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What you like to do with me

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  1. Humilation

  2. Pee drinking

  3. public nudity task

  4. clip torture

  5. nipple torture

  6. blood play

  7. cock and ball torture

  8. my funny nude pics & video

  9. Pain

  10. make me your pet

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  1. ketansharma112233

    ketansharma112233 New Member

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    I am looking for a cruel master/mistress for online slavery.
    I'll post my pics and videos after completion of my task.
    I am very much intrested in BDSM, mostly cock ball torture, clip torture,
    public nudity, pee drinking , humilation etc.

    please make me your slave by replying me at ketansharma112233@gmail.com

    I am a very obedient pet and I am sure you will like your own new pet.

    If my master/mistress wants more fun from me, I am ready to do that also.

    Thanks for being so cruel.
  2. ketansharma112233

    ketansharma112233 New Member

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    Please become my master/mistress
  3. kixfix

    kixfix Member

  4. MasterN

    MasterN New Member

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    Any males willing to be a sex slave to a male Dom? If so then send a pic of your face, ass, one of a finger in your ass, one of your face during orgasm, one of your cum in a glass, one of cum on your face, one of u licking your cum up, and one of your whole nude body, in a email to mastern6845@yahoo.com. U must do this before I will accept u as my slave.

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