The Long Way Home from Costa Rica

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    ‘I just called the airline to confirm our flights going back
    to Canada,’ Mike told his wife,
    Bobbie, as he sat down in the lounge of the Costa Rica Plaza,
    ‘and all I got was a damn
    answering machine that told me the airline had gone out of
    business and we would have
    to find another way home.’

    ‘My God, Mike, what are we going to do,’ she replied, ‘we
    don’t even have enough
    money to survive for more than a few days, let alone pay for
    another flight to Canada.’

    ‘That means we’re screwed, too,’ said Brandy, one of the two
    other young women at the
    table, who had been talking with Bobbie - Samantha and I were
    on the same airline and
    we don’t have a lot of money left either.’

    ‘This really sucks,’ said Samantha, ‘I think I’ll just go and
    call the airline and see if I can
    get through,’ rising up and leaving the lounge.

    Brandy started to cry - ‘My parents are on vacation in Europe
    and Samantha’s are away
    camping in Alaska - and it’s Friday night so we can’t even
    call the bank until next week -
    damn, I don’t have anything there either - I spent nearly
    everything on this trip.’

    ‘Mike, I have to be back at the office by Tuesday for sure,’
    Bobbie said, ‘I’ve already
    been away longer than I’m supposed to be - they gave me two
    extra days since you’re
    always away working and we hardly get to see each other.’

    ‘Yeah, honey, me too,’ he told her, ‘if I’m not on that
    company plane to the north this
    Wednesday, I’ll lose two weeks work, maybe even more - there’s
    got to be a way that we
    can get another airline and get home - what about our credit

    ‘We’re already up to the limit,’ Bobbie said, ‘well, pretty
    close anyway - there’s no way
    we can get two airline tickets back to Canada on them.’

    Samantha came back to the table with tears streaming down her
    face, saying ‘it’s true, we
    are stuck in Costa Rica, the airline’s gone bankrupt’.

    ‘Damn, we’re really stuck,’ said Brandy, ‘we have hardly any
    money and there’s nobody
    we can phone for help.’

    ‘Wait a minute,’ Bobbie said, ‘we could try the Canadian
    embassy - they could help us.’

    ‘They’ll be closed for the long weekend,’ Mike pointed out,
    ‘they won’t even see us until
    Tuesday and that’ll be too late - we have to be home by then.’

    ‘Excuse me,’ a voice with a latino accent interrupted,
    ‘perhaps I could be of some help
    with your dilemma - forgive me, I couldn’t help but overhear
    your conversation as I was
    at the next table - I might be able to help you raise the
    money to get home even today -
    my employer is a wealthy and influential man here in Costa
    Rica - I think that he might
    be willing to help you.’

    The latino man returned after some fifteen minutes and sat
    down at their table - ‘my boss,
    Don Ricardo dela Rosa, is willing to invite you to his
    hacienda this evening and he will
    have airline tickets for all of you - the only catch is that
    you will have to play one of his
    special games - at least, the three women will.’

    ‘Yeah, right,’ said Samantha, ‘so we’ll have to screw some
    latin millionaire to get our
    plane tickets home - no thanks latin man!’

    ‘No, that’s not the case at all,’ he said, ‘there are many
    beautiful women in Costa Rica
    and my boss is very handsome - he could have any of them - he
    will only ask the three of
    you to play a gambling game - if you win you’ll have some
    money as well as your plane
    tickets - if you lose he’ll tickle you but at least you’ll
    still have your plane ride home.’

    ‘Wait a minute,’ said Mike, ‘this guy you work for, this dela
    Rosa, will play a game with
    these girls and if they lose they get tickled but if they win
    he pays them - and for sure we
    get four plane tickets home - is that right?’

    ‘No way Mike,’ Bobbie said, ‘you know how ticklish I am - what
    if he tries to get at my

    ‘Yeah, me too,’ Samantha said, ‘nobody touches my feet and
    lives to talk about it - that is
    the most ticklish spot I’ve got.’

    ‘For me it’s my belly and my breasts,’ added Brandy, ‘I can’t
    take it there.’

    ‘Let’s just see what his boss has in mind,’ Mike suggested,
    ‘if it’s a game that we can win
    fairly easily it shouldn’t be a problem - you wouldn’t be
    taking much of a risk.’

    ‘It’s easy for you, Mike,’ Bobbie said, ‘they don’t want to
    tickle you - you’ll just get to sit
    and watch.’

    ‘My employer, Don dela Rosa, is a very nice and fair man,’ the
    man pointed out, ‘he only
    has a great love of tickling young women - he loves the sound
    of their laughter - I suggest
    that the four of you take him up on his offer to have dinner
    at his hacienda tonight - at the
    dinner he will explain exactly what he has in mind and you can
    then decide if you would
    like to accept his challenge or return to your hotel -
    meanwhile, if you’ll provide me with
    your names, I can see that the airline tickets are prepared
    for you this afternoon.’

    ‘Okay,’ said Bobbie, ‘I’m willing to have dinner with him and
    see what he has to say as
    long as I’m not obligated in any way.’

    ‘Yeah, me too,’ Samantha added.

    ‘Okay, me too,’ Brandy conceded, ‘but I’m trusting you guys.’

    The four stranded tourists then provided their names to Don
    dela Rosa’s assistant and the
    arrangements for a pickup at six o’clock that Friday evening
    were made.

    At the hacienda, the four met Don Ricardo dela Rosa, an
    elegant and handsome Latin
    gentleman in his early sixties - the man reminded them of Mr.
    Roarke, the owner and host
    of Fantasy Island on television - in fact, Mike remarked
    quietly to Bobbie ‘I wonder
    where Tattoo is’ for which she gently slapped him - Samantha
    said softly, ‘never mind
    Tattoo, it’s the plane, the plane I’m after’.

    The four were seated with Don dela Rosa and his assistant,
    whose name turned out to be
    Jose (go figure), for a wonderful steak and lobster dinner
    with all the trimmings and fine
    Mexican wines - apparently Don Ricardo owned several of the
    wineries - dinner was, of
    course, accompanied by great conversation in which everyone
    got to know each other a
    little better and Don dela Rosa was able to learn of the four
    young peoples life and work
    in Canada - the social worker, the bank teller, the store
    clerk and the oilfield mechanic.

    ‘Well, my friends,’ Don dela Rosa began, ‘I have a proposition
    for you - all four of you
    must accept my offer or it will not be completed - to
    demonstrate my good faith I have
    had Jose purchase four tickets on the American Airlines flight
    to Dallas on Sunday, and
    the connecting flight from there to Canada - here they are’ -
    he placed them on the table
    for all to see.
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    ‘The game I propose to play is solitaire - by Las Vegas rules
    of course - the deck will be
    randomly selected and dealt on a computer terminal - it will
    consist of 52 cards and the
    opening score will be a negative 52 points - each card that is
    placed on one of the home
    piles will credit 5 points to the score - thus, negative 47,
    negative 42, and so on - if the
    score at the end of the game is negative, the young ladies
    will be tickled for that number
    of minutes - if the score is positive, each will receive ten
    dollars in cash for each point - if
    all the cards are placed on the home piles, each will receive
    a flat ten thousand dollars
    placed directly into her bank account for that round.’

    ‘Well, that’s pretty easy,’ said Mike, ‘solitaire is a cinch
    to play - everbody knows it.’

    ‘I am happy that you feel that way,’ said Don dela Rosa, ‘you
    will be the one to play the
    solitaire on the computer terminal - for your efforts, you
    will receive all of the money that
    each girl receives - so your winnings will be the same as the
    others - only that you will
    not be tickled as they will.’

    ‘It still sounds complicated to me,’ said Samantha.

    ‘It is quite simple,’ explained Don dela Rosa, ‘my four
    servants will take the three of you
    to another room where you will be prepared for the game - they
    will then escort you into
    the tickling chamber where the three of you will be secured to
    the three tables - once you
    have been properly secured, Mike will play the first of the
    five games.’

    ‘So we can’t back out if we accept,’ asked Bobbie, ‘is that
    the way it works?’

    ‘You will be able to back out until the game commences - once
    the game is started the
    tickling chamber will be sealed and nothing can stop the
    system until all five rounds of
    the game are completed - the system is completely automatic.’

    ‘Okay, I’ll try it,’ said Bobbie, ‘if Samantha and Brandy are
    willing to do it.’ - the other
    girls agreed.

    ‘Please Mike, don’t screw this up,’ Bobbie said, ‘I don’t want
    to be tickled anymore than
    I absolutely have to.’

    ‘Yeah, Mike, don’t screw it up,’ taunted Samantha as she
    passed Mike.

    ‘Have fun,’ he responded.

    The three girls escorted Don dela Rosa’s servants, four young
    Mexican women, to a nice
    dressing room - it had baskets for clothing, baths and other
    amenities - they were told to
    remove all of their clothing and jewelry except for their
    panties - the girls complied - each
    of them developed gooseflesh as the coolness of the air hit
    her skin.

    Their eyes went wide and Brandy’s mouth fell open as they
    passed through the steel door
    and saw the three large light-blue x-shaped tables in the
    middle of the room - the top of
    each was padded and finished in soft blue leather - there were
    foam-lined stainless-steel
    restraints for the wrists, neck, abdomen, knees and ankles on
    each table.

    ‘My God,’ said Bobbie, ‘this is for real!’

    ‘Senorita,’ said Maria, one of the servants, to Bobbie,
    ‘please lie down on the table.’

    Bobbie took a deep breath and sat up on the side of the table
    - she turned and lay down on
    her back as Maria instructed - she saw Brandy and Samantha do
    the same on their tables -
    Brandy lay down on her side with her knees drawn up and up on
    one elbow - ‘how do I
    look,’ she taunted the others, ‘maybe I’ll get my picture
    taken here.’

    The latino girls drew each of their arms up beyond their heads
    and placed their wrists in
    the stainless steel restraints which promptly snapped shut -
    the girls then pulled their
    ankles to stretch their bodies - they then drew their legs
    apart and placed them onto the
    leg portions of the x-shape where the restraints snapped
    tightly about their knees and
    ankles - the girls then carefully secured the restraints
    around their abdomen and then
    around their necks - the three girls found their heads held
    perfectly back and down into a
    recessed portion of the tables - the four young latino girls
    then left the chamber and
    closed the heavy steel door.

    ‘Wow,’ said Bobbie, ‘do you two ever look sexy in that

    ‘So do you - you look good enough to eat,’ taunted Brandy,
    ‘like a cute little blonde
    buffet - I wonder if Mike is hungry.’

    ‘Yeah, but you don’t have a guy with you, maybe you’ll just be
    a treat for our host - or
    maybe you like other girls better than boys and you’ll be a
    treat for Samantha,’ taunted
    Bobbie as she tried to move her feet.

    ‘Ha! Ha!,’ Brandy responded.

    ‘Damn, this is scary,’ said Bobbie, ‘I’m helplessly strapped
    down, stretched out to the
    fullest length of my body and I can’t even lift my head to see
    my feet.’

    ‘At least we can still wiggle them,’ Samantha pointed out,
    then whispered ‘I’m really
    getting excited - I’m already wet.’

    ‘Me too,’ whispered Bobbie, ‘that’s probably why they left our
    underpants on - if we get
    really wet it’ll show.’

    In the meantime, Mike had been seated at the computer terminal
    - he was alone at the
    special computer station - the room was locked, of course, so
    that he would not be able to
    leave in an effort to rescue the three girls - the start of
    the game only required the push of
    the enter button - Don dela Rosa pushed an electrical switch
    and the upper portion of the
    wall on one side of the room slid open to reveal the inside of
    the tickling chamber.

    ‘Wow,’ said Mike, ‘how’d you ever get them to allow you to
    strap them down like that - I
    think Bobbie’d kill me if I ever even so much as suggested it
    to her.’

    Don dela Rosa pushed another switch and addressed the three
    young women in the
    tickling chamber, ‘ladies, we are ready to proceed - this will
    be the last chance you have
    to back out and decline my offer - Brandy, are you willing to
    proceed with the game.’

    ‘Yeah, I guess,’ she responded, as she tested the restraints
    that held her.

    ‘Me too,’ said Bobbie, ‘just get on with it before I change my
    mind - hey Mike, I’ll bet
    you’re really enjoying this aren’t you - just wait till I can
    get you back.’

    ‘And I’m ready too,’ said Samantha.

    ‘In that event the game will begin with round one - you may
    watch the play on the screen
    over the center table - the first round will be for the
    tickling of the breasts.’

    The girls watched with both dread and excitement as the game
    continued on the computer
    screen - the cards were carefully moved from place to place as
    Mike worked through the
    drawing pile - the score went 52/47/42/37/32/27/22/17/12/7 -
    and Don dela Rosa stated
    over the intercom that the final score for the round was 7
    minutes of tickling on the
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    ‘Oh, my God,’ Brandy said, as two mechanical arms rose up from
    below the tables, two
    rotors with stiff colorful feathers unfolded and began to turn
    slowly - the computer system
    measured the girls’ breasts and located their nippels which
    were already hard and erect -
    they then lowered the feathered rotors which began to work
    across the bottom of each of
    their breasts slowly making their way up toward the high point
    in the middle - the rotors
    then lifted over their nippels and worked from the very tops
    of their breasts down toward
    the high point again.

    Bobbie and Samantha snickered and giggled a little as the
    feathers did their work - but
    Brandy howled with laughter as she desperately tried to move
    her torso from side to side
    to get away from the relentless feathers slowly approaching
    her stiff, erect and very
    sensitive nippels - she really lost it when the feathers were
    finally drawn, one after the
    other, over the tight little bits of flesh - ‘Aaaaaah,’ she
    screamed, ‘oh my Go-o-o-o-d, I
    can’t ta-a-a-a-ke this anymore’ - the other two also started
    to laugh more intensely, in part
    because of the increased sensations on each of their breasts
    but also in part because of the
    hysterical laughter coming from the table on the right - then
    the rotors lifted upward, the
    feathers folded away and the arms retracted below the tables.

    After they caught their breath, Samantha said, ‘that was
    interesting - I wonder what’s

    ‘Yeah,’ added Bobbie, ‘that was quite some laughing going on
    over there.’

    ‘I told you guys my tits were ticklish,’ Brandy responded, ‘I
    thought I was gonna piss

    ‘That’s probably why they left our panties on,’ observed
    Samantha, ‘they’ll see it when
    we get them wet.’

    ‘Now, ladies, round two is about to begin,’ Don dela Rosa
    announced, as leather blocks
    arose to the sides of each girl’s head to prevent turning from
    side to side, ‘the round will
    be for the tickling of the soft sensitive area under your

    ‘Oh shit, that’s gonna drive me crazy,’ Samantha pointed out,
    ‘especially with my head
    tilted back light this and the skin of my throat stretched
    tightly and totally vulnerable.’

    ‘I know,’ said Bobbie, ‘this guy really knows female anatomy -
    he knows exactly how
    and where to get us.’

    The girls watched with some trepidation as the cards were
    played on the computer screen
    - 52/47/42/37/32/27/22/17/12 - then no further - all of the
    cards had been drawn - ‘the
    result is 12 minutes of tickling under the chin.’

    The two arms with the feathered rotors reappeared from beneath
    each table and unfolded
    almost directly over the faces of the three girls - they tried
    desperately to move their heads
    but the only possible movement was to tilt it further back and
    thereby expose more of the
    sensitive skin of their throats.

    ‘Aaaaaah,’ Samantha cried, as the feathers started stroking
    the sensitive skin of her neck
    below her chin, ‘oooooooh, shit, ha-ha-haaa,’ she went on -
    the other girls also laughed
    and laughed uncontrollably as the tickle torture of the small,
    vulnerable and highly
    sensitive area went on and on - Bobbie desperately tried to
    move her torso, clenched her
    small fists and flexed her toes repeatedly as the tickling
    continued - then it stopped - the
    arms again folded away beneath the tables and the clamps
    holding their heads folded into
    the area below.

    ‘Jesus,’ Brandy gasped, ‘for sure I’m gonna piss myself before
    this thing is over - man,
    that’s awful.’

    ‘Actually,’ Samantha responded, ‘it’s beginning to turn me on
    - I can feel it in my belly.’

    ‘Don’t say belly,’ Bobbie cautioned, ‘he hasn’t touched that
    yet - don’t give him any

    ‘It is time for round three, ladies, for the tickling of the
    sensitive area under your arms.’

    The cards again appeared on the computer screen and the three
    young women watched
    anxiously as the scores were tallied after each play -
    52/47/42/37/32/27/22/17/12/7/2 - it
    then continued on the plus side 3/8/13 - it stopped.

    ‘Round three has resulted in a win of one-hundred-thirty
    dollars for each of you - you will
    not be tickled under your arms.’

    ‘Thank God,’ said Brandy, ‘that’s another bad spot for me.’

    ‘I think all your spots must be bad spots,’ said Samantha,
    ‘that’s why you don’t play very
    much - I think you’re a little tickle girl.’

    ‘Haha,’ said Brandy, ‘I’ve got you a few times too, babe!’

    ‘Ladies, it is time for round four, the tickling of your
    stomach area’ - the girls watched the
    computer screen again - their celebration coming to an abrupt
    end - 52/47/42/37/32/27 -
    it stopped at 27 - ‘the result, ladies, is 27 minutes of
    tickling on your stomachs - that will
    make up for the loss of the last round.’

    ‘Aaaah, no-no-no,’ Brandy howled, ‘that’s really gonna make me
    piss myself - laughing
    uncontrollable as the rotors brought feather after feather
    across her sensitive tummy.

    Samantha was also laughing uncontrollably as the feathers
    stroked across her tummy - she
    tried to create some little movement by arching her back but
    that exposed more of her
    hyper-sensitive navel to the feathers - she howled with
    laughter as the tickle torture went
    on and on - Bobbie just took it as it came - laughing heartily
    - she wasn’t as taken by the
    sensations as badly as the other girls - then it came to a
    stop again.

    ‘Damn,’ said Brandy, ‘I told you guys I was gonna piss in my
    pants - I really let it go, too
    - I thought I was gonna die - that’s a hell of a long time.’

    ‘It’s okay Brandy,’ said Samantha, ‘there’s only one round to

    ‘Yeah,’ said Bobbie, ‘and that’ll be our feet - that’s gonna
    kill me for sure - God, Mike,
    be sure to win this one, please.’

    ‘It is time for the fifth and final round - the tickling of
    your feet’ - the girls watched the
    computer screen as the time for their tickling was determined
    one card at a time - the
    tickling time counted down 52/47/42/37/32/27 and stopped -
    ‘the result is 27 minutes of
    tickling for your feet.’

    ‘Oh shit,’ Bobbie said, gritting her teeth, squeezing her
    eyes, clenching her fists and
    flexing her toes as the rotors brought the feathers to bear on
    both the upper surfaces and
    soles of her feet - she tried to bite into the skin of her
    left arm to avoid laughing - but it
    was to no avail and she quickly started to laugh
    uncontrollably as her feet started a funny
    rhythm - flexing her toes and the top of her feet were the
    worst - raising her toes and the
    soles of her feet got it - and while moving her feet the
    feathers ran through the spaces
    between her toes.

    Samantha fought and fought against her restraints as the
    onslaught on her feet continued
    without mercy - the laughter was almost a scream at times -
    then suddenly she felt the
    coming of a sexual climax within her belly and she fell into
    the throes of an intense and
    almost endless orgasm.
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    ‘The game is completed, ladies,’ Don dela Rosa announced, ‘and
    you have won tickets
    home as well as a little money - I will now take Mike and Jose
    to a cantina in the little
    town near here - my servants will release you and help you to
    clean yourselves and to
    recover from the game - we will return in about two hours’ -
    the control room’s wall
    panels slid back into place.

    The four servants returned to the tickling chamber - instead
    of releasing the three young
    women, though, Maria, who appeared to be the leader, said ‘now
    it’s time for us to get a
    little amusement too, senoritas, and we have two hours to play
    before Don Ricardo gets
    back to the hacienda.

    ‘Let us go,’ Bobbie demanded, ‘the game is over - this isn’t
    part of the deal.’

    The other girls also complained and struggled against their
    restraints - the latin women
    had small bowls with brushes - they applied the contents all
    over the breasts, tummies,
    legs and feet of the three helpless girls - it didn’t feel
    like anything bad, though.

    ‘This, senoritas, is a very powerful itching powder,’ Maria
    explained, ‘that will become
    active in only a few minutes - now we can really see you

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