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    Female Master Looking for 21+ Slave

    Good Evening to all of you. I'm Lady Celeste, or Mistress Celeste to some. I am currently seeking an online sub/slave who is willing to partake in the joys of online submission.

    I do not require web camera conversations, but I do enjoy watching my subs/slaves doing what I tell them to. I have a rather unique approach to domination. I have 6+ years in domination and domination techniques.

    I do not care if you are a male sub or female sub. I will take either as I do enjoy the company of both in my bedroom.

    You will not be just an online sub, you will also be able to have conversations with me aside from when we play. So if you actually want to have a relationship, it will be a master/sub when in session but friend only when talking. I do not believe in mixing love with play. It is too messy.

    My Likes:
    -Willingness to push limits
    -Online exclusivity
    -No Drama
    -Ability to know your own limits

    My Dislikes:
    -Feminization (men, if you are into this, look elsewhere.)

    Contact me if:

    1. You are willing to be online exclusively
    2. If you enjoy different scenes each time we talk
    3. If you are willing to please and are able to take direction very well
    4. Have some prior experience being a sub. I have had beginners and I find that experience trumps beginners.
    5. You can spell and have proper grammar. I will not respond to anyone who does not use proper sentence structure.
    6. You are respectful. If you try to show you are dominant over me, I will not respond. You must show me the utmost respect.

    I will be performing interviews over the next few days. You may contact me at [email protected]. If you contact me via private message here, I will not be accepting your application as it proves to me that you cannot follow directions.

    ***All invitations are by trial basis only.***

    I hope to hear from some of you soon.
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