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    This is an old "passion project" of mine, that never got past the introductory phase. Now that I'm starting to revisit it, I'll think I'll peg on a few more chapters when I get the time. The actual erotica of it doesn't come into play until later due to the large amount of back story, but I'm still proud of it nonetheless.

    The noonday summer sun peirced the tinted windows of my BMW as I sped down the abandoned countryside of northern california. It was a good hour and a half drive from civilization. I had’nt seen jack in ages, but old college buddies always stay in touch. When I told him on facebook that i was passing through so-cal on buisness he offered to put me up for a few nights. jack always was a little strange, something about the way he carried himself always made him stand out. and we had never been terribly close (I had preferred to spend all that i was worth and more in the pubs and whore houses of downtown while he pinched every penny passing his time with his nose in a book back at the frat), but no writer worth his salt ever turns down free feed or lodgings, so i set out for what i anticipated would be an interesting weekend at my former kappa-pi brother residence. little did i know how right i was.

    the scent of LA smog still eminated from the leather in my seats as I pulled up to the open gate, i noticed it had electric warning signs, but lacked the buzz of a live current as I pressed the call button and waited to hear a voice. 5 minutes. nothing. called again. another 5 passed. still nothing. well the gates where wide open, so i drove on through looking for signs of human life. As i drove cuatiously down the dirt road/driveway an amazing sight filled my eyes. gorgeous gardens, orchards upon orchards of grapes, oranges, apples, other exotic fruits i didnt recognize, and several acres of wheat. german shepards ran alongside my path running and barking and jumping. jeeps, pick-up trucks, motorcycles, 4-wheelers and cars of every stripe lied either freshly polished or smothered in mud outside of a handful of log cabin styled garages and stables and barnes. What the hell was this place? was I lost? or had jack gotten a job as a ranch hand? no, he didnt seem the type… and something was strangely familiar about the layout of this place, but i couldnt put my finger on it.

    Still debateing if i was in the right place as I pulled up to the main building, a beautifull three story cobblestone estate of beige brick and mortar. arabic (or perhaps gothic?) window arches with french windows frames skinned the get-up. solar panels roofed the entire structure and the front porch, which was held up by roman pillars. more lincon-log cabin structures sprouted from the exterior walls on either sides. this was some hum-dinger of a place, it reminded me of a cross between a scotish castle and those missionary churches of the old west. since there was no real drive way, i just followed suit of the jeeps and parked on the lonliest peice of grass i could find. the dogs sniffed my tires before running off to chase some other game. I stepped out into dry heat of the so-cal day and gingerly jogged up onto the porch. nobody seemed to be around. Instead of a front door was an archway large enough to drive my car through. above the lip or the arch, was etched “all that lives is god, do as you willâ€

    it was noticably cooler within the building. the first thing that i notice as i enter is to my left, a sizeable gun collection. at least 15 or so carbines, with twice as many .45 hand cannons. all perfectly maintained and cleaned, with enough empty spots on the rack to field a hit squad . I suddenly felt very naked. I looked behind me, now paranoid. on the other side of the arch lip that i had entered through was another inscription “did you remember to dress?†to my right was a gigantic walk-in style closet full of mens and womens clothes, but i wouldnt have known it was there if it had smacked me in the face. my gaze was fixed on an oversized waist high glass jar, filled to the brim, no—overflowing… with money. canadian, mexican and american coins and bills, not just singles either. the face of benjamin franklin stared up at me from the floor. what the fucking hell was this…

    My mind was still trying to peice this all together when an ear shattering shreik of excitment came from the closet. before my heart had the chance to jump into my throat a pair of silky smooth arms wrapped themselves around my waist and a pair of wet lucious bee stung lips pressed themselves deep onto mine. It was a hell of a kiss. the kind of deep, long, loving, sensious kiss that short-circuts a mans brain and makes him temprarily retarded. I didnt know what the hell had happened but I didnt want it to end. slowly the lips pulled back, and i got to see the face they belonged too. A woman, strikingly beautifull. so much so you have to spy it in short glances or it will hurt to look at it. she stared back at me with icy blue eyes through wisps of raven black bangs.

    “you must be benny! I’m so glad you’re finally here! I’ve heard so much about you! did you find the place okay? that doesnt matter. the boys are out hunting, but we heard shots so they should be back anytime soon.â€

    I tried to think of something to say but “uhhh†was the only sound that i could manage. I looked this woman up and down with our hands still gripping lovehandles. she was dressed in nothing but a full body tatoo from her ankles to her neck, full supple breasts a canvas for an oriental tiger bearing its teeth in a mighty roar. I looked back at the money, beyond confused.

    “oh i’m sorry the place is such a mess, we’re always falling behind on the house keeping, but thats no excuse. we really should tidy up when theres guests in the house†she said. she ran over and heaped three full hanfulls of bills back into the jar, (7 jeffs and old ben still eyed the roof) before she immediately removed my suit-jacket and hung it up in the closet. I didnt know where the fuck to start.

    “i’m terribly embarrassed miss, but I don’t know who the hell you are.†I said blushing a color i didnt know grown men could blush.

    “OH! silly me, where are my manners? I’m holly, jacks wife.â€
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    here I was standing in my buddies house, invited through our friendship and had unkowingly smooched his wife. who was, by the way, standing infront of me leaving all that nature gave her for the world to see (and what a sight it was). a surge of guilt ran up my spine and back down again, settling somewhere in my stomach. what was this broads game? was she trying to get me killed? I braced myself against the empty gunrack in bewilderment. the guilt was quickly replaced by a sense of betrayal. what was this bitch trying to do to me?

    “what the fuck are you thinking!â€

    “ohhhhh… ben didnt tell you.†she said with an ear to ear grin spreading aross her face. â€we do things a little differently around here. alot differently in fact. its not what you would call your average family.â€

    “thats for damn sure! start talking!â€

    “a proper explaination would best be done over dinner. but dont worry! jack wont be the slightest bit upset.†“go ahead and throw whatever clothes you want into the closet, we dont have much use for them around here. then follow me.â€

    I didnt care what this walking tattoo of a tramp said. I wasnt about to trust an unfaithful wife. If I was going to get chased out of my old friends house i was’nt going to do it in my birthday suit. I kicked off my shoes out of respect and followed her reluctantly down the hallway.

    at least thats the best way I could explain the main room. reminscent of an aircraft hanger or train station terminal with its two story high ceiling and second floor balcony-walkways which where supported by roman pillars, it took up most of the building. every third pillar was hollowed out and had a mini-fireplace inside it, and each pillar held a victorian style wall lamp. behind the rows of pillars were doors that led to other smaller rooms. directly in front of the reception area I had just come through was an almost-olympic sized swimming pool. exotic animal skins draped hammocks large enough for two or three people. these hung from any two points high enough off the ground and close enough together. leather armchairs (the kind you see at a shrinks office) layed about draped in blankets and furs. sculptures and statues of gods and godesses where equally as plentiful, strewn about in the same fashion. tall lamps and flood lights where spotted here and there, i assume to read the books. oh my lord the books, books upon books upon books. throughout the entire chamber I was hard pressed to find a half squarefoot of wallspace not taken up by a full bookshelf or painting, more bookshelves stood helter skelter in any place there was room enough for them. on the other side of the the pool lay an area the size of a basketball court with tables layed out in no particular organized fashion, supporting the strangest assortment of things I had ever seen, that I gazed at like a kid as we walked passed them. laptop computers, desktops, telivision sets, radio boomboxes and stereo equipment, (most where half disasesmbled) chemistry sets (not the kind you get as a kid either) surgical tools, a dentists chair, machinery of every kind. even an engine of some sort was present. beyond this she lead me to what i assumed was a dinning area. instead of any couch or chairs, a circular couch large enough to sit two college classrooms sunk straight into the floor. a circular table was inside the circular couch, with the mathmetical symbol for pi etched into its face. beyond this dinning area was a small one story green house, set up against a backdrop of a double staircase leading to the second floor. the largest window I had ever seen covered the far wall, reaching up all the way to the roof it looked out on the rolling hills and cliffs of so-cal gleaming in the sunlight. over the upper portion of the window hung a gigantic black and reg flag I had never seen before. It hung imperiously over the entire place like a king on a throne.

    she told me to have a seat and I did. she sat down unusually close to me, (still naked as ever) and i scooched away. she rolled her eyes and let out a sigh.

    “don’t worry about the kiss ben, its something we just do around here.â€

    “what do you mean?â€

    “well I could go into detail about how it originated in biblical times and was abolished by the church in 92ad but I dont want too bore you. its as common as shaking hands in this place, so you can relax.â€

    i did alow myself to stop doing perimiter scans (old habits die hard) and turned my gaze back to her.â€well thats certaintly an odd way of doing thing mrs. novalace, and could you put some clothes on? its making me uncomfortableâ€

    “oh please, call me holly. and you’ve traveled abroad haven’t you ben?â€

    “if the slums of germany and france count as abroad then I guess you could say thatâ€

    “haven’t you ever encountered customs you found strange in those countries?â€

    “well yeah. theyre different countriesâ€

    “and did you act this way when you encountered them?â€

    “well no, i suppose notâ€

    “and why is that?â€

    “you kind of expect it. its a different country and all, and when you go into another mans house you honor the way he does things to be polite†I said sheepishly.

    “exactly.†she said matter-of-factly. â€here we do things in a way where clothing is optional and we kiss as a greeting, please dont be offended by itâ€

    “well with all due respect mrs. nova-†i stopped myself. â€all due respect, holly. but that wasnt just a french hello. last time someone kissed me like that i payed good money for it.â€

    she shot her head back and let out a hearty laugh. “the french did manage to retain the custom in a PG-13 sort of way, but when the original apostles started building early christendom it was done the way we do itâ€

    “so its a religous thing?†I asked.

    “you could say that. as far as the word religion applies to what we do here†she said.

    “yeah. exactly what do you do here?â€

    “we live. we work. we play. we learn. we love. its a wonderful placeâ€

    “i’m sure, thats got to be half a million dollars back by the door.â€

    “oh heavens no! thats just the change jar. we all throw what we make into it and if someone needs money when they head out its there for them to grabâ€

    “dont you worry aboout theft?â€

    “well burglars are rare in these parts, even if they wer’nt they wouldnt make it past the fence or the dogs without getting spotted. anyone who is’nt welcome to it isnt welcome in this house. you can’t steal what belongs to you.

    i nodded my head in solemn recognition.â€communismâ€

    â€as much as the word communism applies. if a man gives his wife and children access to his bank account is that communism? we’re a family hereâ€

    “I suppose not. what word does apply?†i said with one eyebrow raised.

    “none. there is no name for it becuase its a completely unique idea in human history, so up until now theres been no need to name it. we just call it “the home†and what we do “the disciplineâ€

    “well whats the discipline?â€

    “that my dear is another conversation entirely†she said patting my knee “and i havent even gotten you something to snack on. you must be famished from the trip.†she got up and climbed to the floor. “make yourself comfortable, me-casa su-casa and all that jazz†she said as she walked away.

    I tried not to stare at her body as she did, but between the shape of it, the exquisite art work covering it, and the way it moved… well, if looks where clothes she wouldnt have been naked long. She came back with shortly with a tray of figs, grapes and cherries. and she wasnt the alone. over the next hour two dozen or more women came out in two’s or threes setting the most delicous feast i had ever seen on the table. some ran back to attend other things, and they took turns keeping me company with conversation. ranging from 19-ish to late thirties, anywhere from supermodel slim, to toned and tan, to pleasantly plump. just as unclothed as holly, and all just as painfully beautifull, in different ways. they all introduced themselves with that same lustfull kiss which put me at ease about playing tonsil hockey with jacks wife, and i have to say, it was a very pleasant experience each time. we all swapped stories and talked about oursleves. jackie was a vegas show girl back before she broke her leg. samantha had just graduated top of her class from law school. nicole was a nurse. tabby used to be a grade school history teacher. rosa was a simple farm girl from across the border on a student visa. holly had been a tatoo artist. we took turns telling jokes and feeding eachother grapes, i dont think a single minute passed i didnt have a girl under each arm and one resting her head on my lap. it was grand. holly reminded me dinner wouldnt be until the guys got back from hunting, so i paced myself with the grapes.

    I was curious about this “the discipline†buisness but I learned a long time ago when in a different culture that anything can be taboo, and its best to let your host choose the topics. so i wasnt going to press the issue.

    When the guys came back, the bakers dozen of them carried the carcasses of two white tailed deer and an adolescent brown bear. most of them wore cargo pants or shorts with hiking boots, while some just wore the boots. they varied in ages just as the women, anywhere from early twenties to late forties, all in excellent shape. sweat dirt and blood caked their sunworn skin. they all threw their clothes in the closet and tossed the fresh kills into one of the side rooms, while a tall black man cleared the chamber of each rifle and place it on the rack. a few moments later they came out of a seperate room washed up and nude. the younger ones horseplayed and teased eachother while the older men chatted as they walked to the table.
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    “ben struegger, you son of a bitch how’ve you been†jack said as he clapped his hand on my shoulder. I jumped up and hugged’em without thinking about the fact he wasnt dressed. I was just finally happy to see a familiar face. his hair was much longer then the last time i saw him, almost to his eyebrows. he had grown a soul patch but he still carried a small scar on his left cheek from a bad bar fight he saved me from way back.

    “jack! you ugly bastard, you’re still kicking!â€

    “for now at least†he said. “I took it you met the girls?â€

    “most of them i think, real sweet bunch. coulda told me you guys are a damn nudist colony around here, woulda saved me some surprises.â€

    “and miss the story about the look on your face? not in a million years.†he said with a shit-eating grin stretching across his snug face. “guys!†he shouted back at the group. â€this is ben! Grade-A asshole and stand up fella†each one of the guys came over and gave me a bear hug as they told me there names. this time i was a little embarrassed by the lack of denim but it didnt come across as creepy.

    the big black guy, duncan i think his name was. took a hammer and pounded a tap into a big wooden barrel, and filled a jug of wine. everyone filled up a cup and sat down. rosa had a filled herself up on grapes so she played a guitar while everyone dug in to the feast. that was the first time i actually ate a roast pig with an apple in its mouth like you see in the movies. the strangest thing was that i began to feel embarrassed by the fact i was the only one with clothes on; like the one kid who never uses the school showers after gym class. I just felt out of place. I excused myself to use the bathroom and came back sporting only my boxers (i’m not THAT open minded afterall) I sat back down and listened to the different conversations.

    “so ben, you’re a writer?†dylan (a blonde 22 year old kid fresh out of college) asked me.

    “yeah, picked it up as a bad habit after i got out of the army. turns out publishers are dumber than dogs so i make a living off it.†I replied off hand.

    a white haired but well built man who everyone reffered to simply as “doc†let out a deep hearty laugh. “well then that explains why i gave up publishing for med school.â€

    “sorry doc, didnt mean to offendâ€

    “nonesense boy! its funny to none if its not offensive to some.â€

    “speaking of offensive†i turned my head to jack. your wife gave me the quick and dirty on how different this place is. “what are the rules in this joint?â€

    “there are no rules ben†dylan awnsered me. “this is a completely free society, everyone does just about anything they want whenever they want, as long as it doesnt hurt anyone else against their consent.â€

    “anything?†I asked.

    “anything.†jack said.

    “i dont understand, how did you come across this place? whats the story? how does it work?â€

    “we built it. with our own hands.†he took a sip of his drink. “you got time?â€

    “all weekend†I replied.

    “i’ll start at the beginningâ€
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    Chapter 2

    so this is right around where I started to get writers block. I bit off a little more than I can chew in a sense. I have 30 characters that I have introduced at once, who are all intended to become personalities in their own right, without just becoming extras in the background, as well a few that haven't come along yet... I just can't come up with that many personalities that quickly, without all of them becoming generic. plus aside from a kiss, I haven't started any form of the erotica yet, and I don't want the reader to lose interest. Maybe that's just the perfectionist in me talking. Anyway, back to the story

    "Wow jack... thats one hell of a story" Ben said as he stared at the table deep in thought.

    "every word of it true my boy!" doc added.

    "so thats when you came here to So-cal?" Ben asked.

    "not at all Benny, That was just the beginning." I said, ignoring Duncan who had been completely silent all throughout the dinner. His eyes staring a hole in me. "We've all traveled our fair share, in two's or threes. Theres even a few brothers and sisters welcome here that are travelling now. We all leave and go into the outside world for some time, but we always come back." I stole a glance back at Duncan. Still silent, still hungry, still angry. I felt the mound of flesh between my legs moisten as he eyed me. There was a long silence, pierced only by the sound of Rosa's guitar still strumming along. I didn't want Benny to pick up on the tension in the room.

    "so Ben, now that you know the story, or rather most of it, what are your thoughts?" Jackie asked.

    Benny stroked his goatee and thought deeply. "Well to be honest I don't know what to think... And to be perfectly honest I can't help but think there's a few pieces you and Jackie-boy over here intentionally left out, holly."

    The guitar stopped mid strum. There was an audible sound of flesh rubbing tightly against glass as Duncan closed his grip around his cup into a fist.

    "And why do you say that my boy" doc asked intrigued.

    "I understand you do things differently, and I know that never goes over well in the midwest--hell that's never gone over well anywhere--but people don't get that upset over a bunch of naked folks who keep a big jar of money in their living room. Whatever it is, as long as it doesn't break your only rule about not hurting people I could care less, and its your business... but you have to understand that people fear what they don't understand. You can't expect anything else from people, and really you can't blame them for it."

    CHALLENGE!!!! Duncan roared as he shot out of his seat like lava erupting from a volcano, knocking over plates and cups this way and that.

    "... sit down Dun." my husband said smoothly and authoritatively, not taking his eyes off his plate.

    "BUT HE, HE-"

    "I SAID SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!" jack bellowed louder than a shotgun blast, his eyes still on his plate. He took a deep breath, and moved only his eyes up on the infuriated Duncan, staring up at him from under his bangs in the most sinister way. "I will not tolerate this kind of rudeness to my guests. A challenge to him, is a challenge to me" Jack continued with his voice back under control, again intimidating its smoothness. Duncan continued to stand only for a few seconds contemplating this, before he plumped back into his chair staring at his still balled fists, still hyperventilating. I was surprised to find that my nipples pebbled and my seat soaked from the heated exchange. Even if my mind knew this was dead serious, my body still reacted to the tension like it was a scene.

    "Jack honey, maybe we should all cool down in our own way, then we can come back and pick up where we left off? Besides, I still have to go into town and get the supplies we need." Before I finished Duncan was out of his seat and stomping off the second floor.

    "Fantastic idea pet, take Dylan and Lance with you. Ben, I'd like to show you the rest of the property, we have a lot of acres here and I know how you get all mushy over scenery. Doc, you go talk to Dun. Everyone else can start cleaning."

    Minutes later I exited the home, and hopped in a jeep the boys had already been leaning up against impatiently while I donned my highheeled boots, jeans and leather jacket. They where in T-shirts and cargo shorts as usual, with their usual pistols in belt holsters around their waists. I started the engine rolled out past the gate sorting the most recent events in my head, as I'm sure the boys where doing the same. We drove for most of the next half hour with songs on the radio being the only exception to the silence. Lance was the first to break it.

    "You know, Dun never said it, but the man has a point. This new guy isn't one of us."

    "Doesn't give him the excuse to challenge the man to a fight he doesn't know how to win. Ben wouldn't stand a chance." Dylan replied.

    "Duns just new. Thats all. He's not used to living with other doms twenty-four-seven, much less dealing with a head dom. Once he adjusts he'll calm down. Besides, you know what he went through on the outside..." Lance explained.

    "Maybe we should have just been straight up with ben? You know, told him everything?" Dylan asked himself.

    I let out a chuckle. "No chance in hell that would have worked Dill, the poor man almost had a heart attack when I kissed him. We have to introduce him to it slowly or he'll reject it."

    "So why is he even here, hol? We shouldn't have to walk on eggshells for an outsider. And if he gets his panties all in a bunch about it we have to pack up move again? He a writer for fucks sake, we don't need this."

    "Well you'd have to ask jack, but I think that's exactly the point Lance. We need this-we need him, because he is a writer. A very popular writer. He can show us to the outside world in a way that no one can. People already think we're the next Waco, we have to fix that." I replied.

    We pulled into the Wegmans on the short mainstreet strip. As I got out of the truck, I saw a mother rush her two children away from us into her mini-van. I took a deep sigh, and began mentally preparing myself for the staring and whisper fest that was sure to follow.

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    “ohhhhh… ben didnt tell you.†she said with an ear to ear grin spreading aross her face. â€we do things a little differently around here. alot differently in fact. its not what you would call your average family.â€

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