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    My girlfriend loves it when i send her dirty messages. So tonight she has demanded that by the weekend I'm to write a hand written story, signed at the end with my blood. Its then to be placed in an envelope and stamped with a seal that is a mixture of wax and blood. Good stuff. I figured i'd post it on here to see what some of you guys/girls think, a sort of second oppinion before i handwirte it. This is just the first part cuz i've gotta go to get some sleep. So yeah, any comments/criticism/pointers will be much apprecited.

    She returned home at about 9 o’clock, a bit later than usual. It had been stormy all day and as result, the driving conditions were awful. She ran in from the car. Luckily she didn’t get to wet as it was a mere 30 second run from the car to her door. She opened the front door, threw her bag and coat on to the sofa, before turning on the light. Nothing. She tried the light in the kitchen. Nothing there either. She assumed there had been a power cut because of the weather, lit some candles and thought nothing more of it. She sat on the sofa and with nothing else to keep her entertained, she began to read ‘Dante’s Inferno’ which was leant to her by her boyfriend.

    After an hour or so she decided she should feed the cats, so she made her way to the kitchen. She was only in there for a few minutes, but when she returned there was something missing. Her bag and coat had disappeared from where she had left them on the sofa. Confused she looked around; they were nowhere to be seen. She thought that she must have put them in her bedroom but forgotten due to how tired she was. She put the cat’s food down and made her way to the bedroom.

    She opened the door and reached for the light switch. Still nothing. It was completely dark in there. She could only just see her own hand in front of her face. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t see the shadowy figure behind her edging closer every second. She couldn’t see the figure as he stood right next to her, breathing softly. She couldn’t see him as he reached for her throat.
    She woke up what felt like an eternity later. She was lying on the bed flat on her back. She quickly opened her eyes, but could still see nothing. She was blindfolded. She tried to sit up. She couldn’t move. She could just about lift her head of the pillow.

    “Easy now,†came a voice from across the room, “you don’t want to hurt yourself.â€

    She knew that voice. It was her boyfriend. She tried to speak, but all that came out was a muffled mumble. Her boyfriend had taped over her mouth.

    “I thought I’d surprise you. I hope you like it.â€

    She could hear footsteps approaching the bed. They got closer. The footsteps stopped. She could feel his warm breath on her cheek. She began squirming around, but swiftly realised that it was pointless.

    “Please my love, do not struggle.†He said excitedly, “I don’t want any marks left on you by the ropes. What will people think if they saw them?â€

    Something in his voice made her realise exactly what was going on. Over the brief time that they had been a couple, her boyfriend had come up with many elaborate stories about entering her flat and having his way with her. The stories, she thoroughly enjoyed, but now that she was in the middle of one, that feeling had turned into one of terror. Deep down she knew that he was going to act on all of these fantasy stories he had come up with at some point, but she didn’t want to admit it to herself.

    “Right, we’ll be starting shortly. But first I need to remove your clothes. I know. I know it’s a beginner’s mistake and I should have stripped you before I tied you up. Never mind though! The scissors you keep in the kitchen will make short work of your clothes.â€

    He rushed to the kitchen and within two minutes, she was completely naked. It was silent again now. There were no footsteps, no sounds of him breathing, no sound at all. Then she felt it. His hand had gently brushed her chest, only for a split second. She had no idea what he was doing, but that only lasted a second. She felt a sharp pain followed by a warm sensation. He had cut her chest. Bright red blood began flowing out of the cut before trickling down her chest and over her tits. He cut again and again. Her chest felt as if it was on fire, but she couldn’t help feeling a sudden rush of excitement and hornyness at the thought of what he was doing. He began to tease blood from the cuts by squeezing and stretching them, until not another drop could be forced. He removed her blindfold.

    “Look. Look how beautiful your chest looks.†He pulled her head up by her hair. “Now your chest looks as pretty as mine did that night you cut me.†He began rubbing his free hand over her blood soaked chest.

    At the sight of all the blood and the fresh cuts, she was instantly wet. Her boyfriend leant forward and began slowly licking every trail of blood. As he did this, she closed her eyes and began to writhe about. He knew every part of her to touch to turn her on.

    “Now, I’m going to remove the tape from your mouth. If you scream, I’ll have to put it back on. Okay?â€

    A worried glint appeared in her eye and she nodded her head in agreement. He slowly removed the tape from her mouth. She gasped with relief, but didn’t utter another sound. She opened her eyes again to see him sitting astride her. His mouth was covered in fresh red blood. He leant forward and gently placed his lips upon hers. He kissed her passionately, their tongues sensually caressing each other. Tasting her blood on his kiss was amazing. They seemed to kiss for hours. But then he pulled away hurriedly. He re-gagged her, retrieved the blindfold and again she was plunged into darkness.
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    Great start filfy. Can't wait to read more. Thanks for sharing

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    Filfy, awesome writing. Now you make me wonder what is going to happen next.

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    Same here...more! :)
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    thanks all.
    not sure if i will post more or not. the gf found out i'd posted it on here, and well, she wasn't too happy about it. I guess i'll have to double check with her.
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    Did you just encourage us to bother your top for more of your writing? Wonder what she will think of that.
    Good writing by the way.
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    erm, yeah, rather stupidly i did. perhaps i should remove that bit before she reads it, i'm gunna be in enough trouble as it is.

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    Aww no! :(

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