Are you a newbie, and want a patient online master

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    Are you a newbie (F), and want a patient master who are willing to teach and mold you ?
    For me, is a sub/master game a mutual agreement, that both people have to be happy with and enjoy for the relationship to work. I will be disappoint, if you donÒ‘t say that I have over step your limits. For me is trust and respect very important. I will like to know more about your limits. I will like to start out slow, until we know each other.
    I will use all the time you need to answer all spise questions.

    Something about me:
    I`m a 37 years old male, and work as a nurse. I have my sub/master experience from a 10 years relationship, where we played with sub/master, and then some experience online.
    Send me a PM, and we will talk
    You can also add me on yahoo. My yahoo ID is blackmail_master
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