My Vampire Story

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    Asuki’s eyes opened, she sat up yawning, the sun had just set. She smiled, her lips moving up to form from cheek to cheek. The nightlife of parties and clubs begins. She hopped out of bed, stretching like a cat, her black hair going down to her taut bum. She was in nothing but panties and a bra, pink both in a color. She cracked her neck and gave another cheerful smile, it felt good, the joints popping, one of her favored feelings her body could provide still. The cool air of the apartment caressed her skin, causing a small sigh and giggle from her lips, pink as her under garments. Her red eyes peered out as she blinked and surveyed the room, looking for anything that might be out of place, perfect.

    She stretched some more, her pale skin seeming to move like liquid milk, the smoothness soft as silk. She giggled again, the A/C of the building kicking on. She finished stretching and walked to her bathroom, looking into the mirror, seeing a beautiful face staring back. She smiled, slowly, her fangs coming into sight seductively, even the monster part of her was sexy. She traced the outline of her face on the mirror with her finger, tilting her head as if seeing herself for the first time. Her white nail leaving small scratches on the mirror but nothing too noticeable by the human eye.

    She sighed, undoing her bra and throwing it into the closet with a pile of clothes. She took her panties off as well turning the water on in the shower, nice and warm. She let it run a minute, then stepped in, the steam rising into her nostrils, filling her lungs, her hair wetting and sticking to her slim figure. She rotated her head, pulling her hair to her front, letting it cascade down one shoulder, over one of her fine breasts.

    She giggled, remembering last night’s meal. All he had been staring at were her breasts, imagining her pink buds and wanting to lick and suck them. Amazing the human male, such an easily seduced creature, easily played and easily fed off. She rotated her head, letting the water pellets hit her neck and spine, sending small shivers of delight through her frame. She threw her hair back behind her and ran her fingers through the fine strands, perfect in every way.

    She stepped out after a nice thirty minute shower, it was one of her favorite things to do, nice and warm, and it made her feel so good. She ran her fingers through her hair again, stepping from her bathroom, she went to the dresser drawers opposite the only window in her small home. As she opened the drawer, time seemed to freeze, the sound of movement behind her from the window. She whipped her head around, nothing… She put on a bra and went to the window, opening it and peering down, empty alley. She thought a moment, was she hearing things? Maybe… but… naw, just ignore it girl. She smirked, closing the window and grabbing some panties, slipping them along her slender legs.

    She finally got finished dressing, putting on some make-up so she didn’t look so pale, some eyeliner, lipstick, a little glitter around her eyes, perfect. She finished and went to her door, stopping, breathing? She quickly opened the door and looked up and down the hallway, no one. She had a look of doubt, but ignored it, she was really losing it… could she lose it? She shrugged her shoulders and headed downstairs.

    The party

    Asuki arrived at Club Azure, the lights flashing all around, DJ up in front, scratching the discs, doing his own thing before putting on some music actually worth dancing to. She took in a breath, letting it out slowly, the smell of ecstasy, sex, drugs, sweat, blood, hair gel, smoke, the smells she craved. She started in, a delightful smirk on her face as she walked around, watching as each man seemed to ignore their girlfriends and just stare, some weren’t as affected, but that didn’t bother her, no man could just ignore her, they at least gave a glance or two. Her leather jeans seeming to outline her body, the dark navy blue looking black in the dim light, her black tank with the heartagram of HIM on it in metallic silver.

    She sat at the bar, putting her elbows on the counter as she sat facing the dance floor. She smiled calmly, what most men enjoyed, a girl that knew where and what she was doing. Finally, a bold one came forth, at least he tried to look brave. He came up the small incline ramp that led to the bar.

    “Hey…†He said, she could tell, he meant to add the “babe†part, but he grew nervous. His buddies were in the corner laughing at him, drunk bastards. She’d let him get a little, but he wasn’t the meal she wanted.

    “Hey…†She said back, turning to him slowly, smirking. In the flashing lights, she was able to smile without worrying about her fangs, they could be a light trick on the eyes. His slicked back brown hair, it smelled of heavy gel and oil, his mouth of light alcohol, his body of need and sweat.

    “Um… I was wondering if you…†He started, twice as nervous as before, she gave a wider smirk.

    “Wanted to dance?†She said, and almost as if on cue, a rave song came on, the colored lights went off and the strobe lights came on, “Sure.†She said, standing up and taking his hand as she led him on. She caught a glance of the guys in the corner, they were dumbfounded, a third one was fuming jealous, ‘What you bastards get.’ She thought mentally, giggling, too light for anyone to hear over the starting music. It was one she enjoyed one she’d heard before, it was called Zombie Nation, quite an interesting name considering what she was.

    She whipped around, pulling her hand away and looking up at him seductively, and starting to sway her hips. He tried, and wasn’t too bad, but he was really nervous now, like really, really nervous, it was almost funny. She snuck some lasers off a guy from his back pocket and started to sway her arms around in perfect motion, the look of design and art in her movements as she let her body work. The man stopped and just stared as she drew him into amazement. She decided to slow down, she was probably going too fast, she hoped he didn’t notice too much.
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    As the song ended she walked over to him, the color lights back up, mixed with the strobe. She gave a sway to her step, her top eyelids lowered halfway to give her seductive face. She leaned up, kissing him right on his lips. She leaned back a little, but pushed back, hesitantly putting his hands on her hips. She smiled into the kiss, letting her talented tongue linger in and toy with his inexperienced one. She pressed her breasts into him, then her hips, finally, she put her legs against his, her arms around him. She crossed her wrists as his tailbone, pulling back finally, “That was fun.†She said, winking, “Go tell your friends you almost got lucky with the hottest girl in the world, she was just too shy.†She winked again, giving him a small peck on the lips, “Don’t worry, love, you deserved it more than they did.†She said, pulling away, letting her finger linger along his chin as it slid off, her hips swaying as she went through the crowd. His face showing awe and amazement, along with excitement and joy.

    It was mid-night by the time she found the perfect meal. A confident one, but not snot-fuck, not a horny-dog, calm, slick, nice, and caring. She sat at the booth, his arm over her shoulders, he said he was twenty, but he was at least almost seventeen or late sixteen. She had her hand on his chest, his blood red hair hanging in his eyes some, making him actually look even older than twenty. She leaned her head on his upper side ribs, as he curled his arm along her back, pressing her closer. She smiled, perfect victim.

    “So… want to come back to my place, love?†She asked, leaning in closer, smiling wickedly and lowering her upper lids again.

    “I thought you’d never ask, hun.†He said, giving her a quick hug and sliding out as she did. She turned back, his body seeming frozen on the edge of the seat, a look of fear and sorrow on his face. What was wrong? He quickly smiled again, standing and following, “Shall we?†he asked, following behind her as she led the way. The image of his fright and sorrow planted in her mind, what was going on?

    As they walked on the sidewalk, she held onto his arm, as if seeking protection, the cuteness most guys liked.

    “So…†She said after a few minutes of silence, “I don’t think you’ve told me your name…†She said, looking to his face slightly.

    “I haven’t?†He said, looking to the sky as if thinking, “Thought I did, well, it’s Raphael.†He said with a smile to her.

    “Raphael…†She repeated, “I love it!†she said giggling some.

    As they came to her apartment, the moment the door of the main building closed, she pushed him to the wall, leaning up and kissing him, his green eyes looking shocked for a moment under his red hair. His black tank and jacket tingling her skin, his black jeans rubbing her jeans. They made-out the whole time up to her room, moaning softly and kissing deeply. Once in her room, she slammed the door with her foot, and took off her shoes as they kissed more, then slid of his jacket. His biceps were big, for his age, and his hands were big compared to her’s. As she pressed her stomach to his, she could feel the abs, well etched and worked, this guy was hot! She slid her mouth down to his neck kissing him… but, she wasn’t ready to kill him, he had been so nice, she was going to give him a night of pleasure he’d like to have before he died.
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    He let his jacket fall to the floor and she moved him to the bed, kissing him roughly, they fell down, she on top of him. She rose, and slid her tank off, quickly going back to kissing him and his neck. She sucked his skin, leaving small redish purple marks. She then took his tank off and pressed her bra-covered chest into him, panting softly as they both enjoyed themselves, his mouth seeming to swallow her mouth. She felt his hands roam up her back, coming to the clasp of her black garment, and unsnapping it. She rose slightly, letting it slide down her arms, her breasts coming into proper shape, her pinks buds scrapping his skin. She smiled, sitting up and straddling him, biting her lower lip seductively as she gave a small blush.

    He reached up, cupping each mound, and moving them in circles as he massaged them. She gave small gasps and moans of pleasure and delight. Her small pink buds grew hard with arousal, Raphael noticed, smirking and pinching them between his thumb and index, tweaking them, rolling them back and forth, enticing more moans, and pants. She looked down, this guy really knew what he was doing! She leaned into him, kissing him as she slid one hand down, sliding under his waistband. She found his member, hard and ready. She smiled, sliding her fingers along it and starting to stroke it gently, causing him to groan. She pulled her hand back, unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off as she looked at the hard bulge, my my, he was big…

    She smiled, blushing some and got off going to the floor and getting a face level view of his member. She leaned forward, letting her tongue linger out and licked the length, sweat and saltiness sticking to her tongue. She did this again, stopping at the tip and going down, engulfing it within her warm wet mouth. He moaned in response, lifting his hips some as she came back up, then went back down. She let her tongue roam around the sides and circled the phallus repeatedly. She began to move faster, trying to make sure her teeth didn’t scrape his sides. She came back, only letting the head stay inside her mouth, the tip of her tongue licking the small hole. He moaned louder, bucking into her mouth. She hadn’t thought much of the movement until she felt a warm liquid spray into her mouth. She sighed, pulling off and swallowing every last drop, smiling at him, “Did you enjoy that?†She said smiling.

    “You have no idea.†He responded, chuckling. He panted for a few minutes, before she licked his member back to life, the hardness ready for more. She smiled, least he could go more than one round. She stood, sliding her pants down, then her panties, showing off her shaved spot, her blush brightening.

    She was walking back toward him, smiling, the devious smirk, ready to drink as well as please… but she stopped. His eyes, they…. Had changed, from the comforting, lusting, loving eyes, to hidden, mysterious. One thing she never missed, was the eyes, they told all, so she always watched them, it had become second nature for her. She sniffed… multiple scents, oil, metal, leather… Her eyes shot open, “So… hunters….†She said, snarling. His eyes widened as well, before… turning to guilt? Then back… what was going on?

    She leapt at him, only to feel a bullet fire, the sound waves, coming forth, it hit her calve, the speed and intensity of the shot, causing her to spin in a three sixty, landing on the wall next to the bed. She groaned, before passing out…


    Eyes, slowly opening, a light, dim. Asuki groaned, her head and leg aching, her red eyes, looking around, the small dim light, keeping her eyes from adjusting to the surrounding darkness. “Well, well, well… the bitch awakes.†Said a voice, female. Asuki hissed into the darkness, her vision clearing a little. A blonde girl stood, hand behind her back, a black military suit over her body, with weapon straps, and what looked like the damned Batman utility belt on her waist. Asuki went to attack, only to find her hands were above her head, she hissed, trying to pull free. “Ah-ah-ah, naughty little minx, don’t try to move too much…†Before she could finish, Asuki felt a shock, raging through her body, causing her to scream. The shock died after a few seconds, “See… I told you, don’t move too much.†She said with a grin as Asuki panted. Her body was still nude, the hunters not wanting her to have nay dignity obviously.

    “What do you want…?†Asuki snarled, baring her fangs to the blonde girl. The blonde blue-eyed beauty moved around to Asuki’s right, smirking, “Well… to get answers…. For one, and two, to kill you.†She responded. Her blue eyes seemed to be admiring Asuki’s body, smiling all the while, “Or fuck me…†Asuki added, sneering, “So, you have a thing for girls, huh?†She taunted the blonde, grinning in saticfaction. The blonde frowned at this, slapping her ass, hard, “What if I do, I’m not into necrophilia, undead bitch.†She retorted, glaring now. “I’ll ask once…†She started, “And only… once…†She finished, breathing gently, calming herself. Her gloved hand had left a bright red mark on Asuki’s butt cheek, causing her to wiggle a little. “How many of your kind live here, and where are they…â€

    “How should I know…†A shock propelled itself through the wired chain, lighting up her body, burning her insides and her skin. She screamed, throwing her head back and letting loose her vocal fury. The shock died, once more and she panted, smoke coming off her body. “Fine, are you in relations with any other vampires, and if so, do you know where they are.†The blonde said, asking the same question, just in a different form, she meant it when she said she wouldn’t ask the same question twice. “Fuck you.†Asuki said, and again, was rewarded with a shock through her body. There was a static noise from the blonde’s radio, and she turned around, a button in her hand, showing the reason for Asuki’s pain. She held the button down until she was done talking on the radio. She smirked, letting go of the button finally. Asuki’s skin was now a medium tan color. She was panting, hard, and fast.

    “Well it seems there is a little trouble upstairs… we’ll play later….†She said, jogging off toward the door in and out of the room, the clicking of the bolt sliding in, locking Asuki in. She panted, the smoke dying off as she sat, hanging, only now realizing her feet were in a bucket of ice, causing her to shiver. Her ears twitched suddenly, gunfire? Yes, that was a shot from a weapon, more shots, what was going on? She looked up at the door, hearing more gun fire… then a shot at the door, and it being kicked open. She saw a silhouette of someone in the doorway. The person ran toward her, a gunshot. Asuki fell, catching herself on her hands. Another hand came and grabbed her arm, “C’mon, we need to move!†He yelled, looking at the door as he tried to run with her.

    She held her arm firmly in place, it was a familiar voice…. And… his face turning around confirmed it. “Ohhhhh, Raphael…†She said, standing up and glaring. Her tone was that of a “you’re-going-to-get-it-now.†She grabbed his arm and tugged him toward her, “You…. Are… going to….†She was searching for words to express her anger, before a bullet whizzed by them. Behind him was two more shadows, firing at them. He yelled a groan and grabbed her arm again, pulling her along, she was too surprised to resist. He shot open another door, she now recognized the gun as a classical berretta, basic firing weapon for this military hunters. He pulled her down a lit hallway, running as fast as he could. Another shot, he threw her into a side passage, and fired back, leaning past the corner, not aimed shots, just distractions. He started running again, holding her wrist and running up steps.
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    He came to a room at the top of the steps and closed the open door, barricading it was a shelf and a few other items. He looked to her, “Get out of here, I’ll try to keep them back long as I can…†He told her. She was baffled, “What?†She said, her eyes wide, wondering what the bloody hell was going on. “GO!†He yelled, bullet flying through the door. She gulped, and broke open a window, she was about to leap out, when she stopped. What was this feeling inside her? What was going on? Her heart, it… wouldn’t let her go. She whipped around and grabbed his shirtsleeve, and tugged him against her. She got out of the window, “Hold on.†She told him, holding his body and crouching down, leaping up. She landed on the building next to the one they were in. She let him go as they landed, “Now YOU get the fuck out of here before I decide to kill you.†She said, looking away, a small blush on her face, why had she done that?

    Her heart was beating a mile a minute, it was as if… she were mortal again… as if her life could end at any second. His red hair slid in front of his face as the wind blew, was she blushing? Could she blush? A smirk played over his lips, his hand slowly rising, taking her jaw into it, her body was frozen. He was moving closer… his lips parting, she swore her heart was skipping beats every other second. Her eyes flew wide as she heard the whizzing of a bullet, she pushed him back, taking the metal into her body, having it exit the other side of her shoulder. But, the pain didn’t end there, a flurry of bullets impaled her body, coming out the other side, or staying within her flesh, the hot metal infecting her organs with pure burning pain. She cried out, the momentum of the bullets sending her back off the building. She crashed into the alley wall of the other building. She cried out, before landing on a trashcan, the metallic object flying off. She groaned, reaching to her head, to find seven flesh lumps where bullets had punctured her skull. She winced, and drew her hand lazily down her cheek, finding half of her right cheek gone, her jaw clearly visible, as she felt the bone, wincing more. She shakily stood up, gripping her arm and leaning on the wall. Her left arm was useless. She heard an echoed voice… a male’s, calling her name… “Asuki! Asssuuuuukiiiiiii!†The voice faded as she fell forward, blood spattering as she was starting to bleed out. Her vision faded, along with the rest of her senses…


    Raph gripped her body, picking her up, cradling what was left of her head and legs within his arms as he bolted down the sidewalk. Tears were flooding his eyes as he ran, turning the corner. A car went by, the lights blinded him a moment, but it took no time before he heard sirens. The screeching of the car turning around sent him on a rampant run for somewhere safe. He panted, holding her and trying to keep balance, mixed with running from the authorities and hunters… he felt as if he’d faint. He jumped behind an alley wall, the police car driving by, sirens flaring. He panted, catching his breath. He took no time, before pulling out from the alleyway and down the sidewalk again.

    An hour passes, and he arrives at a rundown building, it used to be the hunters old headquarters before it was overrun by ghouls and their masters. It was just an old building now. It would be the last place the hunters would look, he hoped. He set the ravaged girl down on a pallet of old torn comforters. He sighed, pushing her raven hair back and kissing a clean spot on her forehead. He bit his lip, and coughed, trying not to cry, fearing the worst…

    It was all because of him, all because he had to agree…

    Two days earlier
    The deal

    Raphael sat in the dinner, drinking his evening coffee. He drank it down, taking the last few sips. He was getting ready to stand before a lovely blonde girl sat in the seat across from him. She wore a normal work suit as if she worked in an office, with a skirt and stockings, and high-heels. Glasses, and a pony-tail hair-style, it had to reach at least to her ass. He could already feel his blood rushing, she was hot, hell, a goddess. He hadn’t noticed he was staring into space until he heard her speak to him. “Raphael Silverridge?†She said, sounding polite and respectable. He shook slightly, to bring himself back to the damned reality where he was the janitor of a low paying company building. “Yes?†He responded, smiling to her. “I’m Wendy Usumi, a pleasure to meet you.†She said, holding her hand out across the table. “Uh… pleasure to meet you, too, but how do you know who I am?†He asked, while shaking her hand.

    She gave one of those fake smiles that only a true rip-off artist gives, he already was doubting the situation. “I have a proposal, and you can be part of it or not…†She paused, before continuing, “I know, as much as you do, that vampires are real…†He voice trailed off. Raphael looked around the room, no one but two big guys were standing at the door. He was officially freaked out, “Ok, first of all…†He started, interrupting her, “I only read vampire novels, that has nothing to do with my perception of reality on the subject… now… if you’ll excuse me.†He said, standing up. Her eyes narrowed, “Mr. Silverridge, I recommend that you take your seat.†She said, her voice was thick and sharp as ice now. He gave her a hard look back at her, taking his seat, “We require your cooperation in this assignment… why that is, is beyond my knowledge, now; option A, you accept, and we leave here now, B, you die.†She said, plain and simple. Raphael looked at her, harshly replying, “Fine.†He said, standing, “let’s go then.†He walked from the booth…

    They stepped into a black SUV, it was customized to have two sets of seats across from each other. He took a seat on the side facing the driver. “Now… we want you as bait.†She started, “Whoa! Wait a sec, bait?!†“Yes, bait… don’t worry, your life won’t be in jeopardy, we just need you to seduce someone for us.†She said, giving a devious smile, that would make most men turn to putty and hope right into her hands. Being the young teen he was, he’d kill to lose it to this woman… “So… who am I “seducing†as you so easily say.†He said, sarcasm in his voice. “A vampire… Asuki Giovanni.†Wendy said, taking the glasses off, along with her ponytail band. His eyes grew wide as she began to unbutton her blouse, was she going to strip right here and now!? The answer was… yes. She was doing just that. Her undershirt came off, and revealed a bright pink bra. He was amazed the guys in front weren’t turning around to stare with him. “You’re mother and father were killed by a vampire, it just so happens, it was this Asuki Giovanni’s Master who did it.†She said, taking off her pants, revealing matching pink panties, along with the stockings. Was it his birthday already? His jaw was slacking down as he watched. She pressed a button on the ceiling, a compartment coming down and she stuffed the clothes in. “Did you hear me?†She asked. He shook his head, “Ya… but…. Stripping like that and trying to talk to me at the same time isn’t the smartest thing to do babe.†He said, chuckling.

    His face grew serious after a moment, “So…that’s why you picked me huh?†He said, sighing. What a life he had, one moment, coffee, the next, he’s being dragged along with vampire hunters. His eyes turned to Wendy again as she handed him a folder, inside lay a picture, and some files. They all gave background, life-style, blood-type, age, eye color, hell; all the way down to what color panties she wore. A strange though came to Raphael’s mind as he read through things, these were vampire hunters, why do they only focus on ONE single vampire? He was about to voice his question when they stopped, right at an average looking shop, two stories tall, the upper story probably for storage.

    He exited the black stallion vehicle, and followed the bigger of the two “henchmenâ€, toward the front of the building. He was very gentleman-like for looking like a brute from the old style Chicago mobsters. He wore a black T, and blue jeans, with a pair of black gloves. His hair stood nicely in spike formation, heavenward, it was pure white, like snow. He was easily six feet tall, maybe seven inches, and a rugged face, like he needed to shave soon. The other giant was maybe six-three, but twice as bulky as the taller one. He had a baldhead, just as gruff, but Raphael could have sworn, his thumb was as big as his eyeball.

    As they stepped in, he noticed everything looked fake. Well, not literally, but it seemed so artificial, like the smile Wendy gave when they met, nice, well cleaned, but nothing seemed real. They went straight for the backroom door, opening it, a staircase went down into it, the pitch black darkness. Raphael pulled his bangs back behind his ears, the lack of sight causing a reaction to try and find a way to see better. The lights flipped on and he fell down the stairs, the shock of the light causing a brief blindness as his eyes tried to adjust to the light. He landed against a strong arm, and heard a gruff, “You’s sha we can’s trust this punk’s?†It was the spiky-haired guy.

    “Yes, Leon, was can trust him.†Came Wendy’s voice as Leon snorted and put Raphael back on his feet like a piece of trash.
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    As Raphael’s eyes adjusted, he noticed, there was a tunnel in the back of the room, lined with lights. He raised his eyebrow, “C’mon, this is to our base.†Wendy said as they went through. It took around five minutes, a few turns, and they were in a door less building, with a few windowed floors, and lights through out. There were a few computers, security cameras, thermal, movement, laser sensors, like a prison almost.

    They came to a room, it had maps of the entire world all over it…


    Raphael ducked down, holding the body of the vampire, Asuki, as bullets went through the old wall of the crumbled building. On a building facing the one Raphael and the vampires hid, Leon sat with an automatic scoped weapon. He grinned, talking into his earpiece, “Targets down, rush am.†He said. As he did, a door was kicked open in the stairwell, Wendy and Joseph barged in, two mp5’s in hand. They bolted up to the same floor that Raphael sat with the vampires, holding her tightly as he stood. His shirt was covered in the blood of the female vampire. He cringed, dodging behind a pillar as he heard more shots from the hidden sniper. He raised the berretta and fired as he saw the door opening from the stairwell. He heard a yell, and the body of Joseph fell against the wall as he held his shoulder. Wendy barged through the door, dodging to the left, barley missing Raphael’s shots. She heard the mag empty from the holster, and bolted around the corner of her pillar, sprinting toward him. By the time he had the magazine in, she had her mp5 at his stomach.

    Time seemed to freeze, Asuki’s eye opening a slight bit as she saw the torturous scene before her. She heard the slow, almost eternity consuming time, of the trigger being pulled back. Then, the hammer jabbing the shell, blasting forth an explosive heat wave, with a metal bullet. Time then seemed to speed up, and she watched in stunned horror as bullets flew from Raphael’s stomach, and through his back, hitting the ceiling from the angle he was getting shot from. His eyes were wide, but emotionless, only showing pain and shock. Blood spattered the floor and surrounding walls, along with the ceiling where the bullets landed. The trigger came back, and she kneed him in what was left of his stomach, sending him against a pillar. His gun went sliding along the floor. He slumped down, blood dripping from his mouth. Everything within him was shredded to bits, only his heart, a few muscles and his brain remained. A tear formed in Asuki’s eye, and fell down her cheek, hitting the floor. She blinked, seeing a blurred vision of the blonde woman, looking down at the dead boy, Raphael.

    Wendy smirked, “Dumbass.†She said, turning her blonde head toward Asuki. Her eyes opened wide, seeing that the barley alive vampire was gone. She quickly went to reload her weapon, before she heard a patting sound of feet. Her head bolted toward the noise, and her face was greeted with a nice blow. She flew back against the wall, coughing up blood of her own. She looked up again, seeing a misty black figure walking toward her. Shots could be heard, coming from Leon’s auto sniper. The bullets seemed to pass right through the dark mass. Wendy tried to move her arm, only to feel no sensations in it, it was completely useless. She tried getting up, only noting that now, her entire body was paralyzed. She gave a scream and tried moving, her body not budging. She closed her eyes, tightly, as the figure grew just a few inches away.

    “I think this is a far better punishment, than death.†Came a whispered voice, next to Wendy’s ear. There was a smile, that was whiter than anything on the form’s body, and soon, the black mist smeared away, revealing an uninjured Asuki. The vampire’s eyes looked up, seeing the sniper reloading, she held up her fist, and a sudden rush went through her, a black bolt came, and launched itself over at him, hitting his head, the cranium exploded from the inside, the useless body fell over the ledge. She turned, and saw Joseph coming through the door of the stairs, getting his weapon ready. She seemed to almost teleport behind him, and stabbed through his chest, holding his heart, she glared, squeezing the still attached organ, causing him to scream in pain. He fell to his knees, trying to breath. She squeezed, and crushed the organ, causing his body to spasm, and fell to the side.

    She licked the blood off her fingers, and looked up, Raphael was against the pillar still, untouched. She suddenly felt sadness beyond any she had ever known. She gulped down, and walked toward his motionless body. She kneeled as she came to it, taking his face into her hands, almost all warmth had left it, all too fast. She gave a whimper, more tears showing themselves, falling down her cheeks, and hitting the floor. She raised his limp head, and gave him one last kiss, before letting it sink back down into place. Her image sat there, for longer than she could imagine, before it vanished, into the night she went…

    Chapter 2
    Burning Desire

    Lusting eyes drew out her body, like cutting out a figure from paper. His eyes disrobed her body as if she were only wearing cloth. Asuki knew this, and detested it. Every night, like it used to be, when she didn’t mind it, when she knew they’d die anyways, she would go out. But, she wasn’t looking for food now, she wanted a mate. Raphael, he had charmed her… to a point where she remembered what true love was. Her eyes didn’t stop streaming blood for ten days after his death. She burned her blood stained clothes that she had cried upon.

    A few days after her depression had stopped its visual tears, she decided to pack her things. Her realization that her ten days of solitude, might be interrupted if more hunters found her. She decided to move in with a human friend of her’s, who she had known, to have had a crush on her for the longest time, so she wasn’t surprised when she heard Julie sneaking perks on her in the shower. Yes, Julie, a human female girl of twenty. They had been friends, when the night Julie was supposed to die, turned into the night Asuki decided to let her live, long as she brought an ugly oaf into and alley to meet his doom. Julie was sixteen then, using a fake ID to get into an adult club, do the ones the preferred the same sex.

    Now, Julie was matured, and her body was the near perfect form that was now competition for Asuki’s own. The only thing Asuki had, was a little more meat on her, bigger breasts, and her power of seduction.

    Julie had been joyous beyond belief when she opened the door to see her secret love on the other side. She had her eyes wide before leaping onto her, and smothering her with kisses on the cheeks, too shy to kiss her lips.

    Asuki gave a sigh, finally coming back to reality. The man she had flirted with was now rubbing her inner thigh as she sat there dully. He went a little further up her thigh, and she rolled her eyes, pushing him away, and walking off. He yelled at her, but was too drunk to do anything.

    Asuki soon returned to her temporary home, with Julie making some dinner for herself. There was a sweet scent in the house, not the food… the candles. Why were there candles lit?

    From the doorway, she saw Julie come to the doorway that led to the kitchen, not four yards from her. Julie was staring at her, looking a bit gloomy, “Aww… I… was hoping you wouldn’t come home so soon.†She said, seeming to pout a little.

    Asuki smirked, now understanding what the still coming audiences of flowers and candles held for her future. “Was my little girl cooking up a romantic dinner for her crush?†Asuki said playfully.

    “No!†Julie said, blushing, looking away, “Well… ok, what if I was?†She answered back. Asuki gave a chuckle, and walked over to Julie, causing the smaller girl to rear back, and take a step back. Asuki started putting out her little aura, seducing the girl instantly, but in the situation, causing her to be uncomfortable, but not scared.

    Julie gave a small whimper, “Asuki…†She pouted. Asuki leaned down, kissing her forehead, “Thanks sweety, but you should know, I don’t eat.†Julie looked up, “But… I was leaving yours raw…†Asuki leaned back, and gave a laugh, “My little one, it doesn’t work like in the movies, yes, I can drink it, but it would be like a soda, compared to a real meal.

    Julie looked down, feeling ashamed. Asuki stopped laughing, frowning a little. She was about to apologize, when Julie said, “D-do you want to drink from me?†She unbuttoned her deep red shirt, and pulled the collar down, offering her neck. The crease of the fabric, ended right above her breasts. Asuki’s mouth instantly watered. She leaned down slightly, then drew back, “No… I don’t wanna hurt you, Julie.â€

    She gave a whimper to Asuki’s response, “Do I taste bad? I mean, do females taste bad to you? Do you not like me? What’s wrong? Please, do it… please.†She begged, and leaned up against Asuki, pinning the vampire against the wall, holding her with her arms on her sides.

    Asuki gave a snarl, causing Julie to gasp, and look up, her eyes wide with fright. She stood back, pacing back a few steps, “I’m sorry, please, I didn’t mean to…†She looked away, and went to cooking again, after buttoning up her shirt again. Asuki walked from the room, or started to. Her head turned back, her eyes catching Julie watching her waist. Julie blushed and quickly looked away. Asuki turned, a look of intent and determination, as if she were on a quest, plastered her face. Julie was oblivious to the steps Asuki took toward her small form.
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    Asuki grabbed Julie’s shoulder and spun her around, causing her to give a yelp. Her eyes locked with Asuki’s and she quickly closed them, “I’m sorry Asuki, please, I didn’t mean to!†She yelled. She was about to say something else, but her voice was cut off. She inhaled deeply, and realizes why her pleas were cut short. Asuki’s lips had come in contact with her’s. Her face was a deep red of uncertain, but enjoyable, feelings. Her hands were up by her shoulders, as Asuki’s wrapped themselves around Julie’s body.

    After a minute, she began to kiss back, unsure if she was doing it right. This was her first real kiss, not many women or girls, chose to come out and admit their attraction to the same sex. Julie pulled back, “Asuki?†She said, a little unsure of herself, “What? Don’t want your dream vampy anymore?†She replied, grinning and winking.

    Julie blushed brighter, “I… didn’t know if you were mad…†She replied, nuzzling her dream come true lover’s chest. Asuki smiled wide, and began unbuttoning Julie’s shirt. She gave a gasp, and looked away now, watching through the corner of her eye as Asuki leaned down, rubbing her soft cheek into Julie’s neck and chest.

    “You wanna feel my bite?†Asuki asked, more as a rhetorical question. Julie gasped, giving a small whimper, “You… are you going to make it feel good?†Julie asked, she was afraid this was meant as a punishment. Asuki let out a loud laugh, before letting her tongue out, licking the girl’s neck. Julie gave a small shudder and moan. “Asuk-ki?†She stuttered, a bit scared. There was a small pinch in her neck, and then a weak feeling; blood was flowing from her neck. Asuki had purposely missed the jugular, letting her teeth puncture a smaller blood flow.

    Julie’s mind was clouded, she couldn’t think, her body felt good, though. It was like small fingers, were massaging every bit of her body, making her feel like liquid. Her arms fell to her sides, and Asuki drew her closer, biting a little harder, getting more blood. She pulled back, after a few more seconds, and licked the wound, letting her saliva heal it. Julie gave a shudder, Asuki’s hand on the girl’s lower back, and upper back, to keep her from falling.
    “Th-that felt… so good, Asuki.†Julie said, her eyes were closed, and her back was arched forward, her shirt was slowly unbuttoning itself as Asuki used her new talent to maybe give Julie a small jump. She gave a little giggle as her power was near the last button. It popped. Julie was so predictable, her eyes had snapped open and she bolted up, blushing brightly, “Asuki!†She yelped, now noticing she didn’t even have her feet on the ground. Asuki had her about an inch off the ground, letting her lie in near mid-air.

    Julie pulled the button down together, shying her eyes away, “I… don’t… don’t want to disappoint you…†She said, touching the tip of her shoes to the ground, and trying to move away. Asuki held firm, but gently, so as to not hurt her. “Asuki…†Julie pouted, trying to pull away. Asuki dropped her back, and pressed her to the wall again, pulling her hands away, and forcing her to reveal her breasts, clad with bra cups, designed to push them up and together. Julie was even redder now, her eyes looking away still, “Asuki.†She said, her voice sounded as if she were out of breath.

    “If you try to cover yourself again… you won’t enjoy my next bite.†Julie’s eyes went wide, her breath escaped her lungs, “Please, Asuki…†She gulped, watching as the vampire leaned into her chest, taking in her scent, letting her tongue linger out, and lap at her breast flesh. Julie let out a whimper, Asuki looked up, “Julie, what are you scared of?†She asked, “I-I’m not… I mean… I don’t want… Asuki… you don’t… think I’m ugly… do you?†She asked, blushing brighter.

    Asuki smirked at her question, “Julie, if I thought you were ugly, I would have never even met you that night.†Asuki said, smiling. Julie blushed, smiling back, “Now, shut up, and let me work.†Asuki said, smirking, rolling her tongue over each breast, bringing soft moans of pleasure from the girl.

    Julie’s eyes soon shut, her pleasure was light, but new to her. Asuki’s hands went to work on her cute black bra, unclasping it, and causing Julie to gasp, but she only let her hands fall to her sides. Asuki stood, and smiled, Julie whimpering, silently begging for more. Asuki let her hands grip the button down, and slid it down Julie’s slender pale arms, her deep red hair flared into the air as the collar flicked it.

    Julie leaned down, after taking the bra off as well, and licked each small pink bud. Julie gave gasps and moans to the foreign pleasure Asuki was granting her. The young girl, flushed with desire, need, reached her hands up hesitantly, and pressed Asuki’s head closer in, trying to get more of the pleasure she was receiving. Asuki smirked, “Want me to taste you again?†Asuki said, her voice was that of a dream to Julie, Asuki had a small kink she wanted to try out. Julie merely smiled and nodded, as if drugged. The vampire gave a wicked grin, and went back to Julie’s nipple, flicking it with her tongue, before swallowing it. Julie gasped, and gave another moan.
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    Asuki grinned mentally, and opened her jaw, quickly biting down before Julie could respond. There was a loud, but short cry of pain as she did. Julie stopped her yell, and whimpered, looking down as Asuki feasted on her breast, almost as if Julie were having a child nurse, exception of the blood instead of milk part. The pain was gone as soon as it have come, and the blood flooded Asuki’s mouth, pleasure of great intensity, flooded Julie’s senses in return. Her hands pressed harder into the back of Asuki’s head, trying, again, to get more of the unbelievable pleasure she was receiving.

    Julie’s mind was a whirlwind of pleasure, she couldn’t believe this was happening; it was too good to be true…


    From the kitchen they went. Skipping dinner, and heading for bed… though neither were tired. Asuki had cleaned up, mostly, a trickle of blood rivers, had run down Julie’s breast and her stomach. Asuki was going to clean it up, but Julie said later. Mentally, she thought it was sexy, her own blood on her body, with her lover and blood drinker staring at it. She thought it was a turn on.

    As they stumbled into the room, Asuki giggling, Julie smiling and blushing, also taking her time in shutting off the stove, where she wanted this, she had no idea what she was going to do. She gulped down a breath, and waited at her doorway into her bedroom, blushing and looking away from her lover as she stripped, “Asuki… why are you…â€

    Asuki smirked, “Ssshhh, enjoy it… this is going to be rare until you become mine… unless you do that tonight.†She smirked at the thought. Julie looked up, a bit unsure and scared of what she meant, “Y-you aren’t… turning me, are you?†She asked. Asuki chuckled, “What if I am?†She asked back, letting her bra fall to the floor, causing Julie to give a small jump and blush brighter. She covered her own, feeling they were too small. Asuki gave a sway to her hips, walking toward Julie, she pulled her hands away, and smiled, “Julie, don’t hide something that can’t be changed, that’s just part of being you.â€

    Julie blushed, brighter yet, “You hide what you are…†Asuki pulled her head back, “Smart-ass bitch.†She said, laughing. Julie gave a small smile. “Though, I don’t think you should’ve said that, sweetie.†Her smile faded. Asuki pulled Julie to the bed so fast, everything was a blur. The next thing she knew, she was on the bed, and a now fully stripped Asuki on top of her. She whimpered a little, watching as Asuki dove into her neck quickly, causing a gasp. Though, Asuki didn’t bite, she just waited there, “What would happen if I turned poor little Julie?†She whispered into the girl’s ear.

    “I… I don’t know.†She responded, whimpering more, “Please, don’t Asuki…†Before she finished, there was a slap on the side of her ass, stinging painfully, despite the pants covering her skin, she was sure there was a hand print. “Julie, you are going to call me Mistress until I say otherwise, got it?â€

    Julie whimpered in response, “But A… Mistress… why?†Another slap, “Because, I said so.†Asuki said, licking her ear, and going down to her neck. “Please… why… I…†Small tears were forming, Asuki rolled her eyes. “If you start crying, I’m going to bite you clit… trust me, you don’t want that…†Julie gave a small yelp, wiggling, “Please, don’t, I won’t cry…†She whimpered despite herself. Asuki smiled, and slid down, pulling Julie’s pants down as well. Julie’s eyes were wide, her arms, bent at the elbow, along her chest, “Asuki! Please, don’t…†A sharp slap on her breast, sent out a loud yelp. Julie bit her lip, causing it to bleed. Asuki’s eyes gave a small red glow to them. She leant down, taking Julie’s bleeding lip into her’s, suckling it, giving “mmm’s†of satisfaction. She pulled away, blood on her lips, a drugged look in her eyes, “What are you to address me as?†Julie whimpered, “M-Mistress…†She said, looking away, accidentally looking at Asuki’s breasts. She blushed brighter, and looked off. “Ah ah ah… bad pet… looking at Mistress’s boobs, are we?â€

    “No!†Julie said, looking up, fearing she’d done something else wrong, Asuki raised and eyebrow, “I… I… did…†She said, looking away again. Asuki smiled, scooting her body up, and leaning down, her breasts now hung over Julie’s face. “Suck them, pet.†She said, “B-but Mistress…†She pouted, fearing she’d mess up again, “Do it.†Asuki ordered. Julie gave a whimper, before opening her mouth, and trapping one of Asuki’s nipples in her mouth. She began sucking, letting her tongue play with the nipple occasionally.

    Asuki’s back arched toward the girl, a moan pressed her lips, and caused her to open her mouth in pleasure. Julie grew a bit more confidant, and switched to the other, sucking a bit harder. “Mmmm, that’s a good girl…†Asuki purred from her lips. Julie smiled to herself, and sucked harder still, letting one of her free hands, reach up, and grope Asuki’s other breast, causing her to moan a bit more.

    Asuki smirked, and looked down, gently using her hand to push the girl’s mouth away, but still letting her massage her breast. “Now… I think you deserve a reward.†She winked, and leaned down, kissing the girl, causing Julie to stop her hand movement and blush a bit. She then kissed Julie’s neck, and began a trail from there, kissing down and down, across Julie’s breast, and down further along her stomach. Julie gave small moans in response, her body wiggling from the pleasurable, but tickling sensation.

    When Asuki went past her belly button, Julie gasped, “P-please, Mistress… I’m…†She was about to finish when Asuki did for her, “Not shaved…†Asuki gave a giggle, and Julie turned a deep scarlet. Asuki smirked, looking at the hair that lined the girl’s nether lips. It wasn’t overgrowth like some girls, but it was noticeable. Asuki gave another wide smirk. “Mmmm… you smell of pure virgin too… I wonder, has Julie ever touched herself?†Julie, by some unknown means, turned redder still in embarrassment, “N-no…†She said, in almost pouty voice. “Good… I’m going to gobble you up, you dirty lil thing.†Asuki said, giggling, and letting her tongue linger out, she lapped at the slit, from top to bottom, in one, long, slow, lick. Julie gave a shudder. “I expect you to pay attention and do this later as well… to me.â€
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    “Y-yes Mistress…†Julie replied, feeling the tongue part of her folds, diving in, licking around her small hole that withheld her only innocents. She moaned, bucking up, “Ohhhh…†She let from her lips, instantly lost in her current pleasure. Asuki grinned, and thrusted her tongue into the small tightness. Julie went silent, then let out a yell, writhing on the bed in pain, whimpering and crying. Asuki gave a chuckle, Julie must’ve been really sensitive to pain… wonderful. Her eyes took that of a sympathetic person, and she leaned up, holding Julie’s thighs down, “Shhhhh, calm down, calm down… it’s ok, no more pain, cmon Julie, there’s nothing to harm you.†After a few moments, Julie calmed down, sniffling, “Th-that hurt.†She pouted. “I know… but Mistress is going to hurt her little sex fiend sometimes, but not as much if her fiend is nice.†She gave a wink, and came back down between the girl’s legs. She was a bit disappointed to see a large stain of blood already on the sheets. She groaned, and leaned in, lapping at the rest. She then wrapped her lips around the mound, and sucked, enticing a moan from Julie as she did. Blood surged from her pussy, and down Asuki’s throat, delighting her taste buds and appetite.

    She then dove her tongue in, causing Julie to wince. She was soon moaning in pleasure as her tongue moved about, touching her walls, trying to find her sweet spot that would drive her mind. It didn’t take long. The moment she found it, Julie screamed, and thrusted up, her eyes wide, “Oh, oh god, right there! Please, oh god!†She cried, whimpering and rolling about from side to side. The pleasure would have certainly driven her into unconsciousness had Asuki not moved her tongue from wiggling in that area. Julie whimpered and panted, “Why’d you move it, Asuki?†Her eyes suddenly bulged, “I…I mean Mistress…†She blushed, feeling the tongue come from her depths, Asuki secretly smiled behind the girl’s mound, before putting on a face of rage and glaring at the girl, rising. “Mistress! Please, no, I didn’t mean to! It was an accident!†Julie cried, starting to curl up.

    Asuki sneered, and bore down onto the girl, spread her legs open wide, and flattening her arms. There were sudden tugs on each of Julie’s limbs, and her hands were suddenly locked in place. She tried kicking, and found her legs locked too. She looked toward her hand, and found a black misty substance holding it in place. Asuki sat up, “Well… Julie… looks like Mistress gets to cum first, and you get to suffer.†Julie gave a whimper in response, something Asuki found cute and adorable, but she had to be serious at the moment. “P-please… d-don’t, I promise I won’t do it again, I swear…†Asuki gave a harsh, taunting laugh, “I don’t believe you.†At that, she had moved toward Julie’s face, hovering her now soaking folds above the girl, a drop of her juices hit Julie’s eyes, causing her to whimper, before being smothered with flesh and sweet tastes.

    Julie immediately drove her tongue in, knowing she must please her mistress now. Her body was limited considerably, so, she could only try to find the best way to get her mistress to cum, so as to not suffocate under her. The thought then returned to her mind, would Asuki go that far? Would she risk Julie’s life for her own pleasure? Julie whimpered, licking out her mistress’s sweet tunnel, moaning softly as she did.

    Asuki, on the other hand, was moaning like Julie should be, like she was a virgin to being eaten out this good. She ground her hips down, smothering Julie with flesh and juices, her climax growing by the seconds. Her blood eyes closed, and she slowed down, before grinding her hips harder, Julie, licking deeper within. Asuki moaned louder, and dropped forward, still grinding her hips in, she let her hands linger toward the girl’s pussy. She smirked, finding, and pulling the girl’s clit forward. She smiled, gently circling the small bundle of nerves around in circles, causing Julie to moan against her slit.

    Julie was like a wild animal, lusting for pleasure, but willing to give it. Her eyes were closed, and she had no idea of Asuki’s devious plans. “When I said my dear Julie would suffer… I meant it.†Julie stopped at the words, whimpering, “M-Mistress, please, n-no! Don’t, please, don’t!â€

    Asuki gave a harsh laugh, “You don’t even know what I’m going to do!†She leant forward, and aiming her fang down on the small nub, she bit, sending a shriek of pain from Julie’s mouth, as she writhed. Instead of letting her saliva coat it, she pulled back, and bit again. This sent another scream of the girl, causing her to whimper loudly, “P-please, Mistress! S-stop! It hurts!†She cried, shaking her head. Asuki bit down a third time, and brought forth yet another moan. Feeling satisfied, she licked at the abused nub, drinking the small bits of blood, before taking it into her mouth, and sucking it.

    Her eyes closed, and soon, the once screaming girl was moaning in pleasure. Asuki smiled, sliding a finger into the girl’s wet entrance. At that moment, Julie’s walls collapsed around Asuki’s fingers, the pleasure having pushed her over the edge, sending the human girl into a wonderful climax. Asuki smiled, watching as the intenseness of the climax sent squirts of the girl’s fluids out onto the bed.

    Julie was shuttering still as Asuki spun around on the girl’s belly, and was now facing her, forcing one leg beneath her, and another around her stomach. She kissed Julie’s cheek, causing the girl to blush lightly, “Goodnight, my love.†She whispered into the mortal girl’s ear, before they both drifted off to sleep.

    The Family

    Julie’s senses were slowly coming back, her eyes fluttering, she felt tired, sore, and… turned on? Her eyes opened a bit more, and she started feeling something on her neck. Her eyes opened all the way, and she saw the black hair of the previous night’s lover in bed with her, hunched over her neck, and drinking her blood. Julie whimpered, realizing what was going on, “A-As… I… I mean, Mistress, please…†She blushed a little, she had almost slipped. Asuki pulled back, her mouth covered in blood, her eyes matching color as she looked down at her new pet, her first one at that. “Mmmmm, good evening, my little slave.†She said winking, leaning down, she kissed Julie lovingly, her tongue slipping in, along with Julie’s own blood, her fangs poked at the invading human tongue, half tempted to pierce it and drink.

    Julie whimpered slightly, when Asuki pulled away, blood now covering both their mouths. “Get up… get ready… we’re going to my family reunion, in Maine.†Julie’s eyes went wide in shock, “F-Family Reunion?†She said, rather unsure, “Of course… now hurry up, I can’t wait for you to meet them!†She smiled and kissed Julie’s cheek again, as she pulled out a luggage carrier from under the bed and began packing. The smile on Asuki’s face, kept Julie from pouting, she sat up, and hugged the vampire, nuzzling her, before getting off the bed, and heading to the bathroom.
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    As she was coming from the shower, a thought crossed her mind, “M-Mistress… why are you packing my clothes only?†She asked, curios. Asuki turned around, a smirk on her face, “They’re for me, sweety.†She said, smiling innocently now, “W-wait… what about me?†She said, a bit alarmed, “Well…you only need clothes for the trip, you won’t want them when we get there I-“ Asuki was cut off as Julie spoke, “I’m not going to walk around naked in front of your Family!†She said, sounding shocked.

    Asuki’s eyes narrowed, in an instant she was holding Julie against the wall, towel wrapped around the length of the mortal’s body. A whimper came, her eyes locked with Asuki’s, “You are, and you will!†Asuki said, glaring a bit, before letting out a breath, “Understood, Julie?†She asked, Julie’s head nodded, whimpering a bit more. She set her down gently, smiling, “Good girl…†She smirked, looking at the crease that was the valley between Julie’s breasts. The girl looked down curiously, before blushing and tugging the towel up, looking away from her mistress. Asuki giggled, and hooked her finger over the towel, right above the girl’s valley, and pulled down slowly, Julie, too scared to do anything else, let it happen. Her face a bright red as her nipples came into view, bright pink.

    Asuki leaned down, licking both of them once each, before turning away and walking from her love slave. Continuing to pack her things. Julie whimpered a bit, pulling her towel up, still quite red, she bit her lip and dropped it, before going to get some clothes on.

    Meeting the family

    Asuki’s eyes gazed around the airport, they had just arrived in Maine, and she was loving the cold. Most vampires do, it has a certain homely feeling to it. She giggled and tugged her coat closer to her body, snuggling into it, looking to her pet, who had a matching large coat, she smiled, the mortal smiled back cheerfully. For once, Julie felt warm inside, wanted. Her eyes stared up at her lover, before a curios look came to the vampire’s face, “You’re wearing glasses…?†Julie gasped, blushing and snuggling her face down, hiding all but her eyes, “I… uh, well… when I went to pee… I put them on… and took me contacts out…†She looked away, obviously still blushing. Asuki only laughed, wrapping an arm around the girl and tugging her fluffy form to her, hugging her. “You are an interesting one, my sweet. Now… let’s find out where to get some form of transportation.†It was Julie’s turn to giggle this time, turning into a small laugh, “M-Mistress, you sound so…†“Old?†Asuki finished, smirking, “Well I am, my little slave, I’m very old in fact, at least by mortal standards. Just wait until you see my father.†She winks, and kisses her slave’s forehead, smiling.

    Julie blushed a tad, and walked to the sidewalk, waving down a taxi, she slipped in, waiting for her mistress. Soon, they were on their way to the mansion owned by a “Malcolm Lunisy†who is rumored to be a ghost controlling a poor soul’s body. This brought a secret giggle between the two, slave and mistress.

    As they came up the driveway, a dark figure could be seen in a window on the third floor, before quickly disappearing. Once out of the cab and it had driven off, Julie looked to her mistress, “M-mistress… H-how many are here? Of your family?†She huddles behind her mistress’s slender arm, hunching over a little, almost like a little girl behind her father. Asuki smiled down at her, “Quite a few, but not all my dear.†She giggled and patted her head, before starting toward the door.

    She knocked, once twice, and on the third it opened, a cheerful looking woman staring back, “Asuki!†The woman said in a cheerful voice, she took a step, embracing the woman that was Julie’s mistress. Asuki hugged back with her free arm, smiling and kissing the other woman’s cheek. “Hello mother.†She said, giggling. The other woman’s long black hair should have tipped Julie off. Her eyes were light blue, her skin no different, though, she was maybe an inch shorter.

    The woman pulls away, looking to the girl next to her daughter, she grins, “Ahhhh… so you brought a friend.†She winks to Julie, causing the poor girl to blush. “H-hello.†She said in a small shy voice. Asuki’s mother moved aside and waved them in, smiling and closing the door behind them. “Mother, I informed Julie about our old tradition, we’re still doing that, yes?â€

    “Of course dear! We’d never change that!†She laughed and started to the stairs, “I’ll go get your father, you remember where your room was, yes?â€

    Asuki nods, smiling, Julie coming up and whispering into her ear, “What tradition?†She asks, slightly nervous. She didn’t remember anything about a tradition that Asuki might’ve mentioned. “Remember when I said you’ll only need one set of clothes?†She looks back, smirking, “That, would be the tradition. You are mine, therefore, you walk amongst my true home naked, and serve anyone who asks in anyway, long as they are immortal.†She still had her mischievous smirk on her face, Julie’s face a bright red, “B-b-but…†Julie trailed off, giving a soft whimper. “But what, Julie?†She asks, tonguing one of her fangs.
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    “I-I don’t want to walk around naked, please.†She gives another cute whimper, hugging onto her mistress’s arm. Asuki rolls her eyes, “If you don’t do it upon my word, someone else here will. They’ll rip your clothes apart, and take you like an animal, seeing you as too dumb to learn something so simple. My family doesn’t tolerate disobedient slaves.†She lowers her smirk to a soft, loving, smile, and turns to face Julie, leaning in, and capturing the girl’s lips in her own, slipping her tongue in to play a bit, before pulling back, “If it helps any, I’m only doing this for family tradition, I don’t see you as trash, or an animal, you are my sweet Julie. Hell, I love you, that’s all there is to it.†She smiles and turns, starting up the stairs, “Cmon, lets get to my room before one of my brothers or sisters finds you.†She giggled. Julie blushed a little, and followed quickly, relief flowing over her, Asuki loved her, she truly did!

    Getting to know the family

    The blood never left Julie’s cheeks as she stood next to Asuki’s chair during dinner. Dinner it was, dinner it shall be called, but dinner it couldn’t possibly be. All they did was talk about the past centuries and drink blood from their wine glasses. Julie was constantly blushing, the air was cold, and her nipples were hard as diamonds, her creamy skin a dull comparison to the vampires in the room. She has been introduced to each and ever one of her current family. And she hadn’t much enjoyed it.

    First, there was Gregory, one of the few of her mistress’s siblings she liked. He was kind, and sweet. But bold, he had openly kissed her! He had complimented Asuki on her fine catch and suddenly wrapped his arm around Julie’s lower back, and tiled her backwards, cradling her head in his other hand, pressing his cold lips to her warm ones, before pulling away and standing her back up. Asuki had giggled and patted Julie on her bare bum for not slapping him, apparently she was the first not to. “B-but mistress… I-I’m the slave… why would I slap him?†Asuki gave a laugh at her question, causing the girl to blush, “You are MY slave, you have any right to slap or injure anyone here unless I say otherwise. Gregory is the only one you should dare attempt to slap though, he’s the only one here that enjoys pain.†She winks and looks to the next sibling.

    Julie despised this next one, it was a sister. Just by looking at her, Julie knew she wouldn’t like her, she was dressed formally just like Gregory, only, she had a high-class look to her outfit, like she was better than anyone there. “Hello, sister Asuki…†She said, before looking at Julie, a look of disgust crossing her face, “Such filth you find, sister.†She said in a snide tone, her red hair waving as she passed by. Julie hadn’t noticed, but behind the woman, were three humans it looked like, probably her slaves. A boy, and two women, the boy was no older than fourteen, and the women were at least twenty and thirty age range. They held the back of the vampire’s cape up from the ground, looking miserable and deathly ill. “That is Maxine, don’t go near her, understood?†Asuki said into Julie’s ear quietly.

    Next were two of the loveliest women Julie had ever seen. They were twins, with long golden hair, and blue eyes that would kill a man. Their breasts were that of a sculptor’s perfection, rounded and firm, sitting high and mighty. Their pearly white skin glowing almost amongst the dim lights. Their corsets held their breasts in place, and sunk their stomachs back, the dresses hiding the midsection of their dressing. They were perfect, even they were nice to Julie. Asuki smirked, “Moski, Doski, turn your aura’s down, you don’t need to impress my slave anymore.†Asuki looked to the twins, “We only wish to-“ “-Let her know she is always welcome-“ “In our room if her mistress cannot satisfy her.†The one on the right winked, then the left one, before the walked off, their bodies seeming the glow as they held hands and took a seat at the table.

    Next, was an average looking man, the only thing different about him, is he wasn’t pearly white like the other’s. He was a dark color. Asuki’s mouth opened, and she ran forward, wrapping her arms around him, “Uncle Malik!†She screamed, planting sweet kisses on his dark cheeks, “Oh! Asuki baby! Calm down!†He said, laughing, he pulled her off, and smiled, kissing her forehead, “How is my sweet niece?†He asks. His long cornrows ended with braids in the back that lead into a single long ponytail to his mid-back. “I’m well uncle! I’m so glad you could make it, mother said you would be busy at the church!†He chuckled and nodded, “I managed to break away to see you, my sweet.†She smiled kindly, and looked over her shoulder, “Is that your chosen one?†He asked, looking back down at his niece. Asuki nodded, and turned around, keeping one arm around Malik’s waist, and using the other to wave Julie over. The mortal girl quickly scampered over to her mistress, “Y-yes?†She said, her breasts jiggling as she shivered, a bright blush on her face as she looked up, she guessed the man was at least six feet and five inches tall.

    “Julie, my sweet, this man is the kindest you’ll ever meet. He is truly not my uncle, but I turned him when he sought a reason for life. In return he’s our sneaky spy within the church to make sure no one is plotting against us!†She giggled and leaned up, kissing him on the cheek. Julie nodded her head, “N-nice to meet you, Mr. Malik.†She said in her quiet voice, “My! A shy one Asuki! No wonder you have her, she’s adorable!†He said, laughing, and patting Julie on the head. Julie blushed once again, looking to see Malik give Asuki another kiss on the forehead, before walking off to the table to greet the others.

    From then on, the siblings and relatives were about as nice as Maxine was, looking at her like dirt and giving Asuki dark looks. Why was this? Asuki was the kindest person ever, how could anyone hate her?

    Julie’s thoughts were interrupted as she felt something along her bottom, she yipped quietly, and blushed, looking back, she saw a hand, and it was now groping her bottom. She trailed the hand to the shoulder, and saw her mistress. She blushed deeper now. Asuki was talking to her Uncle Malik about something, and her hand had snuck under the table and was groping at Julie’s bottom now! Julie held perfectly still, not wanting to embarrass her mistress in anyway. She held back ever sound she could, feeling the fingers knead her skin, she knew it was only a matter of time before she’d start getting wet. Soon, Asuki’s fingers traveled to the center of Julie’s bottom, her middle nail trailing a circle around Julie’s tight pucker. The girl shivered and tried to keep her composure, the tickling sensation traveling up her spine. She closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on keeping still and quiet, feeling the finger press on her bud, she didn’t know if she could hold out. But it wasn’t the finger that made her open her eyes, it was the lack of noise. Her eyes snap open, and she looks around, everyone was staring at her, hungrily at that. Her face turned beet red. It was only then she realized her sex was leaking her juices down her leg, they could smell it. The damned musky scent of female arousal, they knew she was getting horny, and they were eager to play…
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    Play Time!

    Her face was crimson, her eyes nervous as she saw the twins next to her grinning, and some of the other family members cringing. Only now did she notice her Mistress’s hand had vanished from her butt hole, not that she would, but that left her with no excuses to why she was… aroused. She whimpered softly, and shyly tried hiding behind her Mistress’s body, her own starting to feel warm as the blood flowed through out it, “M-Mistress…†She whispers, so softly, it’s like a mouse squeaking.

    “Asuki, you shouldn’t play with your pet during dinner.†The familiar voice of her mother rang to their ears from down at the other end, upon looking, Julie saw the smirk that looked so much like Asuki’s, it was almost disturbing. Julie whimpered once more, trying to hide herself. She gave a gasp, feeling a gentle, cool, hand on her rump, she looked back, seeing one of the twins gently rubbing her bottom, “Yes, Mother…†Asuki said, giggling, “Moski, Doski, take my naughty pet up to my room please.†Asuki said, smiling to them, before winking. They both grinned and in an instant had the poor, helpless, horny mortal in their arms, happily walking her up stairs. Julie could faintly hear conversation beginning again as she got to the top of the stairs, “You really are-“â€Truly are-“â€Very beautiful, little Julie.†They said, giggling softly, before reaching a room, other than her mistress’s, and opening the door, pushing her in. She squealed softly, only to fall onto a very, very, soft pillow. She blushed and looked back, quickly curling up and trying to hide herself. Again, the twins giggle, looking down at her like she’s a new toy to play with. Their pale skin starting to glow like when she first met them.

    “Don’t worry sweety, we aren’t-“

    “Going to hurt you…†They said before appearing next to her and stroking her back with their deathly cold hands. The one on the right, Doski, she presumed, was leaning in, kissing Julie’s shoulder, and slowly moving up her collarbone. Moski, had gently forced Julie’s leg down, and was kissing her thigh, slowly moving toward her nethers. All these sensations, all these touches. All the mortal could do was blush, and shudder.

    “You taste… so good.†Doski said, reaching her goal of Julie’s throat, panting softly onto the pale creamy flesh, her tongue rolling out to gently lick it.

    “Indeed she does, sister.†Moski added, her mouth kissing the inside of Julie’s thigh, purring softly. They were rewarded with a soft whimper from the mortal girl, “P-p-please… d-don’t bite…†She begged softly, looking at Doski from the corner of her eye, she caught the gleam of her smirk. “But… we only want a taste, little one, please, don’t deny us such a delicacy.†Moski said, pouting almost as she licked the flesh right beside the puffy lips that were the entrance to Julie’s hot tunnel. Julie whimpered, but said nothing else. She began panting, her nipples hard from more than just the cold now, her eyes drunkenly looking about the room, noting all the rather odd unicorns and stuffed animals, porcelain dolls stacked holding hands. Her thoughts were interrupted by her own squeal of delight, a vicious tongue playing over her folds, “Ahhhh!†She lets out, her back arching upward, a giggle next to her ear, “Ready, little Julie?†Doski asked, before sinking her fangs into the girl’s throat, though, just like her mistress’s, it was heavenly. Her body fell limp, and she felt as if she were being bitten elsewhere as well, her dreamy moans escaping her body, shuddering at the naughty thoughts that passed through her open mind.

    She gasped, feeling her body released from the draining spell, feeling a bit light headed. She moaned despite her condition, looking around, “Wh-why…. Did’ya stop…†She says, struggling to form words. The whisper to her ear, that whisper, sent shudders up her spine, “We-“ “Wanted to show you-“ “Our new toys…†They purred on either side of her head. In the next blink of an eye, she was on her hands and knees, a blush rising to her face, “W-wait, what…†She gasped, noticing now that one of them was under her, and a small, but delightful, tickling sensation was again her folds. She looked down, and saw a very long, slender, blood red strap-on pressing to her folds. Behind that, she saw another set of legs, her head quickly whipping up and around, seeing a similar fake phallic toy on the other twin.

    Julie gulped, panting a tad as she looked on, her body shaking, “P-p-please… be gentle.†She whimpered, knowing they were going to do what they wanted whether she wanted them to or not. A gasp surprised her as she felt the phallic toy being pushed into her tight love tunnel, panting hard, so cold, yet, so alive. That’s how it felt. Her eyes shut and her body shivered in intense anticipation, as well as the cold, liquidy, substance that was being poured onto her pucker. This was soon followed by a very bold and quick thrust into said pucker. Her eyes bulged, she swore she could feel the toys rubbing each other. In and out, thrusting, feeling the twin lean over her, and breathe into Julie’s throat from behind, and the other breathe on her bare nipple. She whimpered, she knew it was coming, as well as herself. She gasped despite the fact though, her head going into that realm of ecstasy, blood leaking down her collarbone, and dripping onto the twin below her, her breast feeling a small pinch, before a squeal of pleasure erupted from her throat. Her ring and walls tightening, holding the phallic toys with all their might as she came, her feminine juices spraying everywhere as she shook, spasming wildly, “O-ohhhh god!†She managed to speak through the sexual haze that blinded her. Her body went limp, and her eyes shut, falling forward onto Doski. The two twins grinned, picking her up and carrying her to their majestic bed.
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    “She’s so adorable, Asuki makes me so jealous!†Doski pouted, “I know sister, but honestly, do you think she could live up to our sex life… er, lifestyle?†Moski said, ending with a giggle. Doski pouted still, “I suppose not, but it’d be nice, she takes it so well, and she’s so shy to start with, it makes her so adorable and easy, and her body just begs for sex!†Doski said, a shiver running through her, as her tongue rolled over her fangs, they then set the mortal down on their pink and vanilla bed. Moski gave a soft giggle, “We should head back down-“ “Yes, we should, the family awaits!†They both giggled, and vanished from the room…

    Asuki’s eyes glanced to the doorway, seeing the twins enter and close the doors behind them. Asuki nodded, and her tone and face grew serious, “So, uncle, you came here for a main reason other than to see me, what is it?â€

    Malik gave a soft sigh, “I’m sure you remember with great accuracy the events that involved a boy named Raphael, and the hunters?†He said aloud for everyone to hear, though it didn’t really matter, no one else was speaking. Asuki nodded, a pinch at her heart caused her to swallow down the threatening painful cries. Malik reached into his coat, and pulled out a file, the classic “Classified†envelope, only it was blank. Asuki reached for and opened the file pulling out some photos, all in color. “These were taken at the church last week, by yours truly.†He chuckled softly at his own small joke. On the pictures, sat a red-headed young man, and one had a perfect shot of him dead on, Asuki’s heart skipped several beats, her vision blurring, feeling light headed. “H-how?†She said, trying to focus. Malik sighed, “We don’t know… but these…†He reaches in, pulling out some smaller photos, “Were taken by my apprentice a few hours later…†The sight within the picture took Asuki’s breath away, her eyes wide, her lips snarling, her fangs lengthening as anger rose. She lunged forward, snatching the picture, and staring at it with fury in her blood-red glowing eyes. “Any idea WHERE they are?†She said in a barley-controlled tone, the red in her glow starting to darken, soon turning pitch.

    “Asuki!†Her mother cried from the end of the table, next to an empty seat, “Calm yourself down or we WILL be forced to restrain you.†She said in a harsh tone. Asuki glared down the table, before sighing, panting out her anger and throwing the picture to the table. Across the room, behind the double doors, leaning her ear on the wooden panels, Julie stood, listening to the conversation. She had been coming back down to see her Mistress when she heard the group talking hushed. She squeaks softly, hiding behind the doors as they swung open, vampires filing out.

    Asuki sat like a statue at the table, her only subtle movement would be her breathing which was only there for a human effect that was habit for her. Julie gulped and took a bare-footed-step into the room. As soon as she did the room shook slightly, or at least appeared to, and the dining hall darkened, the shadows grew larger and thicker, the walls seemed to close in as well. Julie whimpered softly, scampering over to Asuki; each step causing the room to grow darker, the doors slamming shut at one point, the candles and torches becoming nothing the closer the mortal got. She goes to reach for her Mistress and finds nothing, just as she can see nothing. The air now felt like it was moving, caressing Julie’s body, though ominously so. The mortal whimpered and huddled back to what she thought was where the table was only to fall back onto the ground, crying out in shock as she did so. Julie could feel the presence of the table, the chairs, her Mistress… but none of it was as close as she thought it was. That made no sense though, there was only about ten feet between the door and the table and she had clearly run those ten feet already. Suddenly her body lifted off the ground, causing a squeal, and she was slammed to a wall with something binding her throat, clenching it tightly. She reached up and could grab nothing, only a mist like substance could be felt as she gagged and whimpered, kicking her legs in a useless fashion. A voice now broke the darkness and the silence, “I hereby release you of servitude, Julie.†The voice spoke, gravely and heavy, otherworldly it seemed. Julie knew who it was though, tears began to swell from their ducts and she reached forward, trying to grope for her Mistress’s body, not wanting to let her go. The mortal was dropped and the doors into the hall burst open, light flooding into the hall as the other side of the doors became pitch black. Julie cried out, hurriedly getting to her feet, crocking out “No! Please, no!†She tried to scream, running toward the darkness the inched away at every paced step she took to catch it. She eventually came to the doors that bore entrance and exit to this, now dubbed, horrid home. She fell to her knees and leaned again the door frame, eyes dried as she stared into the never ending night, watching shadows tug here and there as Asuki passed them. A malicious chuckle came from behind the mortal girl, “So, she left her rat of a servant go?†the voice spoke as Julie heard footsteps approaching her from behind, “Than I guess that makes you mine…†the dark insidious voice finished. Julie looked back in fear over her shoulder, just as the cold hand of Maxine placed itself there. Terror echoed in and out of Julie’s eyes, her body began to shake like a leaf in the dead of winter.

    Chapter 2
    A small drop of cavernous water falls effortlessly from the ceiling stalactite, glimmering from a crack in the roof of the cave. Light refracts through the singular prism, glinting against the walls of the cave like a flashlight that has been dropped. The chaotic cataclysm of colors that sort themselves properly within the prism is glorious; one with enough time to study such an event would find themselves running short by a few hundred years, in regards to understanding the event as a happening and not just a fact. The epicenter of this prismatic light is white, yet a rainbow at the same time. The darkness does only lie upon the edge of this prism, daring not to converge on the droplet as it soars through the forces of gravity and bacterial particles that swarm the air like an infection to a wound. Taking a three-hundred and sixty degree revolution around the droplet would reveal the same thing, time and time again. As the drop passes through the light that gazed upon it, the sliver of water ceases to exist to most life. The darkness consumes this particle of liquid, gorging on its invaluable quality to bring life from the dust. The existence of this drop only comes back to the creatures of the cave when it collides with the opposing stalagmite, resonating off the cavern’s walls and shooting its powerful climax-event into the opening of the cave, a mile away.

    This drop did not fall from a stalactite. It was not a maturing stalagmite that it collided with. It was not a form of life bearing water that would grow an entire world on its own. It was a tear, splattering to the floor of the Mansion of what Julie had thought was her lover and now ex-Mistress’s home. Fear was wracking her very soul as that cold, heartless, vampiric hand held her shoulder like a vice. Tears flooded her face, as a cold disheartening voice rang in her ears now, “Bow to me… worthless human scum.†It came maliciously, disregarding Julie’s feelings. Julie could feel all the muscles in her face, working in overtime, trying to find an expression to show this great mass of emotions she felt. There was a rush of air behind her, voices commenced to an argument that she could care less about. The pain she felt could not be matched by any mortal wound that one could inflict upon her, no impalement, no ripping out of her organs, no slitting of the throat, no form of torture could compare to this despair and loss of hope that raged on within her stomach. She keeled over and let her body fall, not caring, her face finally giving up on finding an expression that could define this feeling. She hit the few steps there were to the front door, cheek first, then shoulder, rolling forth she hit her knee and wrist. She came to a stop and felt nothing, no pain, no sadness, no hurt, no tears upon her face. All she felt was nothing, she didn’t want to exist anymore, and death was a saving grace to her now.

    The moon shone down on her like a white knight, keeping her illuminated in this darkness as if it would protect her from this feeling. It did not. She pressed her hands to the cold and damp earth, sitting up with legs curled under her. She had a small gash under her eye, it was bleeding badly. Her shoulder was scraped as was her knee. She tilted her head back, staring into the moon, an emotion rising quickly to her throat and wanting to escape through her mouth. She lowered her head and snapped it back again, letting loose a sound that only a Banshee could expel. The scene was silent at first; at least Julie thought it was. Her eyes snapped open and the world seemed to explode with light, she didn’t care where it was coming from, she just knew it was there. The trees cracked and tumbled over, she couldn’t hear them, the bushes rattled and tore from the ground, she couldn’t hear them, the windows shattered upon the house, and she couldn’t hear them. Tears rose off her cheeks and straight from her tear ducts as they came forth, evaporating into the air. Her hair rose as well, as if an engine were directly under her and blowing her hair all over the place. The ground about two feet from her began to erode and shatter, turning to dust and flying off into the distance, creating a mote around her, as if it would protect her.

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    Another sound made itself heard soon enough. I was like thunder. An open hand was hitting against Julie’s face, deafening the scene she was putting on, sending her face a few inches into the ground. Above her Maxine stood, torn up a bit from the fight with someone else that had gone on behind Julie. She was growling, and reached for the young mortal, trying to grab her hair. Julie’s eyes snapped open wide, screaming in not fear, but rage. She lunged up, balling her fingers into a fist, slamming into the vampire’s face, the sounds of bone crunching and contorting could be heard from the doorway even to a human’s ears. The face of the vampire Maxine crunched in, not threatening her brain, but defiantly deforming her for a time. That wasn’t all; the vampire shot up into the air a good twenty feet and landed with a loud bang ten feet away. Julie shakily stood up, her right eye blood red from the collision with the ground. The part she didn’t know that had happened was the hair color change. She looked to the doorway, seeing a very worn out and beaten down Moski and Doski, jaws opened wide with shock and awe. The moment Julie had hit Maxine’s face the twins had witnessed the roots of Julie’s hair turning platinum white, then, run through out every beautiful strand of hair she had. Julie hunched over a bit, panting, seeing red in one eye and normal in the other. Her eyes widened slightly, looking at her new hair color. She lifted it up in her hand, studying it almost as if she didn’t believe it was real. Her legs began to shake, the vibration rising up to her bare breasts, making the jiggle a bit before she fell to her knees, body starting to go limp mid way down. Her head snapped back as her eyes shut and she fell to the ground, limp, unconscious.

    Love is a Battlefield

    Too easy, way too easy, something wasn’t right. The building was empty, safe the smell of guns, grease, some hanging meat, male sweat and some other misbegotten smells she could care less to know the origins of. She knew they were waiting for her, she was pretty sure they knew she was right outside the door. Why did she have this feeling there was something she didn’t know? She could kill them all, right here, right now, without even entering the room. She could see them from each and every shadow that was in the room, guns in their laps, all big husky men, staring at the double sliding doors to the warehouse, only a single dim light in the center giving them sight of each other. There were several others in adjacent warehouses watching her, waiting for the right moment. All together a good seventy men with guns, all silver tipped bullets to paralyze her. They weren’t there to kill her. She figured that much out, they wanted to capture and torture, possibly study, her. She had been standing there, in front of the dual sliding doors, for twenty minutes now; these guys were in no hurry. She turned around, and began walking away and they made no move to stop her. She knew they could see her, she wasn’t concealing herself. What was going on?

    A sharp intake of air came suddenly, Asuki’s eyes widening. Before her stood a male, long red hair tied into a ponytail. His eyes were green, his skin was pale looking and he bore a grin across his face that spoke more than mere words could ever aspire to. “R-Raphael?†She asked, her eyes wide. A low laugh came from the man, “Do you have any idea how badly it hurt to have my beautiful mane cut off to pose as your sweetheart?†The man asked, chuckling and shaking his head. Asuki’s eyes narrowed, “You… knew…†She said slowly, growling. The man spoke, continuing his sentence as if she hadn’t spoken, “This much.†He replied as he became a blur, a sharp pain entering Asuki’s gut and shooting through her back, blood spilling from her mouth as she was lurched into the air. She looked down, seeing the arm of the man up to the forearm where it melded into something else, metal, no, silver! She coughed, knowing exactly what he was and what was happening. He pulled back and spun off the momentum, slamming his heel into her face, sending her flying twenty feet away catching the ground and skipping along it for five feet. Asuki groaned, pushing off the ground, her shadow made clothing falling to bits before her. “Oh my… a nudist are we?†Came the man’s voice as he appeared next to her. The breath left the vampress’ lungs as she was chunked into the air by his foot. She soon felt her own ankle being snatched and her momentum changing as he swung her straight down into the ground, destroying the concrete and making a five foot crater. The man landed and laughed almost victoriously, grinning down at her, “I was told you were going to be a challenge, Asuki.†He spoke as the vampress rose weakly to her feet, growling and trying to focus, “But you’re just like every other vampire I’ve executed.†He gave another howl of laughter, mocking her. Asuki took this chance, lunging up and balling a fist, aiming for his face. He quickly snapped his head back to dodge the hit, smirking, “No dice.†He spoke as he launched into the air and quickly came back down, impaling the back of Asuki’s fist and slamming his bladed arm into the ground. Asuki screamed in pain, her body giving spasms as her hand was impaled. The man grins and pulls back, a flesh clad arm separating from the large blade, leaving the vampire pinned to the ground, growling and baring her fangs, glaring at the man. He smirks now, eyes wide and sadistic in appearance, “Here I thought you’d be a challenge.†He laughed maniacally, running a hand through his hair as he let his ego run rampant for the time being.

    Wish for an Angel

    Steady breathing echoes in the alleyway as a heavily clothed figure breathes warm air into his padded hands, shivering despite the four layers of clothing her bore upon his frame. The wind bit the corners of the builds on either side of the man, forcing his sky blue eyes shut, purple-dyed black hair hung over his face to the bridge of his longish nose. His face was clean and his cheeks were hollow, skin iridescent with body glitter. Under the layers of warmth he wore a fish net tank top, skin tight leather pants and a spiked collar. His eyes were dark rimmed with eyeliner; his lips tinted a black and red color with lipstick, nails coated dark red. His body seemed thin, but the flesh was etched perfectly, abdominal muscles, biceps, triceps, thighs, claves, all were toned to a natural extent. His body was hairless, save his scalp, eyebrows, and eye lashes, but still a masculine vibe radiated off him just like the sex he knew he was getting emitted from his heart. His name: Zack.
    Zack smiled softly, a faint red tint coming to his cheeks as he thought about his date for the night. He was a more effeminate than Zack, he actually dressed like a girl sometimes, but still only got on his knees for men. They had been seeing each other for a few weeks, and tonight, Zack thought, was the night he’d get laid. Zack had been waiting for this since they first met and originally had thought it’d be just a seduction and a fucking. In the end, Zack was the one seduced and could only think about having that naughty little bitch in his arms. His loins stirred, pressing to his tight pant’s crotch, he cursed, the layers of clothing making it almost impossible to readjust himself. Zack peaked out from the alley, glancing down the sidewalk, smiling as he saw the familiar blue jacket of his date; his date’s name was Julian, a fairly unisexual name. Julian was about ten feet away when a loud bang rang through the air. They both stopped movement and turn toward the opposing side walk, a scream echoing off the close quarters of the buildings. Zack glanced across the way, a figure lay on the ground, another stood poised with a gun in his hand, a third stood about a foot away from the strewn out body, hands to her face and staring in terror at their assailant.
    Zack’s eyes narrowed and he looked to Julian, waving him over as he reached into his pocket, grabbing his cell and handing it to his would-be date, “Call 911.†He ordered, Zack’s voice was light, but still male in tone, his attention soon turned back to the shooter and the woman. Zack reached down, the curb still held snow and he scooped up some of it, forming a ball as he began running at the two across the street, grabbing---
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    Sorry for the gross amount of posts, it was too big to upload and too many characters to just make one big post, so it had to be divided up, this is on going, as you'll notice in the second to last post, it trails off.
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    my eyes is red now! Thank for this story.

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