26/m/US looking for Mistress/Master

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by sub_male, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. sub_male

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    I am looking for a long term relation with a Mistress/Master.
    Ideally, I am looking for someone who can instruct me in all aspects of my life (except work) like what should I wear, eat, when to get up, how many bathroom breaks, etc.
    I live with a roommate, so video performance may get limited, but am open to do it on limited times (usually weekends US time works). I will try to provide photo evidence of any tasks given if possible.

    Likes: Humiliation, degradation, orgasm denial/control, bondage, anal, pet play, messy, pain, feminization

    Dislikes: Public humiliation, cum-eating, piss play, anal-to-mouth, iceplay, extreme pain

    Limits: Illegal, Scat, blood.

    Toys: Butt plug, fleshlight, household item (ropes, marker, clothespins, wooden spoon). Ready to purchase anything else required.

  2. osmosisxx

    osmosisxx New Member

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    I am looking for a serious Minded Slave to serve me and I will treat with respect. I am very serious and not here for games, if you are not, you can write me on osmosisxx@yahoo.com will be glad to read from you and maybe meet you soon.

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