed, sold or turned into property. You are too good fuckmeat to be killed, so we will use you lot. You are now our property. So you can be sure we will use you in every way we want, not matter how it makes you feel. Sooner you accept it, better for you.â€
    “Noo... aieeeee…†– Marta tried to answer, but the pain of his deformed thick cock violently entering her pussy without any warning stopped her words. His hands grabbed her tits, and she felt his nails tearing her skin, while he started to fuck her harder and harder. Every stroke was followed with her painful cries, as curve of his cock hit her pussy wall. She felt like someone is raping her with the deformed branch of tree. Thickness of his cock made it sure that her pussy walls had no chance to avoid another hit.
    “You like it honey? Tell me how you like it†– Mentor said while was roughly fucking her sore pussy and his arms were squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples.
    “Nooo… please…†– Marta responded in pain, trying to avoid his look.
    “Then maybe you will like this†– Mentor said as he grabbed her legs with his arms and moved them on top of his shoulders and buried with one brutal blast whole deformed cock deep inside her sore pussy. While her legs were trapped between his shoulders and arms, Mentor fucked her mercilessly while he lowered his body on her and continued to squeeze her tits and bite her nipples. She couldn’t hold the pain, didn’t have strength even to cry any more, just lied there in total despair.
    “Can’t stand it anymore, need to use that bitch right now.†– Samir said and turned her head to the side. He held her head with one hand so hard that she couldn’t move it even a bit while she saw his cock coming closer and closer to her face.
    “If I feel even one teeth on my cock, I will break whole your jaw and take all the teeth out, you understand that bitch†– Samir said as his cock was forcing his way through her lips. She felt so disgusted, she never allowed her boyfriend to put it in her mouth, and now one big dirty and obviously unwashed for many days cock is entering her mouth on force. But she knew that every resistance can make it only worse, and she was sure these savage monsters are able to take all her teeth out just to use her mouth as they want. As cock came inside her mouth, she just closed her eyes and let him moving it inside and out. After two brutal anal rapes her ordeal on the table continued with merciless bastard of Mentor fucked her pussy brutally with his deformed cock, and Samir used her mouth, trying to go as deep as possible in her throat. She started to choke while Samir penetrated deep inside her mouth and she felt it coming to her throat. His hand was still holding her head so hard that there was nothing to do for Marta than submit her torture and hope they will both cum very soon.
    Mentor was fucking her with fast and deep strokes as his hands were on her tits. As Samir took her head he couldn’t enjoy any more looking expression of pain and torture on her face, but her smooth white neck become perfect target for his licking and biting her, like some wild animal.
    While Samir cock went deep down her throat, Marta fought very hard for air, in the same time trying to control her reflex for throwing up. He just enjoyed her warm and mouth and throat, moving his cock in and out and watching her beautiful lips wrapped around it, until he finally didn’t manage to bury it all the way inside, so his balls and public hair touched her face. Watching her being disgusted with the feeling of sweatly and smelly public hair and balls touching her pretty face he just smiled, moved his cock almost all the way out and them rammed deep inside her throat. He continued to fuck her with such moves for next few minutes, until he felt it coming, so he stayed with his cock inside her throat deep enough she wasn’t able to spit it and started to release it. Feeling the sperm flooding down her throat, Marta desperately tried to cough and spit it out, but in vain. Ugly and mean guy, almost twice older than she, forced her to swallow his cum like the cheapest crack whore. In the meantime, another one is still roughly fucking her sore pussy with fast and deep strokes and pinching, squeezing and biting her tits and neck without any trace of mercy.
    After Samir removed the cock from her mouth and released her head, Mentor also felt that he will not be able to hold it for long, so he grabbed her by hair and said looking her into the eyes: „Don’t you dare to move your look while I am cumming in you. I want you to look at me while I am coming inside precious blonde pussy of yours. “
    „Please noo...“– Marta responded silently, but already knowing that there will be no change. Soon she felt him slowing a bit his moves and warm liquid coming inside her tomb. Just a thought of sperm inside her body of this merciless old brute made her want to throw up.
    While Mentor released whole his load inside her, he smiled, smashed her two times on her cheeks and stood up from her. Others didn’t hold her body anymore, because for some time she was too weak to fight back so there was no need for that. They just laughed as her tormented body moved from the table, trying to stand up, but because of such pain and exhaustion just fell down on the floor. Her legs were too weak and pain from abuse was too strong to let her stand up. She just lied down on the floor in fethal position and cried in pain. Red marks from abuse were all around her body, especially on her butt and breasts. Mixture of cum and blood were leaking out of her ass and few drops of Mentors cum came out from her abused pussy. This ordeal was over, but she knew that her horror just started.

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