Anyone in Cardiff, Barry, Penarth, to tie and chain me up to a tree then leave me!

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    I am looking for ANYONE in the Barry, Cardiff or Penarth area who can carry out a simple task of basically tying and chaining me to a tree in some woods close to Sully?

    I don't care how old you are or who you are really, so this is open to anyone! As long as you can follow some simple instructions...

    This would need to be done on a Sunday evening only!

    You will basically be gagging me with duct tape, tying my ankles to the branches of the tree I will be in, padlocking leather cuffs to my wrists and then chaining my wrists to 2 trees either side of me using 2 ice-locks. Then pulling my trainers off and attaching an electric dog collar to each foot and switching on 2 mobile phones.

    Previously to meeting I will have given you 2 mobile phone numbers for you to give to anyone and everyone you can, you can send them to friends, post them on chat rooms, forums, etc..the more the better.

    Thats it! You then walk off into the night and go home, leaving me there tied and chained to the tree completely helpless with no way of escape until the ice-locks melt.. You do not need to come back!!
    Everytime one of the phones rings it will start to send electric shocks through the soles of my feet starting from mild and going up to extreme, the more the phone rings.

    If you want to carry out your own tortures on the soles of my feet, while I'm tied and chained up, you can.

    I am not looking for sex, cock and ball torture or anything else, just what I have mentioned above.

    If you are interested you can find more detailed information on (it is meant to be cc and NOT uk)
    Any problems finding the page, just message me

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