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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by godofthunder, May 14, 2010.

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    Probably most of you know about couchsurfing idea, where people are traveling around the world and finding place to sleep on that website for free at other members of couchsurfing.

    Well, I have more perverted idea of couchsurfing, and I would like you to participate with me...

    here is one blonde cutie, her name is Marta. She has 19. years. Lets imagine she is traveling around the world, and she i staying for one night at your place, like it would be on CS community...

    But the difference is that while she is at your place, you can do with her whatever you want with her. You can rape her for whole night, invite a friends and serve her as a fuck toy, beat her, torture her... Whatever sick desire you have. While she is at your place, she is forced to do whatever you want...

    Lets just exclude murdering her, causing serious injuries and similar, she has to be at another person next night also :))

    Here are some photos of her, so they can turn you more on...





    if you like this idea, and there will be some respond, I will post more of her pictures...

    p. s. I hope I didn't miss the board. :)
  2. erinbi2003

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    Sounds like a good idea

    my Mistress instructed me to post the following. The girl would be brought to a party with a large number of Doms and subs. she would be taken into the room and trussedup arms above head and legs 1.5 times shoulder width apart. Then her clothes would be stripped off her and the Doms would inspect every inch of her body. she would be told if any of her parts were less than pleasing. If her cunt was not shaved it will be. Then she will be blind folded and left to listen as the subs in the room are punished. she will hear the crys and screams but not know what cuased them. Next it will be her turn. The doms will do with her what ever and with what ever they like. in the morning she will be droped off at her next location..
  3. Horse

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    This is crazy guys, very well done. I'm afraid I don't have such a good immagination, but I can suggest you this place It's a nice collection of pay and tube porn sites with blonde cuties sex stories.

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