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    I am theGM26, a 26 year old Master from the East Coast of the US.

    I require a female slave willing to devote themselves to me. I am frequently asked how much control will I be taking from my slave. The answer to that question is how much are they willing to give me.

    In my three years as a Master, I have generated some distinct likes and limits. I, however, have learned that it is best to adapt to what the slave needs. With that said, I am open to trying new things.

    Unseen Public (Public Bathroom type things)
    Orgasm Denial/Chastity
    Orgasm Control (obviously)
    Wardrobe Control
    Medium Pain (Mostly used for discipline and wont draw any blood)

    Blood (makes me sick)
    Scat (see above)

    A simple set of rules will be given. Theses rules will be followed; punishments will be swift and fair upon breaking said rules.

    My goal is create a long and stable relationship. One night online stands have plagued my three years. I demand and expect commitment.

    I understand that there might be other things in your life and I will make sure that our relationship does not interfere with your job/school/family. My life is just as challenging, so I won't be able to be online all times of the day. The expectation will for you to be online at the time we agreed upon. I expect honesty, reliability, and above all loyalty.

    Besides playing with you, I want to be able to talk about general topics and get to know you better. I believe that this allows us to make this relationship even more interesting. My goal is to find someone willing to evolve their life around me. Got work when I am free? See if you can take another shift, so we can be free together.

    As your Master, I will continuously challenge and help you grow.

    My requirements:
    * You must be female
    * You must be able to prove you're female (eventually)
    * Interested in a long-term relationship
    * We will communicate using Yahoo or Google Chat
    * You must be able to be online once a day

    If you are interested, PM me! Tell me a little bit about yourself, about your limits and send me your messenger ID.
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    Friday night bumps
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    Thursday bumps

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