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    Here is some thing about me:
    Iґm a 37 years old male, and work as a nurse. I have my sub/master experience from a 10 years relationship, where we played with bdsm, and then some experience online.
    A slave/sub is a valuable for me. I will make you proud of who you are, and I will allways be there for you.
    For me, is a sub/master game a mutual agreement, that both people have to be happy with and enjoy for the relationship to work. I will be disappoint, if you donґt say that I have over step your limits. For me is trust and respect very important. I will like to know more about your limits. I will like to start out slow, until we know each other.
    If you want to know more about me, just ask.

    Here is some example of things I maybe will order you to do:

    Example 1:
    During this performance, you will not simulate love making. You will not introduce your fingers in any of your holes (pussy, ass, mouth). You may rub and squeeze your boobs, pull on your tits, open your inner (pussy) lips. You may slap your face and your buttocks if it helps you perform better.

    I want to see your belly muscles, your leg muscles and your buttocks muscles move and shiver. It is NOT a dance that you will be performing, but an exhibition of yourself.

    You will keep looking at the cam(Thing the cam as me) at any time your position permits it.

    After 5 minute you will enter your fingers deep inside and proceed to a real masturbation, not a masturbation "show".

    I want to be able to see your face. You will keep your eyes open and both your hands busy.

    You will masturbate as close to the cam(Thing the cam as me) as you can. Your legs will remain open all the time. I do not want to guess... I want to see you masturbating yourself to the best of your ability.

    With these instructions in mind, you will "exhibit" your inner thighs. Though your asshole should always be in a "view" position, you will not finger it. You will play with your clit, you will introduce fingers in your pussy, and you will endeavor to get real pleasure, as if you were alone.

    Remember: you have to act as if you were alone. Get your fantasies working. Give the best of yourself. And refrain from taking your pleasure. That is rule to always keep in mind: your pleasure is my decision. its timing is my decision. Just obey and execute. You are here as an applicant sub. You are not yet my submissive slave.

    You will have to go through these different humiliating processes. Get inspiration from the pictures of the performing subs below. Use your imagination. The pictures are only a guideline to help you know and understand what is expected from you.

    You can decide how you want to masturbate: standing, seated, lying down on a couch, on the floor, legs up, legs wide open, but always giving me a front view. Keep looking at me. Do not close your eyes (or just very briefly to recuperate your fantasies). With these guide lines, select the positions that gives you the most pleasure.

    Example 2:
    I want you to go to a shoe-shop, in a miniskirt. I donґt want you to have any panties on. I want you to try some shoes (high-heeled). I want you to test the shoes, go up and down the floor. When you are in the shop, I want you to take 3 up skirt pics for me, and if you are a good girl you will ask the clerk in the shop to film you when you goґs up and down the floor. Just tell the clerk that you want to see how it lookґs when you goґs in the shoes.

    Tell me what you thinks, and you can ask me any things.

    FOR MALE................
    I am a master specialized in total humiliation. You qualify for my attention if you understand that:

    1) You are worthless, and you only exist to serve your master.

    2) Your body is property of your master, who can use it as he wants to his wit and satisfaction;

    3) Your master can and will keep you in a state of utmost degradation and humiliation, using words and actions;

    4) Your master can and will punish you with or without reason;

    5) Your master will decide how you dress, both in private and public, when, how and what you eat, when you can go to the restroom, and how and when you are allowed to masturbate;

    6) Your master can invite any other person he likes to contribute to your total humiliation;

    7) Your master can order you to tell to the rest of the world any detail of your humiliating life and how much you are happy to live it;

    8) Your master can and will humiliate you well beyond your wish and imagination.

    If you understand and appreciate the above, then contact me. I prefer slavess who have the courage to act on their desires for real.

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