Am seeking anyone & everyone into foot torture to help torture my feet..

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    In the next few months I will be forced to endure my fantasy in full reality, where I will be locked and bolted completely immobile to a tree in the middle or the forest of dean and then gagged. My legs will be pulled behind the tree and my ankles locked into solid wooden stocks bolted to the tree.
    My feet will then be there to be tortured by anyone and everyone who is into foot torture.
    My cock will also be able to be tortured by electro etc.

    I am looking for absolutely anyone who is into inflicting foot torture on a helpless guy.
    I don't care if your a novice at dishing out foot punishments or you just want some practice to improve, or a total sadist, this is open to anyone!

    You can cause as much or as little pain and suffering as you want to...

    The 3 main tortures that need to be inflicted on my helpless soles are, bastinado/falaka, tickle torture and electro.

    Once I have been locked and bolted to the tree I will have no way of being able to stop you from inflicting your torture on my feet or cock, so if your into foot torture now is your oportunity to take full advantage of a helpless guy.

    This will take place in the forest of dean in the UK. You will need to live in the area or be prepared to travel there.

    You can view the full punishment at
    you can mail me at [email protected]
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